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CoreyCorey turns 21 tomorrow.  He won’t be celebrating this rite of passage at ‘21’ or over impetuous fistfuls of Jagermeister but will instead spend the night sleeping upright in a chair at a 24-hour Kinko’s.  Corey has been homeless in New York City for the past three and a half months. 

He bathes in churches, spending $20 a week on mouthwash, shaving cream, and other necessities.  The self-taught Midwestern transplant earns money by helping people with their computer problems at Kinko’s come nightfall.  During the day, he uses the ghetto-tech computer equipment, he discovered in a dumpster, to surf the Internet at Starbucks (picking up free wireless waves from the neighborhood).  Is he surfing monster.com for a job?  “No.  What’s the point?  No one will hire you if you don’t have an address.” Instead, he’ll navigate local news and spend most of his time in Yahoo! Chat rooms trying to find his soul mate.  “I have to admit, I have quite a way with the ladies.  Especially the big ones.  I like mine big.” 

“Don’t these women, once they discover you’re homeless, lose interest?”  How exactly does one go about dating when he’s homeless?  He shows up on dates wheeling his monitors and United States Postal Service bin filled with toiletries. 

“Some do, and it hurts my feelings, but once I find her, I’ll be very rich.”  I have to admit, I missed it completely.  I thought immediately, sugar momma or scam.  Instead, he was alluding to the ending of a children’s book, an illustrated one with bears and hearts and a bench beneath an apple tree.  “Finding her will make me a very wealthy man.”  Corey is a romantic who values the love of a woman over any job.  "You won’t understand; you’re from Manhattan."  I understand, in a very real, every diary entry, way.

RedDiva2ooo: Meet your soul mate yet? 
Corey:  I think so.  She’s 44 and looking for love just like me, but then I got this girl from Long Island who wants me now.  BRB, I gotta go buy something.
RedDiva2ooo: I hope it’s not more computer stuff.  You should save your money for food and your ticket back to Illinois. 
Corey: I bought a headset.    
RedDiva2ooo: Why would you spend your money on more equipment when what you had was working fine?  I thought you said you really wanted to leave and head back west.  Now you had enough money to do that, and you’re spending your money on a headset?  You complained that at Starbucks they only gave you free sweets.  Now you have money to buy food and leave.  Why are you using it for more equipment?
Corey: I’m sorry.
RedDiva2ooo: No, really, I just want to understand.
Corey: Come back to Starbucks and I’ll explain

I’m not going back to Starbucks to hear his reason.  Bottom line, you can never tell people how to spend their money.  Whatever he’s doing, despite any voiced complaints on his part, it is working for him.  He had the means to leave, and he chose to spend his money on needless equipment.  Now, he’ll remain in Starbucks and McDonald’s looking for love with headphones, a cart, and a ‘need help’ sign in his hand.



  1. Maybe someone in NYC will read this and send Corey some birthday presents, like a place to live and a job. At least, get this boy a Starbucks card.

  2. That's very interesting. I have a friend and although he is not homeless he is the same way with his money. I can see what needs to be done with it so he won't get himself into debt or finacial trouble and invest more smartly, but he does not see that, even after explaining and trying to understand I don't. I don't understand why he does not see what is obvious to me, just as I supposed he does not see what i mean.

  3. How strangely fascinating. Did he give you any indication of what brought him to New York? Was it simply the draw of the big city or something more? I'm a big fan of the back story.

  4. This guy is the most interesting part of my entire department's day. We send people to take pictures of him and we even tried to see what his screenname was.

    Its creating quite a 'buzz'in mid-town, I hope it makes the news…..

    I've already called a few stations….but

    Corey vs. Pope?? I think the Pope wins

  5. "He had the means to leave, and he chose to spend his money on needless equipment. Now, he’ll remain in Starbucks and McDonald’s looking for love with headphones, a cart, and a ‘need help’ sign in his hand".

    This is just great writing. Seriously.

  6. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. We all make assumptions yesterday as to who he is, what he does, etc. The truth finally came out. He is homeless, he spends his money on equipment rather than food, he hangs in Starbucks for free internet and sweets, he works in Kinkos at night, and most importantly he is a ladies man who likes his women BIG.

