Can you imagine having to work in this weather?  Who needs balloons during a blizzard?  The only work should be keeping up with your drinking buddies and your kids down the hill.  Not in that order.  A snowjob for your lover?  Optional.  Snowball fights… now that’s work.


(For those who’ve ever played Super Mario Brothers… does this kid not look like Luigi riding on the shell of a turtle?  For those who’ve never played, he looks a bit like a kid in a brussel sprout cup.  I nearly want to pluck him up and eat him like an appetizer.)

I never understood snowballs.  Children from the neighborhood wouldn’t bother with phoning you to meet at the hill.  Everyone just went there, to the golf course near our houses, with sleds, garbage bags, or silver saucers trailing behind them on ropes.  Younger siblings tagged along.  Sisters joined forces with their brothers.  Wars didn’t come until later with the balls.


I was good at the sledding part because I was fat.  Ironically, the heavier you are, the faster you go.  I won all the distance competitions, despite the boys who took running starts.  But once everyone tired of the tubing, someone always packed a fist of snow and flung it like a dagger into a spine.  My hands always got too cold to crunch the snow into a packaged sphere of pain.  Making snowballs hurt me more than the pelt my opponent received.  And, besides the sting of my digits, snowball fights involved running and weaving.  No real newsflash there; I don’t run unless there’s an iPod involved.  Needless to say, I dabbled in snow angeling… except mine never looked perfect.  See when making a snow angel, half the battle is not leaving marks when you get up from the ground.  Usually, a friend could help hoist you off the ground.  Yeah, not so much with me.  Mine always looked a bit retarded… that’s why the dabbling. 


Now I dabble in photographing the snow, which again, leads to sting and shiver.  It’s frostbitten fingers and dribbling noses, small mittens, and booties on pooches.  It’s hooch and bars and board games.  Shelter during a storm.  It’s ugly boots left to dry in your apartment corridor, hot chocolate despite the cliche, and it’s laughing at how much the wind whips and pulls tears from the corners of your eyes.  It’s watching kids eat snow, and listening to their parents’ warnings of the "yellow snow." Grownups acting like 12 year olds, jumping things, and packing fists of snow.  Saucer shaped disks, blow-up sleds, and yes, snowballs.

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  1. Stephanie,
    I absolutely loved these series of photos. You have such an eye for beauty! I was wondering, what kind of camera do you use? Also, what program do you work in to edit them? Just curious…I dabble in some photography myself, but nothing as fantastic as some of these shots you've shown us.

  2. That balloon photo is the most delightful thing I have seen all day.

    Snow in my region is not punctuated with the irony of sunny yellow balloons. And for that I am jealous.

  3. Okay… love your blog, but you hit a weird pet peeve of mine- spelling inconsistency. Is it "snowjob" or "snow job"? You've used it both ways. Keep up the great work!

  4. i think i was one of like three adults (eep, i'm an adult!) sledding in the park this weekend. wile i was struggling to get up the hill, a little kid actually said, "lady, you're messing up the snow!"

    s, the pics are phenom. love them. fantastic job.

  5. I love these photos. All 3 but especially the 3rd one. While reading the text below it, the image in the middle almost appears to move.

    I wasn't much of a "tobogganer" as a child but now, as a mom, it is one of my absolute favorite things to do with the kids – screaming all the way down the hill!

  6. I am enthralled by your pictures!! You have such a good eye for what details to include in each frame.

  7. i love 'parkwindow'. also like the kid's face in 'blue' – "why the hell are you taking a picture of me?"

  8. How truly lovely these photographs are. As a native New Yorker living outside the States…I wanted to thank you; tons, for giving me the warm fuzzies with your winsome and absolutely stunning shots of the park, the streets, and the people of the greatest place on earth. 'Park Window' was one of my favs too.



  9. Garbage bags? Garbage bags as sleds? You poor dear (literally). Please tell me you meant the LIDS of the garbage CANS! I cannot imagine sliding down the local municipal hill on a 'hefty bag'. I mean, even if you REALLY meant garbage bags, I hope it's like the 55 gallon size. I think it'd be reallllllly difficult to shuss down the hill on the 13 gallon kitchen size, or even the grocery type from Fairway for that matter. (Maybe I should get out more, huh?)

  10. My favorite is the balloon one. The hint of summer in the yellow of the balloons in the midst of the snow. Yellow is certainly better than red balloons, which wouldn't have had the same impact.

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