I lied. I didn’t realize it when it happened, so technically, it’s not a lie. A lie is saying something you know isn’t true. I’m just now realizing what I said in the past has turned out to be a lie. I do, in fact, sometimes turn into a bitch on wheels when I have my spot. I woke up wanting to slug someone. Everything is getting on my nerves, especially all the new year’s posts on all the blogs. It’s annoying. It’s everywhere. And it makes me want to stop. I’m frustrated and pissed off and don’t feel like a girly girl today. I feel like a grump, a grump in my husband’s sweatshirt, watching my kids throw Cheerios on the floor. I’m irritated that I’ve gained three pounds, despite knowing I can lose it in a few days. I’m pissed that I can’t get my damn "print and cut" to work properly. I’ve been trying for the past two days to cut and print right in Adobe Illustrator to my silhouette (craft robo), and the shit just won’t work. And I’ve tried yahoo groups, and now I just want to toss my computer onto the floor with the Cheerios. It happens from time to time, where I have nothing to contribute, where I’m frustrated and just don’t feel like writing anything compelling. It happens to everyone.

I wonder why all the New Years posts out there have me so annoyed. It’s just the same everywhere. And it makes me feel trapped. I’m so sick of reading about how they resolve to not make any resolutions, or are resolving not to diet, or are resolving to live life according to a word or motto. It all makes me feel ill, the resolve. Any of it. To do, or not to do, is a stupid question, so stop it.



  1. I find them annoying because everyone is making the same resolutions that I have in the past and in turn have failed to keep however these cyber blog/blobs will probably be able to keep them making me the loser. I am having a crapass day too and I am not on my period but I am 5wks pregnant and my pants hurt so bad and I am frustrated that my twice stretched tummy has already given up!!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't write about New Years. Although, I did right about Christmas and gift giving and why it annoys me, which is probably just about as bad. So, yeah, I guess I got nothin' for ya. Maybe you should throw Cheerios on the ground too. Maybe it will feel liberating.

  3. Hey Steph, see, didn't that make you feel better? I bet when you hit PUBLISH you might have even smiled a bit! : )

    Here's to continuing keepin' it real.

  4. Honey, thank you for putting it into words, that feeling we all get in the "what the FA is it all for???" mood. I have definitely felt that way myself many, many times. Too many, especially in 2006. For days, actually. Anyway. I don't know if you want to hear this right now, but I want to quote Saidie, a yoga teacher in Tribeca that once said to us: "some days, it is so much more work being positive than it is being negative. Being negative is easy." So useful I thought: you can cognitive behavior therapy yourself into positive, if you want, if you feel like it. It is an effort, but it is possible.

  5. I find the posts annoying because I think they are lazy. I'm having a bad day too – trying to set up a 365 project blog on typepad and it won't let me change my username… Grrrr…

  6. Yes, and how about all of those end of the year lists? For the most part, I hate those, too. It's good to hear someone else describe the kind of mood I've been in for the last week or so.

  7. I feel ya. Maybe you just need a break from reading blogs for awhile. And from writing. Which is probably impossible since you're writing for a million different medias right now, but a break is always a good thing.

  8. I'm not with you on the "New Years postings", but just on the same page with general annoyance. It has nothing to do with my period though.

    I'm on a message board daily where there are women who have complete and total Baby Rabies. Some of them are much younger than I am (I'm early 30's) and I just don't get it. I find their incessant posting about how cute babies are/how they with they could try to get pregnant yesterday but can't yet because of xyz (money, house, school) riduculously annoying.

    I don't know why I even care. It isn't me or my uterus…it isn't my every penny that has to be socked away because I want baby #5 or whatever. But, I just find it irksome. Sue me.

    Maybe the pp was correct that you need a break from reading and/or writing. I know I sometimes need a break from my message board.

  9. whoa there, crabby. what's wrong with the resolutions? you're fine with posting about christmas and all other holidays. heaven forbid people mention their attempts at closing 2007 with a little wrap-up. i enjoy the year-end lists. but, i'll stop, since you said so.

    hope your day gets better.