  7. This guy attacked me. He had his cart locked to a city garbage can that was full. I threw my trash in the cart and he came flying out of Starbuck's like a bat out of hell, screaming. I told him to go back inside or I'll hit him in the mouth. He took the trash out of his cart and went back inside. Now listen, I'm not a violent person who goes around picking fights. But when a spazz comes out of nowhere with pencil in hand, it's time to protect yourself. Sorry Corey. You get a quarter from me everyday your posted up in Star…. And ohh, IM can be just as bad of an addiction as coke. Stop typing lines and clean yourself up, get a job to support your habit.

  8. 21 years old, with an obvious skill, and still this guy has no home? What a sad statement. Sure, we can blame society, but maybe this kid is also accountable for his own choices and mistakes. So yes, Natalie, it's disturbing. It's disturbing that this kid doesn't have the drive to better his situation, apart from having the drive to look for big women. I'm saddened that he is homeless, but like many people on the streets, they themselves are to blame.

  9. MOST IMPORTANTLY. Cory has a good attitude.
    I mean, that's what it seemed like in the interview. did you think so, steph?

  10. Stephanie,

    Yesterday, you wrote that you were going to "interview this deranged person." Today, you criticize his spending habits and his choice of lifestyle. Now, you've chosen the life you're living, have on occasion been criticized for it, but as more or less a semi-public figure (because of this blog, your burgeoning writing career, et cetera), you asked for it. Here's my question: did you inform Corey that you were interviewing him for your blog? Did you give him any idea as to what the circulation ("Tons of traffic! Ten thousand readers per day!") of your blog was, so that he could at least make an informed decision as to whether he wanted to continue the interview? Did he know that you were going to use your IM conversation as part of the process?

    I'm not writing to criticize–although on second thought, maybe I am. I have to admit that I have my problems with your running off to interview someone you refer to as "deranged;" your doing so has a whiff of condescension if not meanness to it, which is so unlike you, especially when (as here) the subject matter has done nothing to you but exist. As for his complaints, well, don't we all complain about our lot in life from time to time, no matter how fortunate we are, no matter how much the fact that we're inconvenienced at any given time is our fault, the result of choices we've made?

    There's no denying the fact that Corey needs some form of assistance or something to truly get him headed west and onto the next chapter of his life. But like you in facing your divorce, the anger fucking, the wrong kind of men, and the process of healing yourself in general, Corey has every right (so long as he's not attacking people, JB–and by the way, "clean yourself up, get a job to support your habit?" What habit? The stealing random bandwidth habit?) to figure out what he needs to do. Or not. He's made a choice, and should be respectfully left alone to do his thing. As much as I adore your writing in general, the thread of the past two days, in combination with the behavior attested to in the Gawker bit, smacks of a former fat girl–yeah, you, Moose–getting her licks in on the socially defenseless now that she's no longer one of them.

  11. How bizarre.

    Now, honestly. I don't know if it's this guy's lack of responsibility or the fact that he "likes 'em big" (how objectifying is THAT) that bothers me. It's working for him, though, 'cause check him out — he got not one but TWO spots on a coolass blog…

  12. Stephanie –

    You should have asked him if you could post his screenname on your blog. I am sure there are tons of people that would love to talk to him. You could be a catalyst to help him find his soulmate….

    Having been homeless myself for one very cold Minneapolis January, unable to rent an apartment due to my age yet having a job and a car, I have a bit of empathy. But not much.

    Am I the only one who is a little bit disturbed?

  13. thanks for sharing your space with corey's story. there are sooo many interesting permutations of lives lived, yours included. keep writing, you do it well.

  14. Oh spare me. The little shit doesn't want a job, he's living what he considers to be the good life that would only get better once he's able to start mooching off some poor desperate woman.

    Here's hoping he ends up found cut in two somewhere near the Battery or drowned in the East River.

  15. Always good to see some solid, shameless judgment coming from a spoiled white American. Did you ever consider he has some sort of mental illness? Or that he's just doing what he wants, regardless of how strange and gross it seems to anyone else? You spent what, less than half a day communicating with him, and you can tell him how to run his life? He's got problems, sure. He's certainly living outside what most of us would consider "normal" or "productive." Maybe he hasn't truly known much else. Surely he wasn't raised with the same level of support that you were, and he's probably not as smart. Maybe he feels somewhat content or secure living as he does right now. At the least, it's probably familiar, and we all know what a bitch change can be.

    This person didn't ask for you to approach him or talk to him. He doesn't deserve this. Especially not from you.

