I am a broken record. GET OUT. I just cannot deal. I keep saying it; it is all gorgeous. Aquamarine, rocks, everything smells of suntan lotion. I am so happy. I wish you were here with me, to put lotion on me and watch me smile like this. Cinque Terra is seafood, a pitcher of amazing white wine for 7 bucks, and rocks and clear waters with saturated pigments. It is the making of postcards… I just cannot deal. It is wonderful… and I still have a whole week here! Love it.

My photographs are absolutely insane. You will have to wait for the photos from Cinque Terre… believe me, so worth it… definitely sellable… definitely postcard worthy. I miss Linus. I want him to lick up my nose. Italy is strewn with stray cats. They nap on rocks on the ocean, and curl up on street benches. Every time I see one I think of Linus. He would love it here… he would have hated Venice… pigeons and cats.

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  1. My Romantic Lit teacher said if you go to the Protestant Cemetary in Rome, where Keats is buried, you will see stray cats lounging in the sun on Keats' grave. It would be totally cool to see. I will one day make it there. I can tell you're not in Rome anymore, if you ever were, but if you are, well, I hate to make another suggestion, but we live vicariously through you. :)

  2. The person with the highest IQ, Marilyn Vos Savant, describes in the first page of her "The Power Of Logical Thinking: Easy Lessons in the Art of Reasoning…and Hard Facts About Its Absence in Our Lives" a conversation with a friend about the fairness of a book deal. When I have a spare moment I will type it up or scan it and send it to you. Book deals and negotiating are tough. You will get out, and you should deal. Patience is not just a virtue; it's a capital investment that pays handsome dividends. Look in your email box for an email on a good heuristic to use in dealing.

  3. Aw, shucks.

    I used to live near Cinque Terre, actually. It's very pretty. I disliked Venezia, but Padova, just down the way, was a great place.

  4. And Hugo, that is a more apt statement about Keats than probably any other poet I can think of. In life, he pined for Fanny, though. :)

    These pix are great, as I expected Stephanie!! I worry, though– do you know anyone that can teach you that script so people can't right click, steal, and claim these as your own? With the "flack" over at This Fish about plagiarizers, I'm cynical lately…. I mean, there are other ways to steal the photos anyway, but making it harder for the average stupid person is always good. :)

  5. Amazing pictures…now I am definitely jealous and wish I was there. The sunset ones are incredible.

  6. Oh, was ever a sky so red with blood? I'm reminded of your temperamental entry (discussing your Trenchcoat Weather essay) inparticular, and hoping to god this doesn't mean you went on holiday at the wrong time of month. ;-)

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