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I shoot using a digital SLR camera… a Nikon D100 with many different lenses.  That is where they get you.  "They" meaning the camera rulers.  Once you purchase an SLR, you’re often then invested in their lenses.  I began with a 35mm film SLR, the Nikon N80–that’s the camera I used to shoot the photography for The Hotel Gansevoort. 

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  1. Nice! The Asparagus photo, in particular, just rocks the bollix off! Big fan of good food photos (not good food necessarily, but good photos of food).

    Do you do any kind of augmentation to the digital image, after you've shot it? That is to say, do you play around with Photoshop, or you just keep it real? I remember you saying how you're very rigid with your stops; this way if you make a mistake, you see it and you learn from it. Or, remind me, did that only pertain to film?

    I'm still a sucker for celluloid, although I like the digital format.

    One question about the D100: do you have any kind of shutter lag on it?

  2. I actually just purchased the Canon EOS 20D (narrowly beating out the Nikon D70) and am anxiously awaiting its arrival either tomorrow or Friday. I know that I have sold my soul to Canon for the next few thousand dollars in lenses, but hey, all in the name of capturing those elusive perfect images :) And anyhow, I've always had good luck with Canon products, so I figured I'd be safe with that.

    I'll definitely have to get your advice on tips and techniques with the digital SLRs once I get rolling. I can't wait to start snapping!

  3. the canon 20d is an excellent purchase… I bought mine about 2 weeks ago and have been braving the nyc tundra to get out and take shots…

  4. Love that first photo, v. well-framed. In fact, I love it so much I'd love to print one out for myself. Is that okay with you?

  5. Great photos with the Nikon. I believe the D100 was the model just before the D70? I am considering the EOS 20d. There are some big price drops on the Nikon D70, which still seems to be quite a camera. Maybe Stephanie and others can talk about what kind of lenses they use. I understand there is a substantial difference in quality–and price–between the basic lenses (regualar and zoom) offered in the Canon/Nikon web "packages" and ones that higher level amateurs/pros use? Also, are Canon/Nikon lenses better than those like Sigma?

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