diving for bubbles

You learn to blow bubbles, putting your entire face in the water.  You learn to exhale from your nose, to tilt your head in the same direction each time to inhale with your mouth.  People who learn to do this will never hold their nose while jumping into water.  There’s no need. 



  1. Wow, very insightful last sentence! I love it. Brings back so many memories for me. I was 3 years old when I first started competing in the 6 and under category. For my first race, the starter's pistol when 'bang,' but I stood frozen with acrophobia on the block. When the girls were about half way down their lanes, my mother managed to coax me down to the pools edge, where I dove in and raced to the other side winning first place. I love that we share something almost identical in common from child-hood.

  2. You know… they make sugar-free Grape now…

    the times, they are a-blah blah blah.

    sugar-free Grape was all we got on the interminable, baked-by-the-sun, smelling-of-old-car trips when I was small and uncomplaining. My mother wouldn't buy us cavities, she said.

  3. You dive in Stephanie, you let youself become loose and open and you search your soul to pull up the most fantastic images. You write so powerfully, somthing as simple as a childhood love of sugary gum turns into desire and passion, a wanting we can all relate to. I must admit I'm a huge fan of anything Klein, I read your blog almost religously, and secretly too, since I am kept in a naive shadow of life at only 15 years old. My mother would find your honesty too blunt and close to her heart, naked in a way, she would ban it. We run from that which may liberate us, I guess. I must admit the hero-worship extends from my own personal dream of doing as you do, writing with passion and cleverness. Your work is a thing of beauty in the breakdown. You let your inner self tell its stories. I admire you. Thanks for acting as a steady mentor. Keep it up Klein, I apologize for saying all "the right things", my writing seems full of artsy cliches, but the words, in fact, are all quite true. You do your own thing and you're work is a true pleasure to read. Thanks.

  4. i like the writings about the memories the best. i havent had bubble yum in the longest time!

  5. i never read the newspapers anymore unless i'm traveling and the hotel leaves them for free at my door.

    and who should appear on the bottom of page D1?


  6. what utter shite. you have mastered the blogging equivalent of going to the toilet for a large and smelly dump. please fuck off.

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