invisalign ain’t that invisible

Of course I watched the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy.  I have a real problem with people who call it, simply, "Grey’s."  And I keep waiting for the part where they reveal why Izzie is wearing "clear" braces.  I couldn’t watch her deliver a line without yelling at the screen.  And I hate people who do that.  Now back to my regularly scheduled programming.  Moose and babies.



  1. Oh my god! That drove me crazy too!! Her teeth have always kind of bothered me…too many up front or something. Plus she's getting way too skinny.

  2. What was up with the deer scene? I was really embarrassed for everyone involved in that scene. Meredith was flat. Sandra Oh wasn't even that interesting.

  3. she's on the cover of the latest issue of instyle- and she says in the article she's wearing invisalign to straighten her teeth. guess she can't be bothered to take them off to work..

  4. i can relate, if you saw that movie about Sept 11th (with nicolas cage) theres an actress wearing blue contacts over her brown eyes ( i think its maria bello) and it looks so bad, it totally takes away from the movie, suspends your suspension of disbelief and all you can find yourself wondering about is "how could someone think that looks good??? get those things off of her"…..argh it made me crazy!!!!

  5. She's wearing them in real life to fix her bottom teeth. She talks about it in InStyle.

    P.S. I'm so sorry to read about your grandfather. I hope things get better for you and your family.

  6. ugh- at first I was thinking, "This is too much action for the first episode" but then the end with the I love you too and the Derek break-up sex and the scenes for next week, I was hooked again and LOVING it. I couldn't stand the Deer story line, ridic, why they gotta make Izzie so over the top ridiculous- and honestly I was too busy being annoyed with that to notice the Invisalign- but of course now it will be all I see!

  7. WOW– I totally didn't notice this. What's wrong with me. Thank goodness for I'll rewatch and try to notice it!

  8. The thing is, I know a few people who used invisalign, and they could take them off, to clean them and such. When the camera is on, she is a character with a backstory. And if they don't address it on the show, work it into the story, even in some passing comment, it's a bad call. It would be like Ugly Betty suddenly being on an episode without her braces with no explanation. Or someone in Les Miserable forgetting to remove their watch before their scene. It's just unprofessional.

    Now as for Derek and Mer… I can't take it. It's the only storyline I truly, deeply, care about. And of course I saw the brilliance in having George think Grey's sister was "awesome," because it makes us maybe want to hate her less. But who can help it when we know something is bound to happen between her and Derek… though probably not until the damn season finale. Torture.

    1. Grey’s Anatomy takes place in modern times and how straight her teeth are doesn’t effect her character development. She’s wearing Invisalign that you can barely see. It’s nothing compared to someone forgetting to take their watch off in Les Miserable. Or Ugly Betty getting her braces removed because that’s part of her “being ugly”. If you’re really worried about the accuracy and believability of the show then take a look at all the shit interns have pulled and have gotten away with.

  9. I agree about not being able to take Derek & Meredith, but for me it is becoming almost annoying. On again off again…get a new angle!

    It's becoming a little too Donna and David for me.

  10. i couldn't hanlde the arm. they KEPT showing it and so much blood and gore. I can't take it and always liked that show because it wasn't as hard to watch as ER or something. my husband had to leave the room :)

  11. Here's my take on what's to come in the side story: George and Lexie Grey are going to fall in love. She does seem wise in a certain way, but her self-involvment was maddening when she was waisting time with her angst about her sister and people were dying, waiting for her to do her work! Sheesh. Not a good way to create sympathy for a new character.

  12. I didn't notice the braces. I HATED the deer thing. I don't think Derek and Mer's sister will get together. I think she would like to have a relationship with Mer and that would definitely not be the way to go. I am too wrapped up in this show.

  13. RE: Grey's Anatomy – Hey, nobody's baby can come out THAT fast!! (and clean too). Happy Birthday Stephanie, have a wonderful day!

  14. Happy Early Birthday, Stephanie! Hope you find the time to do some girly stuff…mani/pedi, maybe a nice blowout?

    Who else thinks Meredith is going to get pregnant from her "breakup sex" with McDreamy??

    Izzie's hair color bothers me. its too blonde or something.

