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Last night I hit Veritas for some liver damage.  Over whites, I whined about my destroyed camera lens. 
"What did you do it?"
"I washed it."
"Like in the sink?"
"Yeah, with some soap."
"Didn’t you think a wet towel would do the trick?"
"I didn’t think it would matter.  I didn’t think is the important part of that sentence."  You’ll be happy to learn that today the camera lens is in mint condition!  My liver on the other hand…

Hot Potato joined us with a Riesling.  I went to high school with Hot Potato, though we ran in different circles.  Actually, I didn’t run anywhere, and she was friends with "the nerdy girls."  "Oh my God, so was I!"  But we were friends with different groups of nerdy girls since we were two grades apart.  After her junior year abroad in France, she came into her own. " Her own" meant a goth stage.  I didn’t do goth; I did granola.  I ran into her last month at one of Bwags shows. While I was busy shouting trying to get Heather‘s attention, I captured Hot Potato’s.  We did the I know you stare, then she said she read my blog.  It’s a really weird feeling learning someone from your incestuously small high school now reads about your life.  I’m glad we’ve met.

I took hold of the menu and made the executive decision.  Short Ribs.  It wasn’t the short ribs that really did it for me; it never is.  I choose my entree based on what it comes with.  We all do.  After ordering, I look at Hot Potato and I know, the way you just know something.  "You don’t eat meat do you?"  I had no reason at all to believe this, but I was indeed correct.  I offered her my carrot. 

Before the three of us rolled across the street for more food and liver damage at Gramercy Tavern, we talked about writing.  Then I had to pee.  When I came back, I excused myself.  "Sorry guys, I have to write."  Then I whipped out my notebook and wrote this.

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  1. Nice juxtaposition! Bean and Smelly have the most adorable noses!

  2. I never choose an entree based on what it comes with. In fact, it's rare that I even know when the entree comes with anywthing.

    BTW, I think your link … may be … off.

  3. the "what comes with" is the best part. it's the extra bonus to the main attraction.

  4. Alright, I could be wrong … and it's a spelling thing and I didn't want to say it because I didn't want you to think I was picking on you. And for all I know it reads the way you want it…

    But your title/index page at the bottom of your most recent post (May My Way) has a link to the pictures that reads "My My Way" and it links to a page that is titled "May My Way". So I thought that maybe you missed the "a" when you did your HTML linking.

    I really don't want to piss you off or annoy you though … it just was driving me crazy.

  5. So I'm thinking of getting a dog, but I'm afraid to leave it alone during the day while I'm gone. How long do you leave Linus during the day? And how does he entertain himself while you're gone? I thought about doing a doggy day care place, but I've heard they're extremely overpriced for what they actually do. And it would be only me taking care of it, which is why I'm concerned to leave it for so long during the day.

  6. Linus is small. So are his craps. I permit him to make inside the house on wee-wee pads. Dogs don't have a sense of time. I know this because if I only leave the apartment for 3 minutes to empty the trash, when I return, he greets me as if he hasn't seen me all day. This allows my guilt to dissolve a bit. I walk him before work, and sometimes, I walk him when I get home. I throw a ball to him in the hallways of all the floors at night. The neighbors love to love me. Most importantly, Linus and I love to love eachother. We even got a room.

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