  16. Couldn't have said it better Jenny. This post was condescending, arrogant, ill-thought out, small minded and inconsiderate. We have no idea what this young man has been through, what he has suffered, if he is suffering from a mental illness etc. If you want to make social comments do it responsibly. Dont make judgement statements and wild claims about people and situations that you know very little(or nothing) about.

  17. Now who is being racist?

    Who says that I'm white and who says that I'm spoiled? I work for a living and I'm a proud latino. Pardon me for holding the actor Lionel Barrymore in some esteem.

  18. By the way, why aren't you visiting the nice African American gentleman who sits in the PATH stairwell on 8th and Ave of the Americas? The old 'Nam vet over at Washington Square is quite a character with fascinating stories from his tour of duty and his life back in "The World".

    Let's not pick and choose who deserves your attention.

  19. Lionel Barrymore- I think she was referring to Stephanie- not you. Where you come from is irrelevant- your comments were shallow and demonstrated insularity of thought and ignorance.

  20. I interviewed Corey with Stephanie. My additional comments can be found here:

    We absolutely informed him that we were interviewing him for our blogs. What Stephanie neglected to mention is that afterwards we GAVE him enough money to buy a bus ticket to Illinois, and a get a few decent meals. Instead of using the money for that, he went out and bought computer equipment to get a SECOND computer up and running.

    OUR disappointment in him is not because of his lifestyle choice, and in many ways we both admire it, but rather that he used our money for frivolous purchases. His ADDICTION to computer equipment and nerdery is as severe as someone on crack.

    Everyone in our building thought he was "deranged" until we had the courage to stop staring and go talk to him as a human. He's a really nice guy, smart, witty, pleasant. But there are also real reasons why he is the way he is, and trust me, he is NOT happy. Passing judgement is perfectly acceptable in this situation. He took our money, and wasted it, when all we wanted was for him to have a decent meal for his birthday.

    So, think what you want, this guy has an interesting story, and an interesting lifestyle. We wanted to share that story with you all. No racism, no judgement, no pretention, nothing. Just something to read about…

  21. Whether or not he used your money as you saw fit is irrelevant; you gave it to him, you have no say in what happens to said money.
    What were you hoping that the comments would read? Were you hoping that people would write that it was nice of you to take time from your busy schedule to talk to someone of his caliber? Were you hoping that people would say it was nice of you to use him, as he's probably been used before, to further your own agenda?
    Yeah, he's really lucky that he found someone to make fun of him in front of "ten thousand readers per day", and really lucky that you would consider giving him a 20 spot out of your half million dollar advance. Gee, thanks, you guys are great! Keep feeling good about yourself, I'm sure that Corey will feel good about himself when he reads your post.

  22. Okay, I was wondering if you guys gave him money. So that's answered.

    This guy is really young (trust me, 21 is YOUNG). What about his family? Is he estranged from them? What does he tell them?

    If I knew my kid was living like that, I'd haul ass to NY and snag him out of 'bucks kicking and screaming if I had to. And get him some serious counseling.

  23. Chris-

    "OUR disappointment in him is not because of his lifestyle choice, and in many ways we both admire it, but rather that he used our money for frivolous purchases."

    Can you not see the hypocrisy here? The word 'frivolous'clearly shows you have very little understanding of the life this man leads. It may be frivolous to you but it obviously is not for this man and this could be for many reasons- the most obvious one being mental illness. About 90% of homeless people in New York suffer from some form of mental illness.

    It's also interesting that you use the words 'lifestyle choice'. Homelessness is not a 'choice' for the vast majority of people living on the streets and again this is for many reasons- the main one being mental illness

    You wanted to help the man- and this is lovely of both you and stephanie- but because he did't do exactly what you wanted him to do you publicly criticise him. There may be many reasons why he made the decision to buy the computer instead of going to Illinios. This man's story is not cut and dry. Its not about you walking into his life one day, giving him some money and suddenly everything being ok. Please accept that this is a very very complex issue and one that i believe should only be dealt with in a responsible and intelligent manner. Based on very superficial analysis you have publicly denounced a man that already has enough on his plate.

