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When I wrote about what it is to sacrifice in the name of motherhood, or even in a relationship, I never thought about photography. Of what excellent little subjects I’d have blitzing about. And when I set out to write a few books, I’d told my publisher that I was a storyteller, that it didn’t matter the medium. I could write for television, books, blogs, or capture a gesture, tell a story, in a photo. But I can’t. There isn’t enough time. You can have it all; you just can’t have it all at once. Now that I’m on break, between books, I hope to have a bit more normal, steady, time for photography and scrapbooking… as soon I’ll need to work on the year two book.



  1. Loved your wine post yesterday (but can't find a place to comment?). I used to work in a wine store in college and still don't know a fraction of what there is to know about the subject. When asked to describe a wine, my standby response is to say it's "bold with a hint of whimsy." Great pics, btw. You have a very thoughtful POV.

  2. PreciousPreciousPrecious! You have beautiful models for your photography and scrapbooking! :-)

    I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that you'll share some photography tips along the way. I LOVE photography, but have come to a point that w/o more classes, I'm stuck where I'm at.

    Your talent seems to know no bounds, Stephanie. (And that's not ass-kissing, just a fact)

    Looking forward to reading more about your creative projects and photography!


  3. Simply GORGE! Makes me want to talk to hubby tonight about rewiring the plumbing. Stupid vasectomies! *sigh*

  4. They're great. :) My parents barely have pictures of me from around that age, second child syndrome.

  5. gawd,they are pumkins! I've never seen twins before where one looks so very much like mama and the other so very much like daddy. Lucas is you, Stephanie, and Abigail is all Phil.
    Sweet little angels, and lucky to have you both as parents.

  6. I just want to know if there was actually a man involved in the conception of these two tots? I think they both look like you. I love it when you post pics of them

  7. Hi Stephanie,

    First time visiting your blog. I found you over at Dooce.

    I snooped around a bit and really enjoyed what I've read!

    It's funny, because I've seen your blog name listed in several blog books, but never thought to come over until now. Glad I did!

    Hey…GREAT photo's BTW.

    I'll be back!

  8. Even though I read the scrapbook post when you first put it up, it was a treat to see it again today. You are blessed with such creative talent, your work is so so beautiful. Your kids are lucky – to have such wonderful remembrances of their (clearly very happy) childhood created for them. Can't wait to see the year two books!

    by the way did you ever go back and add to the year one books – the NICU pictures, pregnancy, etc. as you had thought about? (although when would you have had time to do this?!)

  9. Traci, I get that Stephanie puts a lot out there–everything from wiping to her sex life. But your question crosses the line and is pretty rude. I am not a big SK groupie (and I get expasperated the brownnosers who tend to agree with everything she writes), I just hate when people think they can ask nosy, irrelevant questions. These kids are Beers.

  10. NH – I'm quite sure that traci was just saying the twins look a lot like their mother. i think we all agree that both male and female cells are needed to create a baby. it wasn't a question about the identity of the twins' father.

  11. I haven't stopped by your blog in such a long time and I'm amazed at how much your babies have grown. They're beautiful. Congratulations.

  12. Lovely. I'm still trying to get a picture of my family in which everyone is looking in the same direction. So far, no dice.

  13. Hi there-I lurk on this site and greek tragedy but don't comment a lot. Saw you at Blogher and wanted to introduce myself but the crowd was around you and I chickened out. Your book Moose made me laugh and cry—-just wanted to tell you that. You are one brave woman! Thanks and your are a rockstar in my book girl.

  14. Lucas seens to already have his grownup face. It's like you can already see what he'll look like at 14, 24, 34…

  15. Little puddin' pops. Mine won't sit still somehow, sadly. Creative shots are hard to get..

    Ps- how did you find me on twitter? I was surprised. Very stealth. The NSA would be proud, haha. Anyway your twitter updates are funny to read.

  16. WHO was the person who said your children were ugly? Do I remember reading that here recently? Whoever it was…go pound some sand. Your anyone's are perfectly beautiful!

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