J.uvenile A.ffected P.rinces

I deplore Japs. I don’t mean the people responsible for drawing alcohol from rice grains; I mean the ones who say their holiday weekend was awe-some while they toss their hair and speak louder than necessary into their mobile phones as they leave their Murray Hill apartments en route to Starbucks for their coffee enemas. I know Jews get offended by the term. Get over it. It’s not a Jew thing; it’s regional. I know plenty of Jews; very few are Japs. But the ones who are do it with a vengeance. Just like the girl with the little curl right in the middle of her forehead. Japs get their forehead curl straightened with Japanese chemicals.

Daniellasimondotcom_1Just to set it right, Japs can be male. I regret to say I’ve met a few too many Juvenile Affected Princes who go to Boston to get their eyelashes tinted. They’re not just unbendingly metroseexual; they’re judgmental. A jappy guy won’t date a woman with the "wrong" family, friends, or clothes. "Wrong" consists of blue collars, a propensity for hermitic inactivity, and sans logo apparel.  You’ve got a nice rack, but if you don’t have a Lexus, BMW or Mercedes lease on life, he’s having second thoughts. Japs don’t think Saab; they live sob: Oh vey is mir.  You’re his accessory and door, but here’s the real rub: he doesn’t want a jappy woman. See Jewish men detest Jappy women. They complain about how long it takes her to get ready, and how she spends too much money on her hair, tank tops, plaid waders, and doggie treats for a yapping pooch named Gucci. It’s the goyish mensch who covets the Tiffany Bean clad girl. Goys love high-maintenance woman. They love her manicure pedicure time, her affinity for valet parking, and the backbone, heard periodically in a fine whine. It’s the Japman who nibbles on exaggeration and feasts on schadenfreude. I could never fcuk a guy who dabbled in Yiddish. I can’t imagine foreplay with a guy who says “fakakta.” 

Japs are rarely women; they’re always girls. I can’t take them seriously; it’s the voice. Sometimes it’s nasal, but mostly it’s her inflection. Do they learn to speak like that in some class? It’s not necessarily what she says but how she says it.  It’s a four letter word: tone.  Even her small talk butchers. “Oh, hoy. How awe you?” Talk fcuking normal.

Even when she’s over forty, she still dresses like her teenage daughter hoping to be deemed M.I.L.F., gets her hair blow twice a week, and buzzes around town in her SUV with a Tasti-D-Lite cup in her like-linen manicured hand. She’s a yenta with a slim cell phone tucked into the back pocket of her I-have-no-ass Habitual jeans. On Sundays she slums and does iced hazelnut coffee from the bagel store, where she orders low-carb bagels and diet lobster salad after her pilates class.  And then you hear her open that glossy lined mouth (you can always see her liner globbing up in the corners. You don’t know why it happens, but it always does.), and you flinch.  These are the jap snobs, not to be confused with the pearly pink and green society snobs. I can bear the wasps; at least they volunteer and enunciate words.

Japs don’t need to have money to be japs; because no amount of money can buy her security… not even Daddy’s.  She’s insecure and cries into her gold-trimmed pink "princess" pillow.  You see her insecurity flecked in her green panicked eyes as she avoids eye contact and checks you out. I make japs nervous because I’m comfortable with who I am.  "Sweetie, my eyes are up here."  I love calling them out on it.  I’m such a bitch.  I love it.

I’ve pinned it down. Japs have middle child syndrome, worried the truly good moments are happening to someone else. They’re fair-weather; just look at her clothes. She always has to have the latest thing; worried she’s not on top of things. And when she’s with you, she always finds a reason to flip open her phone. She needs messages and group photos of her friends on a cork board to feel important. I’ve never met a secure Jap. And that’s what I can’t stand. None of them are comfortable in their own perfumed skin, so they grab after men who will shower them with attention. And they stay because to them, there’s nothing worse than alone, not even a bad haircut or cellulite.

I used to be a jap… wearing Big John jeans,  pointy Justin’s lizard cowboy boots, and an Il Bisonte handbag with the strap too long.  I walked to the side and nearly gave myself whiplash with all the ‘tude shaking.  Then the bell rang, and I returned to class for fourth period.  I was 12, not 21.

The really disarming bit is I have a website strewn with photos of my friends, flecked with posts about make-up, cufflinks, and everything-I-wants.  It’s making me nervous now.  We always hate in others much of what we detest of ourselves.  I’m chewing my fingers now.  I mean, why else would I respond so vehemently when faced with a hand on hip jap?  Maybe I hate how jappy I can be.  Maybe that’s what I hate about myself sometimes.

