breezy flirt, tramp, or thanksgiving basket babe?

05provI poured myself a glass of wine from Napa this morning. Actually, that’s not true. I hadn’t finished my glass of Peju Provence last night, so I shelved it in the fridge for another time. I swirled the glass, then looked above the oven at the time. Turns out "another time" is 10:59 AM.

Winetasting This particular wine is kind of a flirt. She’s definitely a one-night-stand kind of girl, the one who sits on your boyfriend’s lap at the barbecue, then tells him how lucky he is to have a woman like you. She’s at her best when she’s slightly chilled, but her friends describe her as warm. She giggles and dots her i’s with fat round circles, as if each one were a rhinestone. She doesn’t wear underwear to church. She’ll always be able to pull off braided pigtails, and she never once wished she was a brunette instead of a strawberry blond who wears raspberry perfume. She has the body of an eleven year old girl and refuses implants, embracing her whole carefree Kate Hudson look. And of course, she’s pink. With a white father and a red mother, she never needed counseling to deal with being a child of a mixed marriage. As easy as she is, you can’t really tire of her. She has that sweet way that never makes you sick, just a breezy flirt who always knows the right thing to bring for Thanksgiving. Mothers love her. She giggles, but her laugh is infectious and musical, and she always leaves you wanting more.

I could drink a case of her. Without question, she’s a sailor’s delight.

Oooh, and if you’re a foodie or looking to do some very early holiday shopping (I live for Christmas in July), you must check out all the fantastic wine "aroma" kits out there that teach you to distinguish between Hawthorn, Lychee, Muscat, and toast. Blackcurrant bud vs. roasted hazelnut. Here’s what I know about wine when I taste it: I know what I like, but I’d never be able to tell you what I like about it because I not only am at a loss about the proper vocabulary, but as good as my sense of smell is, I have a hard time pulling apart the hints of flavor. I know it would be easier, if say, I learned to memorize certain smells. It would bring a whole new level of enjoyment to drinking…as if I needed another one! Now, excuse me while I get my drink ‘n’ sniff on as I twitter search my way to a sensible wine kit suggestion.

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A list of common aromas found in Le Nez Du Vin kits:

Fruit Aromas

              01 – Lemon
              02 – Grapefruit
              03 – Orange
              04 – Pineapple
              05 – Banana
              06 – Lychee
              07 – Melon
              08 – Muscat
              09 – Apple
              10 – Pear
              11 – Quince
              12 – Strawberry
              13 – Raspberry
              14 – Redcurrant
              15 – Blackcurrant
              16 – Bilberry
              17 – Blackberry
              18 – Cherry
              19 – Apricot
              20 – Peach
              21 – Almond (kernel)
              22 – Prune
              23 – Walnut

Floral Aromas
              24 – Hawthorn
              25 – Acacia
              26 – Linden
              27 – Honey
              28 – Rose
            29 – Violet

Vegetal Aromas
              30 – Green pepper
              31 – Mushroom
              32 – Truffle
              33 – Yeast
              34 – Cedar
              35 – Pine
              36 – Licorice
              37 – Blackcurrant bud
              38 – Cut hay
              39 – Thyme
              40 – Vanilla
              41 – Cinnamon
              42 – Clove
              43 – Pepper
              44 – Saffron

Animal Aromas              
              45 – Leather
              46 – Musk
              47 – Butter

Grilled Aromas              
              48 – Toasted bread
              49 – Roasted almonds
              50 – Roasted hazelnut
              51 – Caramel
              52 – Coffee
              53 – Dark chocolate
              54 – Smoked