since I never say…

I told you so, I’ll just show you this:

Yes, it’s the absolute worst photo ever taken (thanks Chris). Could I more closely resemble a sow? And Ray is so busted checking out my bust. The point is, you should really appreciate my excellent taste for spotting talent.

If you can make it past the Lindsay Lohan article in Rolling Stone Magazine, you’ll find your way to the Ray Lamontagne Hot List piece. Oh, you want me to say it a little louder? I FOUND HIM FIRST!

We all have one of those, “Yeah, I showed up and it was only 5 people, for a free concert in college.” We know. You know. It kinda makes you pissed. Well, I’m not pissed just yet. I’m giddy for my Ray of Light.

I have been following Mister Ray way before Rolling Stone caught on, and I’ve got the pictures to prove it.



  1. hi big red,
    it's a shame about ray.
    must be right for the night cos you look pleased as punch
    keep writing and i'll keep reading
    matt in the desert

  2. see, i was thinking he wasn't very good looking and in the music work, you need to be good looking. I think the most talented singer out there right now is jason mraz but he doesn't have the looks and I think that is why his career hasn't launch into super stardom.

  3. don't make no sense to me, but I am an eggplant compared to einstein so i could be wrong. rico suave &milli vanilli (rob morvan and fab pilatus) looked good but they aren't around (morvan and pilatus weren't even around when their songs were being produced in the studio, kinda makes sense cause they weren't the ones having to sing). if looks were the predominant factor contributing to success, milli would've been given a break. many more like them have been one hit wonders. mick, charlie, and keith (arguably ray clones) had gross revenues in excess of 1.5 billion dollars in the last 15 years. I am willing to bet on Stephanie's ear (not eye ;))for upcoming talent. Now if she'd only share her knowledge….

  4. lucky u! I was in milan with other 60 people to see Ray. I think that this concert was the best one of my life, but I tried to have a picture with him just like yours! I spoke with him half an hour about everithing, also about his beard, bud he said that he is too shy to have a picture with me. but it was nice! i saw your italian pictures. I think that u have an italian spirit. I'ii be in Suth USA from the 29th of july until the 14Th of august. do u have any suggestion 4 my trip?

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