  15. I am very unimpressed with the first GA! There was so much more they could of done. Those little black kids whose dad would die if he moved a centimeter, come on, they were BAD actors! They weren't even semi-believable! The deer just popping up like that, that is dumb too. I liked the rest of it.
    Ugly Betty was disappointing when we found out dude was really dead and it was all a dream! :( I cried!

  16. I was so disappointed with the season opener and really am sick of the whole Derek and Meredith on again-off again nonsense.

    The whole Izzie-George thing is ridiculous. I feel like it's some incestuous high school group–all sleeping and falling in love with each other without any regard to the fact that George was over the moon for Meredith not too long ago.

    Can we please give Christina and Bailey more air time? They truly are the only characters with any actual substance. I hope the season gets better or I'm done with Grey's.

  17. I absolutely hated the show, and since there are two other shows I like at that same time (and we can only record two of them), I'm going to give up on this one. I mean, when George tells Meredith's sister 'you are just awesome' – sheesh. Bad dialogue, no story lines to speak of except the same old stuff, not even any good medical action, especially if you compare it to the very next show, ER. This has become a real stupid show.


  18. I am hooked on "Private Practice". Love the cast, smart writing and the story line is intriguing. Maybe a time to switch from Grey's and follow Addison?? I say YES!!!

  19. It drives me crazy – McDreamy and Merd that is.
    Yes the deer thing was a bit much and I agree with Haley, I liked the ending. I can't wait for a new season of MEN IN TREES…another show where you are rooting for a couple to be together stay together because they belong together and they keep ending up with other people…arrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh

  20. izzie makes me ill. her character has no depth other than frantic states of obnoxious. the only good character on the show is dr. bailey.

  21. And another thing… why is George's wife, Callie, made to look like an incompetant drudge? She didn't have her usual confidence, or her curls!! and they had practically no makeup on her, I hate that colorless lip gloss, very bland.

  22. I can't believe I didn't notice that at all but I do have the new In Style with her on the cover. Guess I need to read it. Happy birthday girl! Hey – your book is due Monday!! Good luck!

  23. In the episode where Callie pees in front of Meredith and Izzie, Izzie also has a clear Invisalign-looking retainer that she pops into her mouth, so I don't know if that counts as a backstory or not.

    (No, I'm not a Grey's freak … but I did just see that episode, which is how I remember!)

  24. Happy Birthday-I have alsways enjoyed your blog-look forward to it everyday. Birthdays have new meaning when you have kids, somehow more magical and special. I hope you do all the the things you love tomorrow!! Grey's Anatomy was a BIG disappointment-I'm hoping Brothers and Sisters
    is better.

  25. "I feel like it's some incestuous high school group–all sleeping and falling in love with each other without any regard to the fact that George was over the moon for Meredith not too long ago."

    That pretty much sums up 10 years of Friends, doesn't it? I recall quite a few people kept watching Ross and Rachel's 'on-again-off-again'.

    People are masochists.

  26. Happy birthday wishes Stephanie…I hope your day is magical.

    Love the photos of Abigail and Lucas – they are just adorable.

  27. Happy Birthday Stephanie!! Hope you had a wonderful day with your husband and the twins :)

    P.S. What's your favorite cake?

  28. I liked the Grey's premiere… except for the deer storyline. Somehow I feel like Izzie's character is both over-the-top and bland at the same time. How is that even possible? I just don't even care about her.

    I didn't notice the Invisalign in the show, though… and I'd read the InStyle article AND I wear the stupid things myself! Duh! In fairness, you're supposed to wear them all the time except to eat and to brush your teeth, so if they're shooting 14 hours a day and you take them out for the whole shoot they won't work as quickly as they're supposed to… but I do agree that they should work it in somehow.

    I wasn't impressed with Private Practice, though. It felt too soapy.

    Anyway, happy birthday!

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  30. Oh Stephanie, a belated happy BD, girl. Hope you CAN get happy to celebrate your second sweet sixteen…
    I know this beeing an adult kinda spoils the fun a bit, but to me part of the joy is knowing these adult-notches are there.

  31. On a completely different subject, are you still watching Top Chef? Your darlings are beautiful. Have a great birthday.

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