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It’s too nice outside to write, and Linus is literally whining as he paws at the window. So I’ll leave you with these thumbnails as the storytellers. Saw Sarah Hudson bang it out at BLVD, then stopped by TAJ, where I celebrated my birthday last September. (Incase that flew by you… my birthday is soon approaching. I straddle Virgo and Libra.) After Taj, I hit the Zac Posen After Party Celebrating the Spring 2005 Collection and Launch of The New Cartier Trinity Collection. From frickin’ Dillon McDermott and Paulie Shore to the daughter of a designer, Elizabeth Kieselstein-Cord, to a brilliant designer, Alvin Valley, my night was packed. Second best moment is a tie: discovering Sarah Hudson, a new great performer, and meeting Alvin Valley, a man who makes every ass look good. God love him and his pants. Best moment: arriving at the bar and seeing two of my favorite smiling faces. I love my angels; we might all be “generals” but we give good whip.



  1. How does one actually achieve such a level of coolness? Take me along for the ride, and I'll be your protege. I'm twenty, fun, and almost as witty. Ha.

  2. Who is that hot guy in the orange shirt? I see him everywhere from movie premieres to freaking daune reade! Is he an actor or socialite?? Does anybody know? I need to meet him now! Please help!

  3. You're killing me…this picture of the wine existing quietly and stealthily in the rounded glass…just being…is so delicious!

    I'm going to open a bottle now.

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