Okay, over that. I can be materialistic; I like nice things.  But I’d never govern my life with materialism behind the wheel.  I’ve learned living life on cruise control isn’t living at all.  And I always look ’em in the eye. Besides, a jap would never bite her nails.  And, I dig the curl in the middle of my forehead even if I do get it blown out from time to time. 



  1. We have an ample supply down here in SoFla. I can't think of a bigger turn-off.

    P.S. The semi-colon is an underrated punctuation mark, isn't it? You use it so deftly. I haven't consulted my S&W text lately. What's the rule? Does there have to be a complete sentence following the ; ???

  2. Oy vey,
    What's really bothering you my
    Shaina maidel.(translation = Pretty girl)

  3. Semi-colons are my favorite quotation mark; I like joining two complete sentences together.

    I enjoyed your dissection of the jap culture, Stephanie. I will steal your wisdom and observations to supplement the "I don't like girls like that" statement that I must unwrap every time I'm in public.

  4. It's strange, maybe because I'm Canadian, perhaps because I'm naive – I have never encountered a JAP. If it is indeed a regional phenomenon – is it New York based, or the US in general? Hmm.

    But – I will now be on stoic lookout – and point in the opposite direction should I ever come across one. Yikes.

  5. "It’s the goyish mensch who covets the Tiffany Bean clad girl. Goys love high-maintenance woman. They love her manicure pedicure time, her affinity for valet parking, and the backbone, heard periodically in a fine whine."

    It's all true. When your mother refuses to let you play with barbie dolls growing up, you get back at her later in life by getting a real live one to dress up and spoil. And it's so much better later in life because it's hard to find an elegant (lilliputian) pair of earrings to put on a little plastic doll or get much enjoyment out of doing so.

  6. oh for the love of god, stop your damn whining. You're a yenta.. you're a jap.. get over it and move on… fokhakta.. fokhakta fokhakta.. get used to hearing it.

  7. it must be incredibly courageous to write about yourself like this. so open. i feel sorry that you have so much self-hatred.

  8. It took about 45 seconds of perusing this self-promotion engine to realize that the tragedy of these writings relfect the antithesis of who the author actually thinks she really is.

    I pity her.

  9. I like it when you use such a post to reflect on yourself. We all have tendencies that we probably dislike about ourselves, and when we see them magnified in others, it's worse.

    And to be exact, and answer Plantation's question as "official English teacher lady"–you must always have two possibly complete sentences on the opposite ends of a semicolon, as Aly aptly demostrates. Usually, you put a semicolon in because the sentances are closely related and reflect some way on each other; in that way, the sentences are made better together than they are apart.

  10. This is not the easiest post to defend, because labels don't help us manage our life well; they are rarely the ingredient for a good heuristic. I cringed when I first read the title. I am not defending the post, but, hopefully, constructively criticizing the critics.

    Having been a loyal reader for a while, I would urge you to give Stephanie the benefit of the doubt because I doubt she is inviting you to subscribe to the stereotype and use the label 'Jap.' To the contrary, the stereotype is juxtaposed with an admission that Stephanie's conduct may be within its ambit. The post is clearly about examining oneself and not just others for signs of being "superficial," "shallow,"
    "self-centered," and "self-promoting." Does any of the foregoing justify the use of the label 'Jap?' I doubt it. Does use of the label 'Jap' in a manner likely to be deemed offensive justify excoriating Stephanie? I doubt it. Constructive criticism works much better than excoriation. It at least leaves a face-saving way out in the event excoriation appears unwarranted later. Sometimes we learn the foregoing the hard way.

  11. clearly examining oneself? the afterthoughts that are her last three paragraphs don't even seem sincere:

    – she starts by emphatically denying that she's a jap ("i used to be a jap/then the bell rung…i was 12, not 21.").

    – then, after attempting to win a little sympathy ("maybe that's what i hate about myself sometimes" is a sure-fire way to get emails and comments llike "you're so awesome, how can you say that?!?")…

    – she proudly declares that she'd never govern her life with "materialism behind the wheel." puh-leeze.

    whether s. thinks that she or anybody else is a jap is irrelevant (more troublesome is the racial overtones she invites in her second sentence). but it's amazing what passes for "killer blogging" these days.

    it shouldn't be surprising that the "internet queen of new york" can pull the wool over some of our eyes. after all, 58 million of us voted for bush this month.

