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BubblesYou know that scene where Michael Keaton fills the front-loading washing machine with too much laundry detergent?  Philip drew me a bath the other day.  The FRESH Saki bath remedy instructions were there, on the back of the glass bottle.  There might have been something about trying to add the two capfuls of product to a bath "as hot as you can take it."  Something about expelling toxins from the body.  We know better.  As a pregnant lady, you cannot let your body temperature rise too high.  So he kept things tepid, but he used a cup instead of a capful.  Then he turned on the Jacuzzi.  "Now I know," he said.  It was the first foam party I’d ever attended. At least I’ll be good and clean for the Texas Book Festival this weekend.  It’s free.  I’ll be reading from and discussing Straight Up and Dirty, among other things, from 3-4 on Sunday.   



  1. That pic is great.
    Huge tub.
    Look at Linus, sweet baby.

    My new place I moved in *while* pregnant (baby daddy did all the moving of furniture) has a roman tub and I loved loved loved it when I was pregnant.
    Now I love it b/c it's the perfect size for two people (me and my little boy) and my kid calls it a swimming pool.
    Big tubs are the best!

  2. I love that top picture! And I guess you heard everyone's pleas for Linus updates– he is still here!

    Is Linus' breed the same as Jack Russell, but with another name? Just wondering.

  3. Fantastic. I love it. Bubble baths are on my top 10 list of great things in life. Great expressions on your faces. Linus looks so serious. Like he's on guard duty!

  4. That is one of the cutest pictures i've seen. Linus is a cutiepie. I'd love to go to the TX Book Festival, but I get to help my husband reseal the garage floor this weekend-oh yeah baby,I love home improvement. Have a great time, I hear Barak Obama will be there too and the weather is supposed to be great.

  5. As someone that is sitting in her cubical on this dreary and cold Baltimore Friday…

    I could not be more jealous!

    Adorable picture. Linus is larger than I've pictured him, but his ears are perfect!

  6. Hi! What a wonderful sight for my Friday workday…Stephanie, both Phil & Linus are "keepers" … You have got to love a man who draws a bath for his pregnant wife … and your adorable –and hyper-alert– "watch puppy" just made me smile!
    Life doesn't get much better than this!

  7. what fun! Before I read, I didn't even realize they were bubbles, I just thought you had the comfiest duvet ever! I love how your hair looks so different in each photo.

  8. Oh, I'm sooo jealous! I love taking baths!

    That picture was so great! It looked like you were floating on a cloud :)

    Have a nice week-end!

  9. Anyone watch the bachelor Rome? There was a girl named Erika from Houston, Texas, that reminded me sooo much of a blonde Stephanie.
    There is a shot of her in a tub, that I couldn't help but comment after seeing this post.
    Stephanie has immense more class, but the physical similaries made me think it could be a relative.

    Stephanie- you look adorable, I hope you don't mind my comment. Just an observation, and of course I don't know either you or Erika.

  10. Will you be at the capitol on sunday? I'd love to go hear you, I missed the Book People signing.


  11. I hope he jumped in with you after snapping those pics! Wouldn't want to waste a great heap of bubbles. Besides the fact that in a couple months, adult playtime will be over for quite some time.

  12. What a great picture! That tub looks fabulous… I love tubs that are sunken into the floor. You should come to Boston for a book reading :)

  13. Thank you Stephanie for this adorable shot. It does my heart good. Bubbles galore!

  14. I LOVE Fresh Saki. Was just saying to myself I need a new bottle the other day. Great picture, truly precious.

  15. Great pics! Linus is adorable. Have you thought about bringing in a doggie behaviorist to work with him once you have the babies? I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who hated kids, was food aggressive and refused to let anyone in the house.He(the dog) was 6 at the time and he ended up loving my son and really coming around after he had been worked with. Now he lays in my sons bed every night and I read them both stories. I would have never thought that would be possible. I know you really love Linus and while Lea will be a great dog mommy, I hope you give Linus a chance to adjust to the new family members before sending him her way. I bet with some guidance he would adapt and come to love them as much as he loves you.

  16. Stephanie!!
    Please come to ATLanta;;we promise a warm welcome!
    and..please tell me the color of your hair in the top photo..I am SO dying to try RED!
    best to you,Phillip and the gupps! My first grandgupp was just born 9-25 and what a joy he is!!

  17. I have to tell you, I finally bought your book on Saturday and I haven't been able to put it down! My fiance and I had plans on Saturday night to attend a Halloween party and it was nearing 6pm…He knows it takes me forever to get ready to do anything, so he suggested that I start getting ready then as we were scheduled to leave the house around 8pm…=)However, I was in mid-read, and could not bring myself to put the book down. I managed to squeeze an extra hour out of him to continue on. I am so hooked I actually have it with me at work today as well. For most of the morning I have been hidden away in my cube, absorbed, anything but productive…You truly are amazing, and congratulations on your success–you desserve it!

  18. Gayle, I'm a natural redhead, and I certainly wouldn't be coloring my hair while pregnant. I've heard highlights are allowed since they don't touch the scalp, but I won't risk it. No "Autumn Sunrise" here.

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