  10. I totally feel you all who are frustrated! I woke up this morning to start studying for the bar exam coming up in February only to find that the software i spent over $1000.00 on and downloaded two days ago doesn't work today. after being on the phone for a hour with tech support who couldn't help me, i decided to take the rest of the day off from studying and try it again tomorrow.

    i had three resolutions last year: pass the bar, lose 15 lbs, and get a boyfriend….guess how many i succeeded at….NONE!!! so this year i have resolved to not have any resolutions. I've learned that when you don't have any expectations, you are often pleasantly surprised.

    happy new year from one annoyed chica to another.

  11. I used to love the start of school each September. Loved the new clothes, all the new supplies, and my clean, super-organized notebooks. Especially loved it in college when it happened twice a year before each semester. And loved the syllabus that I could plug an entire sememster's worth of important dates in to my calendar. Loved the annual opportunity to start again.

    These days I love that New Year's can do the same. It is the most logical "start again" time that we have as adults.

    Yes, the resolutions are all the same – but they were back in school too. And we all just need the opportunity to feel like we get another chance to try again. We are so damn hard on ourselves.

  12. Oh Lord, I have to agree with you on the annoying New Years posts. I don't want to read how people need to stop smoking, dating jerks, eating oreo tempura for breakfast, etc. I just want to be entertained and entertaining. No resolution post for me. I usually make the resolutions on my birthday instead anyway.

  13. i'm in austin, not too far away from you. let's go grab a drink and bitch to each other. sounds fun, right? :)

  14. I have resolved not to resolve at all, except maybe to try that oreo tempura ( on days when only the fattiest of foods will do…;)

  15. Just out of curiosity, which blogs do you read? I feel like you use to have links to some on your page….

  16. You can read my blog – I didn't write about New Years or resolutions at all.

    It's annoying to read because we read blogs thinking each one will be different. When everyone is all writing about the same thing, you're not getting what you expect.

    It's annoying in the same way it's annoying to go into Bath & Body Works – they have 400 signs all over saying if you buy two you get three, and yet when you walk in 14 salespeople all accost you to tell you the information you just read. Okay maybe that's not exactly the same.

  17. I couldn't agree with you more. It's not like something magical happens just because the year changes on our checks. You can change your life at any time, you don't have to do it because it's January. I guess people need some kind of schedule to follow or they cannot do it. Not like they do it anyway.

    I honestly have no major resolutions right now. Well, a couple, but I've been trying to do those for months now, so f that.

  18. Every year I would resolve to have a better attitude; swear less, be more patient, etc. As soon as I reached the subway, WHAM! Someone would cut ahead of me on the stairs causing me to nearly take a tumble, I'd curse a blue streak, miss my train, shove my way onto another, and on and on. I now only resolve to be less hard on myself. I think I can accomplish that.

  19. I feel the same way for some reason. I'm not pmsing, or on my period, or anywhere near. I'm still hormonal though. Woke up on the wrong side of 2008. Crabby hit me at the same time that I realized that it's a new year and I haven't accomplished goals that I had for 2007, and that I'm tired of faking it till I make it, of putting on a positive attitude (only newly acquired), or trying to look on the bright side. Thanks to you and all those who said it- sometimes you just need to indulge your inner grouch – damn all those who disagree.

  20. I don't know if this comment will get through – every one I've posted has mysteriously disappeared. But if it makes it… and you still need help with your scrapbooking stuffs – go to and then ask on the message boards. I work for a scrapbooking company and I still always go to the TwoPeas message boards. There's always SOMEONE who knows the answer.

    Hope you feel less grumpy. There's nothing worse than not feeling that girly girl feeling.