  12. It's not racial. It's cultural. In hebrew school, I had a cantor who once told me he'd die happy knowing I was proud to be a jew. I am. This post has nothing to do with being Jewish.

    I'm not a self-hating jew; I'm a self-hating jap. I've outgrown the jap syndrome, but when I'm faced with obnoxious glimpes of it upon introductions, I flinch. I have outgrown it.

    I feel sorry for those too uncertain of themselves to post under real names… you're on par with "oh-my-gawd" girls of the world.

  13. a typical response: deflect the attack to look smart and righteous. i wonder if that's learned in "blogging school."

    no one has questioned your right to be proud of who you are. you're absolutely right that this has nothing to do with being jewish. one's taste and sincerity can be scrutinized regardless of his or her background.

    if i'm on par with the "oh-my-gawds," does that mean you'll be standing next to me? i bet it'd be nice to meet you. you can pontificate on the latest fashions over a dirty martini at bungalow 8. see you in the VIP room!

  14. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=J.A.P.

    Ok….so everyone is upset about the term J.A.P. But you really should take the time to look up the definition in the urban dictionary. It is quite humorous. In case you don't use the link…here is the first definition supplied by someone:

    Jewish American Princess; a bitchy, spoiled, golddigging Jewish female; Raised in a wealthy household, selfish, high-maintenance to the point of sheer insanity, stuck-up, the worst woman to date/marry on planet earth, yet deemed the most desirable by jewish mothers, who attempt to force them down the throats of their unsuspecting sons (all for the sake of perserving "Jewish Heritage.")

    A Female who collects designer fashion items and status symbols (including men).
    Bane to the existence of dating men. The key to an unhappy relationship for the rest of your life. Large breasted, outwardly attractive, internally spoiled, greedy, complicated, self-righteous, and obnoxiously difficult and overbearing jewish female.

    Ok….now people can go analyze if she is still a JAP or not. Since this received the most thumbs up in the urban dictionary.

    Raised in a wealthy household…YES
    High Maintenance…APPEARS TO BE
    Outwardly attrative…YES
    Collects Designer Fashions…MOST CERTAINLY

  15. you silly girl. "jap" IS NOT regional at all. it's quite anti-semetic. why not just say princess, if that's what you really mean? and don't think – just because you have to ability to blog – that you are above ANY of the so-called jap details you mentioned.

  16. Dear JAP-

    JAP is hardly anti-semetic. If you have met the majority of practicing, conservative to orthodox jews in America and abroad you may notice that they do not fit this outlook. JAP is based in the pathetic 5 towns culture that rewards 16 year olds with nose jobs and BMW's. Leave the tri- state area and maybe you'll realize your Prada bag is cheesy and so is your outlook on life.

  17. as a jewish 20-something who yes, cares about her hair and may occasionaly whine too loudly on her cell phone, i have jokingly used the term jappy to describe myself and my friends. however, in using this adjective, i never thought of it as a term that referred to insecure and jealous jewish girls. in fact, if that is its true definition as it is understood by most, i will stop using it all together. i would suggest looking at yourself and your need to attack and generalize about a vast and diverse group of women and wonder where the true insecurity lies.

  18. I'm not Jewish or a J.A.P, so this whole dialogue is just an eye opener to me. I've seen "J.A.P.s" made fun of in the media, in movies, etc.,(and I've also come across a few, from what you're describing, in the Tri-State area.) But, just like EVERY cultural or racial group, stereotypes exist. They are living, breathing entities.

    Anyway, in the African-American community, we have B.A.P.s (made famous by a Robert Townsend movie starring Halle Berry and a book written by two women part of the "elite" society of black America). It is a title that can be seen as both a compliment and an insult (depending on who you're talking to). B.A.P.s are almost the chocolate-covered version of J.A.Ps except we even have categories (ie. the bohemian B.A.P. who is more of an Erykah Badu type, who likes to wear earth tones, burn incense, and meditate, and who would never be caught dead on a street in Manhattan below 125th, or the glamourous B.A.P. who is more like the J.A.P. except with a little twist.) According to "The B.A.P Handbook: The Official Guide to African American Princesses" a B.A.P. is "a pampered female of African American descent born to an upper-middle or upper-class family…whose life experiences give her a sense of entitlement…[she's] accustomed to the best and nothing less…" It even mentions the B.A.P. being a little JAP-py and proud of it. I bought my friend the book, and her mother was disgusted, saying it was stereotypical and degrading…I begged to differ…I thought the book was a cute, funny satire of something that plays a part in popular culture. Like any INTELLIGENT reader, I knew to weed out what I thought was simple entertaining frivolity.

