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Once upon a fiction writing class ago, I was told to write about the contents of my character’s purse.  Next, her closet, cupboards, nightstand table.  What does she post on her refrigerator door?  The things we keep, the way we keep them, mean something.  Look at a photo of any house, any room, any closet then make assumptions.  What do the assumptions say about you?  Everything I see becomes an everyday Rorschach test.

Dsc_9352 Dsc_9353
My bedroom closet and armoire, complete with spring cleaning air freshner (normally not there), and glass cabinet to house my silk scarf problem.

My character had a silver-framed photograph of her dog on her nightstand but no discernable indications that she had a dog.  Too many keys on her keychain to just have an apartment and office to visit.  I then wrote a story about a woman who sometimes visited home to give her mother, who she called KILLER, a hard time for backing up and slaughtering the dog, Pogo.  Clearly, I had issues myself.

What do you see?

Part of my living room.  Ottoman opens and is filled with bored games.  Linus opens and is filled with clean crooked teeth that make me laugh.


My fridge is covered with photos I’ve taken of friends, my grandfather, and old people from Central Park.  It is my estimation that Central Park should only be visited to photograph old people.  I’m also the photographer for Lincoln Center’s Young Patron Society… which explains the Mostly Mozart… don’t want you thinking I do ballet and the like… I’d rather eat a fistful of rancid chop meat.



  1. I think the most interesting thing is the fact that I see you're normal. When you read about a person for a while and start to paint a picture in your head, you just don't paint a picture that is realistic. The best part about those pics is that you look like a normal woman. That is great. I know you probably won't think that is a compliment but it is. I can't stress how much of a compliment that is…

  2. From those pics, I see that you archive InStyle and O magazines, don't like lint, have plenty of scarves, and own a bottle of the perfume I'm wearing now…L'leau D'issey. Fab choice of wall color, by the way.

  3. I see a person who likes order in her life. The bed's made, the closet is neat, and the desk is uncluttered. She also likes things personalized…just check the chair with the "K." I think that you just purchased that chair or a cover for one.

    The laptop is open, so she was either writing or planning on starting to write. I noticed the wine glass only has a little white wine in it. Seeing the wine, I'll go with starting to write.

    Someone needs some flowers since the vase is empty on the shelf. Also looks like that is a candy jar on the top shelf.

    The mirror on the wall is too low to look at from standing…you use the chair to look in that mirror. Probably to apply make-up.

    Lots of shoes, but that's not all of them…there must be more under the bed or in another closet.

  4. "In the great green room…"

    But where's the red balloon??
    Or the comb and brush, the bowl full of mush?
    And the quiet old lady whispering hush??

    Looks more like

    A laptop on line,
    A half-glass of wine,
    And a chair with a "K" that stands for Klein.

  5. I love the splashes of color from the green wall and the pink pillows. To me, it says: even when conservative, you like to stand out. Always a good thing.

  6. The photos on the wall were all shot with film (haven't scanned them). First is a shot from Central Park near the lawn bowling area. I was dragged that day to the park for a Road Runner's Club marathon… I actually ran in it. Though I complained the ENTIRE time. I hate that crap. My boyfriend at the time made me do it. He was also very sweet to run home and grab my camera for me so I could at least get something good out of the day.

    The second photo is a close up shot of Linus when we were in a rowboat together that same day.

    Third shot is my beautiful friend Erin. Whenever anyone comes into my home for the first time, they always ask, "Wow, who's that?" She's breathtaking. I took that photo of her while we were at the beach with our dogs (hers is Lily, a yorkie on my fridge) in the Hamptons.

    Last shot now appears in The Hotel Gansevoort also. I shot a detailed photo of very colorful pipes in the meat packing district.

    Thankfully, both the closet door and armoire doors close, so I needn't see all my crap all the time. I have way too many things for that small apartment. You should just see all my kitchen supplies. I have a baker's rack chockablock with cookbooks, KitchenAid Mixer & Food Processor, wooden utensils, plastic spatulas… it's your basic nightmare. Espresso maker, waffle iron, Waring blender… dreamy items but not for my minute of a kitchen. Thankfully there's a fully-stocked steamer trunk/bar in the living room.

  7. I see some very very nice shoes, and I notice you're conscious of smells/odors.

    I'm jealous that you have such an assortment of wedges. I can't seem to find a decent pair ANYWHERE.

  8. The mirror is for the writer, no?

    I have one, too.

    Sort of keeps us real when we're writing.

  9. The green wall is fabulous. I used to have a green wall in my first apartment and I loved it.

    I also love the artwork hanging on the wall in the living room. I despise people who don't know how to hang frames on walls. Very nice job.

    I have a black and white picture of my topless chest in my bedroom.

  10. NYNY, tks for sharing your place with us. We got to see inside your closet and your armoire. Would love to get an inside view of your fridge. I'm sure that could be a post in and of itself.

  11. Ohhh I have a request – a shot-by-shot run through of your makeup collection because I am a Stila Kitten fan too! :)

    I love the pink cushions as well – so good for snuggling in front of the tv with!!

  12. Alas, shots of the kitchen would have been interesting. My kitchen is only 2 minutes long and I think that my impending wedding will fill it to the breaking point. Lovely ottoman, I want something similar, but in leather.

  13. How many sqft is your apartment, Fräulein Klein? Do you get some inspiration from IKEA at times? You should take a picture of your movie pile. I remember there was "Anne of Green Gables" somewhere. Hugs from Germany, Jules /// PS: I am finally down to 120 lbs. Last time we saw each other (Jan. 2001) I was 148 lbs heavy;)

  14. Trish, I should really do an entire post on this. I am in LOVE with that flag. LOVE. It is such a sexy thing to me. It's kinda Rolling Stones, ripped jeans, preppy blazer. The Union Jack makes me randy! I honestly can't get enough of it. It's classy hot.

  15. The first thing I noticed, even before the green walls, was the Union Jack in the armoire… please explain?

  16. So, what's the story behind that fabulous chair? There just has to be a story.

    Shoe rack – good use of space. Personally, I love boxes but in an apartment I guess they don't make sense.

    I initially thought the mirror was a recess in the wall – doh.

    Thanks for sharing – to my mind revealing wardrobe interiors can be more personal than revealing feelings!

    PS Really like the green jacket

  17. Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

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