wild horses

I had a 3 in 4 shot of keeping you.  It was the middle of the night when you decided to leave.  "So you’re just going to go?"  Your pants were already on, and I could see in the orange light, your hands, pulling belt through loops.  "Just like that?"  I sounded panicked, exactly how I didn’t want to sound.  I wanted you to want, not to have.  In my white underwear, I was beyond protecting myself, and you were leaving in leather shoes.

"Relax," you said, "I would never break up with a cover band playing."  Indigo girls were doing their rendition of Wild Horses.  I also had The Samples, Bush, and The Stones doing it.  So really, based on that, I should’ve had pretty good odds that we’d stay together.  But songs can be reduced to lyrics and notes, regardless of who’s breathing life into them. 

If you’re leaving me in the middle of the night so you can get sleep in your own bed, it won’t work.  In the morning, there’s yellow sun and green anxiety, and all I’ll want is to make cut-out dolls of our night, discarding you with the toothbrush I’d just purchased on your behalf.  I don’t want your silloute when it’s easy.  I want you when it’s hard, when you have to endure the Indigo Girls, or at least half the bed.  With me.



  1. If only you would have had The Sundays' cover of Wild Horses, your odds would have shot up another 5%.

    But honestly, even two out of three ain't bad.

  2. What if the cover version is superior to the original? Snoring, farting, and a three-thousand dollar matress is all it takes.

  3. Marianne Faithful's cover version comes to mind. Would seem the appropriate mood given where you were with Mr Wild Horses. Enjoyed this little snippet.

  4. Wild Horses always reminds me of the movie 'Fear' with Marky Mark and Reese Witherspoon with that hot scene on the roller coaster…

  5. Wild Horses is cute, but couldn't it have been a better song? Perhaps something, ANYTHING, from the Iron Maiden catalogue?

  6. This incident reminds me of a song, a love ballad. How did it go? "Leaving on a Jet Plane"? No. "Leaving in Lether Shoes"!

    "Leaving in leather shoes, dont know when he'll be back again, leaving in leather shoes, so sad to see him on his way…

    "Well the streets arent empty in the early morn, lots of guys vamoosing in the same clothes they wore, oh baby dont take it personally, dont take it personally…

    "Dream about the days to come when you wont have to snooze alone and about the times that you wont have to say…

    "The he's leaving in leather shoes, dont know when he'll be back again, leaving in leather shoes, so sad to see him on his way…"

  7. I think the Wild Horses cover is really a Sean Kelly solo cover. One of the best covers he ever recorded, even better live.

  8. A reply:

    I just gotta go.

    I do "want." But I don't want to "need." Needing means losing control. Losing the edge that I'm telling myself I'll keep if I just get up and leave now.

    Where's my other sock??

    And pretending to keep that edge in this relationship… [Holy crap, did I just say relationship?? Is this a relationship?? I gotta get out of here FAST.] …is more important to me right now than looking like a total tool for leaving. Leaving in leather. Me and my edge.

    I'll say I need to go, but I don't; that I want to sleep in my own bed, but sleep won't come til long after sunrise; I'll tell you I've got things to do tomorrow, but there'll only be one… Wondering why I just edged myself out.

    Where the hell is my watch??

  9. I love the Stones.

    And "I want you when it's hard" was by far my favorite line. I don't know why but I think it's wonderful.

  10. For some reason, this post makes me think of a song by The The called "Bluer than Midnight" I won't go into what it's about, but in the beginning, before the horns, there is a sound effect of street noise as heard from above, as it would be in a high rise apartment. For some reason, I read this, and I heard that. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Quick off the mark Brando: there are few covers better than the original, but the Sundays' Wild Horses might well be one of them.

  12. For about [only!] the fifth time in my life I heard the cover of Wild Horses,it's by a chick lead singer-that is absolutely brilliant: the way she sings 'wi-l-l-d hors-es', is incredible. Question: Who the hell isit? As I've never had a chance to find out. Somebody p-p-lease tell me! Much appreciated!

  13. I found myself rolling around in bed with my boyfriend and a beautiful girl while "wild horses" played, but it was by the Sundays. Flip the cover, maybe you'll have better luck next time. Although, when the sordid affair blew up in my face I couldn't listen to any version of the song for 3 years.

    so yah, damn the song, no matter who sings it.

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