    I'm a new "fan" of your's (Stephanie), an avid reader totally fascinated and enlightened by your writing. (It all began with Heather Hunter's NY Times article.)In my understanding of what you were writing, it was simply an analysis of yourself and how you're growing and learning. I think that's what this whole blog is about. Anybody can bark all idealistically and make themselves sound intelligent by attacking someone because that person (you, in this case) is fearlessly showcasing all of who they are, whether politically correct, racially sensitive, perfect or imperfect…I think you're being real, and that's all you can be…I'm a B.A.P. (or maybe a wannabe B.A.P. with a few variations) and I'm proud…Be blessed :)

  19. JAP is not a derogatory term. It is also not anti-semetic. I am Jewish, from the tri-state area, and have never encountered someone who was offended by the term. I'm sorry, but when you live in an area swarming with them and you've grown up on a diet full of them, you are more than entitled to write about your like and/or dislike of them. For some people it's a way of dressing, but for a great deal more it's about not having a mind of your own and needing Jessica and Shoshana with their long straight dark hair, their Miss Sixty Jeans, and Nominations bracelets (Tiffanys is SOOO passe) to tell you how you should act, what you should buy, and how to be anything but an individual. It's tempting when you're 15, but when you're older it's just pathetic. I can more than see where Stephanie's coming from, regardless of if she does or does not fit the stereotype.

  20. Tragedy is Greek, not Jewish. We have the trademark. You owe my people money.

  21. Methinks this post was purposefully inflammatory. It really is nice seeing people's reactions: "it IS anti-semitic, it's NOT anti-semitic…" blah blah blah. She writes what she wants or feels like.

  22. Yo didn't used to be a JAP, you are one.
    You married the Jewish Ivy League educated DR. because you wanted that kind of life, and I'm pretty sure that if you hadn't found out what he did you would still be married to him, so cut the BS

  23. Guess what bullshitter… I did leave, and too many women in that situation stay for the car, the clothes, and the image. I outgrew a want for it… it's too fucking expensive. "Taxing" as it were. And, if I were a Jap, I never would have worked to support him through medical school, paying for our rent, his clothes, his food, and yes, his credit card bills. I would have married an i-banker, not a resident.

  24. This is all ridiculous. All the snide remarks about this post just proved again how insecure you all are. Everyone has their own opinions and if you want to world to hear yours why don't you start your own blog. I know exactly what Stephanie is coming from…..I'm from Long Island and can spot a jap from a mile away…..and they dont have to be jewish. If there was another word people used to describe these girls then I would use it but unfortunately that is the word that I first heard in 1st grade….from all my friends from private school in the 5 towns (some jewish…some not…who werent japs). It may be wrong to say that the "J" in japs stands for jewish but maybe we should think of another word because I don't think jewish has anything to do with it.

  25. The difference between being a Jewish girl and being a JAP is all in the attitude. The girls that are up on their high horses are the ones I can do without. Yes, I am a Jewish girl, I have a Tiffany locket and bracelet, my parents gave me a Jeep, my mom doesn't work, and I live near Murray Hill. But I am down to earth, sweet as can be, and not at all a JAP. My co-worker likes to call it Jewish, with JAPicidal tendencies :).

    I have had to deal with being stereotyped as a JAP before– all through high school (Westchester, not LI), college (Syracuse… JAP heaven) and even now– purely based on the things that I have been fortunate enough to have in my life. And it sucks. I don't totally disagree with the things that you said in your rant, but maybe look beyond the Tiffany Bean and see who is wearing it before classifying her as something she's not…

    PS: It's not a regional thing, either. I've met JAPs from Cali, Michigan, NJ, Florida… even Texas!

  26. I have a tiffany bracelet too, live in Murray Hill, have a Kate Spade bag, japanese straighten my hair…blah blah blah. You are too right JewishGirlsansattitude…it is all about the attitude though because I don't have the "american princess" attitude.

  27. Thanks al. I started writing something last night about this, but hit the wrong button and poof, everything was gone.

    Japs are not just Jewish and I can attest to that. I'm Italian, former IAP or "yap." I worked the circuit, wore the make up, the hair and the fingernails, had to be the first with anything, had the 'tude, drove the nice car and had a good looking arm to hang on to.

    Yes, I still have my nails (read: not claws) done every few weeks, and yes, I have my hair straightened with Japanese chemicals. It's a treat for me because I deserve it and because it's what I want. However, being somewhere in my 40's I don't dress like a teenager. There's nothing worse than a middle aged woman wearing a belly shirt! After all, I still have my pride.

