survival of the fittest

And to think my ex-boyfriend said I wasn’t evolved.


This was totally disturbing and wickedly fun. Click image to view larger.  Make your own here >>



  1. Sadly, I am much better looking once they "evolve" my image. I should not leave the house.

  2. and btw, you look very pretty as an asian woman…and after seeing photo #2, I'm sure if you are not a slave to sunscreen, you will be now. oy, i'm so not looking foward to seeing mine.

  3. Wow… This is disturbing. I'm officially disturbed. It's like Jack Palance and the female monkey from Planet of the Apes mated in the Ugly position, and the child was raised in a traveling circus.

    I picked the wrong day to quit drinkin'…

    I'm going over to my mother's straight away, to punch her in the mouth… :P


  4. hey. please do mine and send it to me, I am trying to do it but I can't. Thanks! xoxoxo

  5. "I want to fuck the asian you. Is that wrong?… or wickedly right?"

    that quote is going to get me through what is shaping up to be an awful day….i want to fuck the asian you, just too funny.

  6. If you're getting the grey box, it means you need to download the java app. There's a link at the top of the page.

    Not that it helped me. All of mine looked awful. It was the initial picture I used, I guess. But I don't have any recent full frontal face pictures– I apparently always turn my head a little bit in pictures. So it doesn't line up right.

  7. Me like ape-stephanie. Many happy babies we make in my sleep eyes. Me pound chest in joy!

    Make Munky-boy a Munky-man!

    Oooh Oooh Oooh Ahh!


  8. Stephanie:

    How did you save your pictures to get them on your site? I tried to save mine and it didn't work.

  9. WOW, omg that was crazy, I'm so freakin ugly lol I think I'mma have a real bad dream tonight…….lol

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