  24. shouldnt this type of 'Outrage at Selfishness and Irresponsibility of Homeless People' scoop be left to fox news or other right wing news crap?? think you're waaaaaay out of your depth- go back to writing about dates and boys or i'll be heading elsewhere

  25. He reminds me of a friend in L.A. who is also homeless. He keeps his belongings in a storage unit, takes showers at the Y and eats at a shelter. He sleeps at the top of someone's stairs and in winter, he sleeps in a shelter. He sometimes works for a temp agency doing road work, construction or just picking up city trash for money which he spends on a bus pass, CD's, batteries and internet cafe's. I've given him so many suggestions on how to get back on his feet again, even told him to call his mother and go live with her until he can go out on his own. He's been beaten up, robbed and almost killed. I've felt bad for him, tried to send him some money and even tried to get him in touch with some friends that would let him stay in their basements but he always comes up with an excuse and a reason why he can't. After having long, intense conversations with him, I don't think he wants to be helped. I'm not a medical professional, but I believe he has some mental health issues to a certain degree. He never complains about not having any money, food or a place to sleep and I do believe he enjoys being homeless.

    There was a human interest story in the paper a few months ago about a 21 year old girl who lives on the street, goes to Harvard University on a scholarship, has a cell phone, uses the library for email and internet access and works at a homeless shelter folding laundry for food, shelter and a few dollars. While she isn't terribly happy about her situation, for the moment, it's the only way she can live.

    We'll never know what makes them tick.

  26. What I've come to expect from Stephanie–even when she stumbles on a topic of actual interest, she finds ways to make the writing dreadful. The idea that an idiot-girl who gets half a million for scribbling out some half-literate dirty talk has the authority to judge *this* guy…it's laughable, really.

    She should start fucking Corey so that there'd be something for her to actually talk about.

  27. I would also be mad at someone who wasted (yes it was clearly a waste, I'm sorry I just don't see how it's not) my money on a screen and keyboard instead of food and transportation. I'm not a Stephanie fanatic, but leave her alone. The holier than thou tone of these comments are vomit-inducing. If you don't like what she writes, stop reading and commenting. She's not going to decide to love homeless people who are frivolous just because you told her that she should. That is why is this is HER blog, and not YOURS.

  28. "Lionel Barrymore", you want to see this guy "cut in two" or drowned in the "East River"? What, in life, has caused you to be such a miserable, piece of shit, lowlife, fucking asshole? What's the matter, mommy didn't give you enough attention? And what made you think anyone gives a shit about your hate filled opinion?

  29. Can someone explain how he got to this position to begin with? Why is he in New York? Where is he from?

  30. he's upgrading his equipment so he's actually improving … :) "seamless" help is a challenge! it would be better if you got him food vouchers that could not be converted to cash if you wante him to have food in the first place :P

  31. If you want your money used to buy a ticket for Illinois and food, go buy a ticket to Illinois and food.

  32. It is really easy for all us to sit behind our computer screens and get all huffy about how Stephanie was critizing the way this boy lives his life, but then you all turn into hypocrites and critize the way Stephanie chooses to tell the story. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Everyone includes Stephanie. If she felt her hard earned money should have been spent more wisely she has every right to say so. This is her personal blog. She is allowed to vent, and if you have such a problem with her then why do you bother to read this site? Everyone needs to chill.

  33. And before anyone says something about "her hard earned money" you try and write a book and get it published. It is hard work.

  34. Alice, care to provide any kind of citation on your claim that about 90% of New York's homeless are mentally ill?

    I've interviewed a number of homeless and certainly think the majority are homeless by choice.

  35. "The most original modern authors are not so because they advance what is new, but simply because they know how to put what they have to say as if it had never been said before."


    "The best critics are not so because they know how to put what they have to say as if it had never been said before, but because they offer novel thoughts with lasting value."


  36. "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Everyone includes Stephanie."

    Yes–and that's why we feel free to share our opinions, in this open forum.

    "If she felt her hard earned money should have been spent more wisely she has every right to say so. This is her personal blog."

    Riiiiight…and the sound yoy here is other people exercising their opinions that her position is asinine. If Stephanie doesn't want people to disagree with her on her blog, she'll turn off comments.

    "you try and write a book and get it published. It is hard work."

    Already done–which is why I feel confident of the moronic nature of Ms. Klein's book offer and her writing, which is execrable. She's with Judith Regan for God's sake–it's not rocket science.

  37. "OUR disappointment in him is not because of his lifestyle choice, and in many ways we both admire it, but rather that he used our money for frivolous purchases."