    Stephanie has evolved… she's become wiser, smarter and comfortable with herself. She shows honesty in what she writes and she lets you know she's not perfect… she makes mistakes. She's human.

    To those of you who hide behind anonymous names just to throw stones and submit reasons to find fault with her, please tell us how perfect your lives are.

  28. We all KNOW what a Jap is. I could replace it with a "Whiner," but japs everywhere would slap high-fives across the table when they mispronouced it, "Winna."

  29. If anyone is still wondering whether the term JAP is racist or anit-semitic why don't you just think about if we were having a similar debate over whether all black people are niggers or if if there are "good" black people and "bad" black people. Sorry, I hate to even write that word but this debate is reminding me of when I have heard white racists talk about niggers vs. black people. I'm Jewish and I think JAP is an ugly, hurtful term.

  30. Stephanie:

    Like others, I discovered your site when I cracked open the Sunday NYTimes a few weeks back and followed the clicks to your site. I really enjoy your writing; it's so honest and beautiful.

    However, I thought you were a JAP even before you posted this. Maybe not a jap, but high matainence. You wrote about having Hermes scarves, having your nails/hair/whatever done, having expensive clothes, enjoying fine dining, etc.

    Now, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with your lifestyle, but maybe you shouldn't be so quick to judge when I thought you were a jap myself. So, I feel like an ass – sorry for assuming.

    p.s. I am neither American or Jewish.

    p.p.s. I really do like your writing.

  31. are we comparing the word jap to the "n" word?….not even a close comparison, I am sure many would agree….

  32. There is no comparison between the word JAP and the "n" word. That's completely assinine.

  33. The word JAP must be replaced by a term without the national/religious/cultural subtext. I nominate Eurotrash's "Bachelorette" as a replacement. My gf and I are already using it.

    I imagine Eurotrash will charge you for each use, though.

  34. i was wondering if anyone would pick up on the point l'emmerdeur and i alluded to. but i've steadfastly maintained that it matters not who or what is a jap. ridic, as they say. my observation is that the "internet queen of new york city" is way full of herself. she masterfully balances "holier than thou because of what i do" with the implicit "tell me i'm not so horrible" schtick (which she apparently needs for daily survival, judging by several past entries).

    but i'm just an anonymous person with a perfect life who throws stones. i wonder if "blogging school" teaches its students that they open themselves to "perfectly anonymous stone throwers" when they spout such wisdom.

    kudos to the "IQONYC" fans, by the way, who s(t)uck(ed) up for her and helped deflect the criticisms. some of you look pretty good on your knees.

  35. Sorry to the person who commented about my being racist toward the Japanese, too. If you really think I'm a racist, I don't want you to read my site. You're a knucklehead.

    I accidentally deleted your comment. Frued was wrong; there are accidents. And this blog isn't one of them. It's not built to brainwash; it's exercise…self-promotion… and self-centered good fun. Don't like it? Shop elsewhere.

  36. unsubscribe?!? you mean people can SUBSCRIBE to this journal? that's so deck! and to think, i stumbled onto this site without paying my subscription fee (i wonder if that amex black card would work?). but here's a lil' blogging fashion tip that you evidently didn't learn in "school": the whole "if you don't like what you see here then go away" line of thought? that's SOOO 1996. were you 12 or 21 then (was it fourth period yet?)? regardless, it's a baseless philosophy that might work with little boys and girls, but not with the grown-ups who freely roam the internet and freely write about what they please.

    kinda like you.

    i'm almost sorry you're getting hot under the collar. if bungalow 8 won't do, perhaps i can grovel for your forgiveness over a dirty one at cibar?

  37. x, perhaps your definition of sucking up is when someone doesn't agree with you, but I'll give you the benefit if the doubt and say you're probably having a shitty day. Get over it.