    FROM STEPHANIE: I got my answer on the yahoo group! I can now do it! Thanks

  21. Thanks for the post. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your writing. There have been many times that I have read your blog entry and felt that I could have written it myself. It helps me to realize that there is someone else out there that has these feelings. I have wanted to write you so many times but haven't had a lot of time. Like you, I have a one year old infant, I live in Texas originally from NY(moved here for my Husband's job), I have a very culturally diverse background, I love tennis, I am a libra and I am hell on wheels when I have "my spot". I am plagued with a lack of decisiveness on the everyday decisions..bigger picture decisions I have no problem. I love fashion, design…love anthropologie have been shopping there for 10 years now. Also, am always "watching" my weight..never truly happy at the weight I am at. It has been especially hard with the post- pregnancy weight and oh breast-feeding! Anyway, I dont' want to sound too weird so I will stop here. You don't have to post this but I just wanted you to know that I am able to relate to you on so many levels and wanted to thank you for doing what you do.
    Have a Happy, Healthy, New Year! :)

  22. Cutting down on the blogs might be a good idea. I only say that because I realized I wouldn't be so incredibly annoyed with everyone's "Ford loaned us a car to try out!" posts if I had a life. One or two would have been fine. Ten was not. But I probably wouldn't have read ten if I weren't addicted to the goddamn Internet.

    I've heard the theory that hell is just repetition. This always sounded logical to me, because repetition irritates me like nothing else. I always want to smack the hundredth person who spouts any popular cliche. ("What happens in ____ stays in ____!" Yes, how clever.)

    That said, I wrote a New Year's post. Oh well. Maybe if people paid me, I would care. Blogs are bound to disappoint sometimes. Most are run by total amateurs. Including mine.

  23. I enjoy the end of year wrap ups, but I was so over reading about Christmas, the decorating,the presents, the food….enough already.. That does not change so much year to year either. But to each their own…..

  24. Oh thank you for this post Stephanie! I get so tired of reading blogs from women who write about their perfect fucking life & how they have it all figured out…or their so depressed they can't even get a life! It's all bullshit & they know it. So many blogs recycle the same crap anyway. It annoys the hell outta me. You're a breathe of fresh air & that's why I come here. Keep on keepin' it real Stephanie. We need you.

  25. I admit it. I am a lazy, lazy blogger. And I have all the crap end-of-year and resolution posts. Why? Because I've been to visit family in four cities in three states to give gifts I couldn't afford in the last week and couldn't get it up creatively to do anything else. So sue me.

    Maybe some oreo tempura would ease my weary mind?

    Don't worry, people will stop blogging about New Year's just in time to start whining about Valentine's Day.

  26. I'm cranky too. Hit me at 11:45pm New Year's Eve. Had a great dinner w/ my family. Watched a good movie, relaxed, and then started to watch tv to see the ball drop. I saw all the people in Times Square, and they all just got on my nerves. I never felt the need to go there on New Year's Eve, although I did go to Trafalgar Square in London one yr – it was AWFUL. New Year's Eve is just another night – another date on the calendar. Yet, everyone keeps talking about their resolutions. My gym is already packed w/ all the New Year's Resolution people. I know they'll all be gone by February; they are every yr, but for now, they are in my way and very annoying. Everyone is annoying me these days. And, for the record, I do not have my period.

  27. I like the grumpus posts.
    And maybe the NY posts annoy because they are all the same.
    It's like standing in line at the checkout and noticing yet another Cosmopolitan/Glamour/Self/etc. magazine cover with the same recycled headlines and stories. There is only so much recycling you can stomach.

  28. It strikes me as funny that, when criticized for posts here, your response is always along the lines of "this is *my* blog, a place for me to vent my frustrations or celebrate my happinesses. I don't write it for you." And yet when you dislike other blogs' posts, they're "stupid" and should "stop it." You can't have it both ways.

  29. Hey Gals,

    Here's some ideas:
    Go outside and take a deep breath-make that several deep breaths.
    Get involved in your community and the world at large.
    Find a cause you can support, with your time, money, or both.
    Get better understanding of the current state of affairs of our nation. Get informed on issues that are important to you.
    Call/write/make sure your state representatives and senators are working for you/your children/family/your world view.

    You will get a good buzz from any of these, in any combination. The lasting effect is addictive.

    Next time you're at the grocery, buy yourself some flowers.

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