    A gift is only a gift if it has no strings attached.

  38. "A gift is only a gift if it has no strings attached."

    The guy is a con-artist. No doubt he is poor. But at the same time, what she gave him was a gift made to fill a request he had. To leave NYC. And what did he do? Buy more gear. This was a gift given with strings. Strings attached by the guy himself who said that he needed the money for what he asked for; not for anything else.

    People need to realize that if this guy is really screwed up, this guy needs real help. If this guy wants to leave NYC and is really homeless, he would have taken that money and left. Case closed. Something else is happening here and he's not 100% honest about it himself.

  39. Well, you know…we don't expect this sort of writing in a blog like this do we? …but, I was kind of disturbed by it…he was labelled over and over again…that's not fair…but then again, I'm sure Stephanie is labelled also, but she's not living on the street is she?

    Whether this guy can be helped or not, whether he can in fact help himself or not, well, that's for others to figure out….those who work with the homeless everyday might shed some light here…

    He's in a bad, very bad situation…and is coping with it the best "he" can…his family obviously can't (for whatever reason) or won't (for whatever reason) help him. Maybe he has no one…

    We've all been misunderstood….what he needs, is a huge dose of benefit of the doubt and support suited to his situation, for however long it takes…it takes more than a bus ticket and a small interview to get someone off the streets…but that wasn't the intention I think…

    He did better his situation by buying the new equipment…he's got something to show for it…his world is very obviously on web…but then, that doesn't give you a physical mailing address does it…

    So, if you're reading this Corey, I wish you a very Happy Birthday and, well, people are thinking of you…maybe you should follow in Stephanie's footsteps and start your own blog…dive right in there…and if you have one already,let us in on it…my $0.02…


  40. I think we've been done (and, to some degree are doing ourselves ) a disservice here. I've been trying not to write further, in order to keep from fanning the flames, so to speak. But I think (admittedly, in hindsight) that Stephanie would have saved herself a lot of grief and criticism had she [1] taken the time to flesh out her impressions and feelings concerning Corey and [2] mentioned the charitable donation made–no matter how you feel about the responsibility of the recipient to "honor" the donor in doing something purposeful/useful with the funds received, an explanation would have at least clarified why Stephanie wrote what she did. At the very least, if she'd provided a link to Chris' post on the subject, it would have filled in some of the blanks, so to speak.

    For the record, I'm with those who've asserted that if you (Stephanie, Chris) really wanted Corey to use the funds to get a ticket or a meal, you should have provided your donation in the form of a ticket or food equivalent. Once you give cash, you've relinquished decision-making and/or the ability to judge the recipient based on the manner they use your donation. Even if Corey flat-out stated something along the lines of, "I wish I had more money; then I'd buy the first ticket I can out of here," you know your first response should have been, "Hey, why don't we go to the station; we'll buy you a ticket." Anything other than that is an abdication of sorts–"Hey, we gave the guy money; it's so typical of the clueless/homeless to fail to use money wisely." Let me get this straight: you walk into the situation thinking the guy's deranged, but then you blame him for not using money wisely? Um, seems like the folks not using their money wisely are the ones too lazy to connect the dots. Not to be overly cynical, because I know that in giving out the money you had the best of intentions, but…kids, you should have seen this one coming.

    (And let's set aside the "no wonder he's homeless; he doesn't have any common sense" bit for a moment and be simplistic about this: you gave money to a guy on the cusp of his birthday, and then chastised him for getting enjoyment out of your gift! It was his birthday present! Frivolous? Granted, he didn't buy a ticket home. But he didn't run off and get high with your funds, either. Hey, how practical were you on the verge of your twenty-first birthday when it came to spending money?)

    I'm not writing to get into the "how best to treat the homeless" debate; after all, there are as many solutions as there are problems in this area. I don't think it's fair that we use Corey as a whipping boy. I don't think it's fair that we use him as a poster child for our own (mis-)conceptions of how best to deal with a social issue. Got concerns with Corey as an individual (several comments have been in reference to not all that wonderful things Corey has done in the past)? Address the individual, don't simply criticize him before a public that has no ability to determine the validity of your assertions. Please note: I am not defending Corey's actions, particularly those that have in some way threatened or hurt any individual. I just wonder if this is the appropriate forum for some of your complaints.