    Thanks for the dig, at least I know someone is reading me. *L* Oh, and before I forget… I've been told I'm pretty damn hot on my knees…


  38. Hey, where did the "n" word come from? And, uhhhh…"x", do you need a huuuuggggg? Awwwww….

  39. goils…thanks for the concern. jane, i'm sure the huuuuggggg (4 Us, 5 Gs) would be awfully nice. and maria, i've no doubt you look hot on your knees. maybe not as hot as "un homme," with his deft praises for our protagonist sprinkled in other entries (what a faceless chickenshit. hah!). but i can only imagine that anyone who's experienced an experience like that had…quite the experience!

    i had a surprisingly damn good day, though. thanks for asking. as for this nonsense, i'm content to "get over this." what started off as pretty justifiable criticisms of our superhero are now just mean-spirited attempts by me to interrupt her insurmountable mojo. i know that. sometimes, i do that for kicks to people who can use it. i guess that doesn't make me so perfect now.

    and to clarify: "sucking up," maria, does NOT mean "when someone doesn't agree with [me]." disagreement is one thing. sucking up, however, is what you might do when you're on your knees. sorry- i had to. i'm kidding, maybe (i wouldn't know). without jest, sucking up is stuff like, "gee, IQONYC, i should've kept my mouth shut and let you handle those mean mean people. you're just so damn good. and by the way, did i tell you that your tits look esepcially perky today? and those shoes are HOTT (with 2 Ts)." so i'm cool on the distinction.

    off to throw my perfectly anonymous stones elsewhere.

  40. 'x.' for every dog that barked if one were to throw a stone, stones would become so rare as to be worth more than gold. Why do you bother throwing stones? Silently treasure what you perceive to be encounters with the unpleasant behavior of others because they just might be timely and poignant reminders as to how not to behave. Also, consider the possibility that there is a benign explanation for the cause of your discomfort; it could very well be that the posts are purposefully written to depict–at times–someone who is materialistic, shallow, egoistical, egotistical, and self-righteous, and–at other times–someone who is genuine, extroverted, self-sacrifical, and generous, but that someone is not necessarily the author or, alternatively, not the author at the present.

    Don't make unwarranted assumptions about the author or the motivations of the commentators. You appear to be quick to ascribe unpleasant qualities to the author and equally quick to ascribe sycophantic motivations to the commentators. Have you considered the possibility that the praise/defense of some of the commentators is insincere and mocking or that it might actually annoy Stephanie to read such commentary? Or, much more likely, they just enjoy her writing, despite any flaws that you perceive, and want her to continue without being distracted by what they perceive to be catcalls?

    Finally, if you were to bring Stephanie down a notch would it really be something to brag about? If it's not something to brag about, why would you think anyone is sucking up to her?

  41. arigato………………dear stephanie,i should have come to the garden before picking the roses.
    thanks for defining japs for me….can you do nips next
    keep up the sweet and sour talk
    l a a

  42. Once I went out for brunch with my friend and her Jewish cousins. And I was fascinated! I spent most of my time just watching them. They were beautiful – and it was a very precise beauty (everything polished and perfect). We were 19 and they were all flirting their asses off with rich, much older men. We got pretty drunk on bellinis and ended up dancing on the tables. It was one of the most fun times I have ever had at brunch. I just got a kick out of them – I even thought their accents were fun. After a few (Pitchers of) bellinis I started saying "Oh moy Gaaaaawd" myself.

    Later on in college I ended up hanging out with a lot of the girls from the Jewish sorority. More of the same. They were wild and fun. But, I only saw them in small doses.

    And here's is something to note about those girls I have known- they constantly refer to themselves as Jap, jappy, japs. They relished the term. They like pretty things and want to dance on a table this week and marry Mr. Right the next (I want to say that investment bankers or hedge fund managers are more choice these days than doctors, but what do I know). Basically they want to be kept in the style of living to which they have become accustomed (thanks Daddy!). They deserve pretty things and to be pampered and don't care what anyone thinks. Their reaction to the original post would probably be "Yeah, aaaand?". So I don't think anyone here should get all up-in-arms on their behalf over the term JAP. They'll be sipping Starbuck's in their Mercedes SUV while we're grinding away at desk jobs (ok so playing around on Stephanie's site isn't exactly "grinding" but – you get my point I hope).

    Now, on the other hand – my Waspy McWasperson roommate is driving me crazy with all her talk of Suburbans, white picket fences, and diamonds. She can talk about jewelry, clothes, makeup, and what kind of wedding/house/children she wants for hours. "Oh Burberry headband, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways while my roommate is trying to think straight". Think Bree Van de Kamp (desperate housewives) with a THICK southern accent – on crack maybe. And while most of the time I think I am NOTHING like her – if I am really being honest I'd admit that there is a little of the worst of her in me. She just takes my guilty little secret pleasures (example: Pearls– they make me swoon) to the EXTREME end of the spectrum.

    I agree with Stephanie. We see some of our less attractive personality traits magnified in someone else and it gets under our skin. Also, a heavy accent can go from cute to detestable pretty quickly.

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