finish this sentence

If I gained fifty pounds, I’d weigh more than…



  1. I miss all your personal observations like recently when you talked about your mother's visit but then it was removed. Will you you talk about it again????

    FROM STEPHANIE: It was never removed. It was in the comment section. I never actually posted about that. Just commented on it. But, I hear ya. The thing is, I just need time to get back there. I'm in a shitty mood. In the coming week, I promise to get back to more honest posts. But I need a break right now, while I have my period and feel like an anger ball. Moose is heavily about my relationship with my mother, FYI.

  2. If I gained 50lbs it would be because I am pregnant and don't know how to gain the normal 30.

  3. If I gained fifty pounds, I'd weigh more than I did when I was pregnant with my third child, but not as much as when I was pregnant with my second and first children.

  4. The lazy housewives at the gym that steal my machines just to walk at the slowest pace possible on the treadmill and then eat mcdonalds for dinner but complain they can't lose weight even though they "work out" everyday!

    I feel better already. Can you tell that I'm in the same grumpy mood as Steph?

  5. The heiress that my ex-boyfriend broke up with me
    for so he could marry her. I now thank her from the bottom of my totally healed heart!! Happy New Year all!!

  6. If I gained 50 lbs I would weigh more than a balooga whale (well that's how I'd feel)

  7. …a sumo wrestler on a Yodel binge. (Fill in the food or drink of your choice.)

  8. a double decker bus
    a hundred dollars (but at least with this exchange rate i could buy new jeans)

  9. thanks for responding to me. I keep looking for a blogger who is as interesting as you, and can't find one. I absolutely loved your book. I am probably older than most of your readers (63 yikes). I would happily read a woman my age and have searched. Sometime (like you're not busy enough) send some interesting blogs recommendations.

  10. If I gained 50lbs i'd weigh more than i'd feel comfortable going out in public weighing and i'd cancel my dr's appt because I hate when they have to put the scale bar on the next notch after they 'undershoot' your weight on the initial try to make you feel better.


    maybe they should over shoot and work backwards that way you feel like you're losing weight.

  11. ….my ex-fiance, in saying that I am insinutating that he would leave me should that ever happen.

  12. …Both Olsen twins combined, but really, tht's not too hard!

    …but probbably NOT as much as the two hulking suitcses I am attempting to pack for a 10 day work trip.

    …the amount of food I just consumed at this FABULOUS new steakhouse for the boyfriend's bday tonight…medium rare sirloin and a "side flight" (brilliant idea!) of creamed spinach, truffle fries, braised mushrooms and garlic mash….mmmm, mmmm, mmmm….

  13. …the decision that rests on my shoulders of whether or not to consume the (candy bar/frnch fries/steak/etc.) in front of me.

  14. Did this question come about because you watched the "Biggest Loser" season premier?
    Just curious….

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