    And I think we should all chill with respect to the gleeful manner in which we trash Stephanie as a writer. This may not have been, for any number of reasons, one of her best pieces (perhaps, and I'm just guessing like everyone else here, because this sort of thing isn't in her wheelhouse, so to speak). But we're all here because, envious of her achievements or not, more often than not selfishly identify with Stephanie's experiences; we enjoy and even admire the writing we've found. Constructive criticism? That's caring; that's love to some degree. To call anyone's honest efforts "moronic"? Well…

    End of rant. Sorry if I've offended anyone.

  41. Derek- see anything printed by NCH.

    Jack- yes there is more going on here, but the fact is we dont know what. As I said above Stephanie's analysis of the situation has been very superficial. I think its only fair that she find out the full story before pasting a photo of a man on the internet and denouncing him to ten of thousands of readers. This type of slap-dash amateur reporting can haver very serious consequences.

  42. mrmister…if you have the so called literary talent that you claim, why not post under your real name so we can read your work and critique it? I'd be glad to read it and post my opinions on it when I finish it.

  43. I love America and all the freedoms that we have. We have the freedom to attack others verbally especially when we don't know them. We have the freedom to be jealous of others success and publicly attack that person because of their good fortune. What I find to be the biggest freedom is to think that we are better morally than others (located here in the U.S. and abroad). I am in no means a liberal, but people need to realize that you happen to live in one of the greatest countries in the world and the same opportunities are out there for you. Just because you didn't get it, you shouldn't try to bring someone else down because they got it.

    Stephanie and Chris tried to do the right thing. More than half of this city would have just looked the other way. For those that don't live here, that Starbucks happens to be located steps from one of the busiest intersections of Manhattan. There are thousands of people who go in there everyday.

    If you didn't think it was strange that he was in Starbucks everyday with a desktop and that monitor, then there is something wrong with you. That is not normal and for that matter it is even not normal for New York City. I don't care if you feel that the last two posts might affect him, get him kicked out of Starbucks, arrested, or sent to a shelter. He needs help…whatever type of help that might be. Hopefully, someone does read this and gets him the help he needs. Living in a Starbucks and Kinkos, bathing in a church, and living off of sweets is no way to live.

    So once again, lets look at this for what it really is….the guy wheels around a desktop, spends all day long searching on the web for big women, and he states that he needs an address to get a job, and wants to go back to Illinois. Yet when two people try to help the guy get what he states that he wants, he spends the money on something different. How can you not be upset if you were the person who gave him the money? Saying that he is untrustworthy with money because he is 21 is wrong. Maturity doesn't come with age, it comes with experience. The fact of the matter is he played them to get money to buy what he really wanted.

    Also, some of you think that whatever they gave wasn't enough because she signed a book deal. What does the book deal have to do with what she gave him? Get off your high horse, they still gave more money than you did. If you are such a great person, find him at the Starbucks give him money, take him in, or give him a job.

    As for those that say that they should have gone to the train station to buy the ticket if that is what they wanted him to spend the money on. Hello, he lied to them… he never wanted the ticket.

    I'm done with this post and I am leaving the podium.

  44. T2, this is a blog. Not a news source. Stephanie can say whatever she wants and feels. And in the case of Corey, I must say she's 1000% right.

    My only real criticism of Stephanie is that her post provides no real background info on how Corey got to this position. So we're only getting half of the story.

    But while I do sympathize with people who are homeless, Corey comes off as a con artist more than a person with real issues. If he's spending all of his time online trying to hook up with a woman to "take care of him" and when he's given real money to get out of NYC and he uses it for more equipment. Well folks, the guy is slick.

    As to the questionability of Corey's picture being posted online, c'mon. The guy agreed to this happening and the guy is not shy of publicity or letting others know about his deal. And if he reads these criticisms and is upset, sorry. His behavior is questionable and his background is dubiously not talked about.

    And speaking of background, if there is one thing virtually anyone with real problems does is talk about how they got there. Corey is not? Well, that's a huge red flag.

    There's more to this than meets the eye. And I defend Stephanie's attitude towards Corey and his deception and manipulation of her goodwill.

  45. hahaha! tom you just articulated why most of the rest of the world thinks americans are very stupid. congratulations.

  46. I read some thing very much the same to this post via google news… I was interested and started looking around, and then landed here… anyhow, I feel that I agree with what you cover here. But I’m going to go check what additional information I can look up as well.

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