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Vote for Greek Tragedy for Best Writing of a Weblog. 

I never win anything.  Okay, that’s a lie. When I was 12-years-old, I used Clearasil once.  Once, as in, used it once, but only for a chance to win a phone.  A phone in your room meant privacy and calling boys.  It meant I was on my way to being a woman.  As I awaited its arrival, I practiced what I’d imagined an outgoing anwering machine message would be.  Well, if I was going to have a phone, I’d need an answering machine… a girl does have to accessorize.  It was all about the song in the background; it was a crucial choice. 

I actually won a blue phone that arrived at our door six to eight weeks later.  Okay, so it wasn’t one of those cool clear plastic phones with the multi-colored wires, but it was a phone nonetheless.  Ah, but my parents wouldn’t give me my own line until I was 14 because they were afraid I’d start to date.  No shaving.  No make-up.  No lock on your door.  And, yes, no phone in your room. 

To hell with that.  Life sucked the big fat hairy moose cokc in middle school.  Don’t you remember all those class elections?  I particularly enjoy remembering those who ran for vice president because they worried they weren’t popular enough to win the presidential spot.  I never ran for anything… from anything?  Well, I still do that a lot.  Alas, we’re not all perfect.  I promise not to make posters, though. 

Vote. I, unlike many of the other wonderful blogs in my category, am a first time nominee.  So if you want to vote for the other nominees, do it… just do it for one of the many other categories for which these bloggers have received nominations.  Insert snarky emoticon *here* 

I’ll be voting for Manhattan Transfer  & for Fish for Weblog of the Year!!!



  1. Oh the shame! Me thinks you didn't need to prod us to vote for you. Me thinks all you had to say was, "here are the bloggies, please vote." It stands to reason that yes, luv, we WILL vote for you, silly shameless girl! Snarkily yours, PT.

  2. argh
    my dear i would vote for you a thousand times over but the link isn't working

  3. Just dropped by to say congratulations on your nomination and to have a look at what I'm up against. Oh dear, your blog is wonderful! I'm also a first-time nominee and in this category only… my prediction is that Dooce will sweep the field, but hey, may the best blog win. Good luck!

  4. Egads, how dare you suggest any other than Miss Klein would win
    Dooce is good but never shall she beat the Stephster

  5. I hope life get a short neck from sucking the big fat hairy moose cock in middle school.

    Stephanie you are world-famous on my blog. I'd say about 20 people a day come to me searching for you. You fuel my hit meter. It makes me hot.

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