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I’m not a hiker, and no man I ever meet will make me want to be a hiker. It’s just not my thing. Unless there is food at the top, I’m so not in. See the thing about site seeing in foreign places is, I’d rather just see it in a book. I know it’s not the “same.” In Good Will Hunting, Robin Williams’ character says something about Will not knowing what the Sistine Chapel smells like. He hadn’t really experienced the world; Will was just a kid after all. Well I could have told Willie; it smells of fcuking body odor. View the book; it’s good enough. Now onto hiking. Just hand me the postcard, and say, “Yes, isn’t this just lovely. It’s what you would see if you walked until you cramped up that hill over there.” Done. Good enough for me.


See Cinque Terre is a region in Liguria Italy. 5 towns make up the region, and you can walk from town to town. Here’s where the hike bit comes into play. See, I thought “trails” meant a casual boardwalk stroll, some gellato en route. I didn’t know it was the H word. I didn’t know about sunburns, steps, and the suicide I wanted to commit once I committed to walking from Moterosso to Vernazza. If I have ever said it and meant it, it was then… just kill me now. I said aloud, “Oh dear god. I actually paid money to do this? Had I known, I would have paid double for them to talk me out of it.” Smelly says in return, “Well, Steph, I’m proud of you; this is the hardest hike I’ve ever been on.” Smelly has run 3 NYC Marathons and hikes on all of her vacations. So for the love of god, go enjoy the pictures. What, you ask, got me through it? I cranked up the iPod and sang Carly Simon songs at the top of my lungs. I haven’t got time for the pain…

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  1. Ahh, I live the Cinque Terre. We were there in June 2003 and did the hike as well. It felt so good to jump into the ocean.

    The hikes out of Vernazza in either direction is the hardest. The one at the other end was the way you imagined it, along the via del amour (sp?). It's all beautiful though. Oh, and the train can take you between all five towns.

    Glad you're enjoying it, you're making me want to go back with your pictures.

  2. As much as your feet may hurt, I can see the smile on your face through the pictures. Your enjoyment of this trip is truly coming out through the pictures. So keep smiling!!!!

  3. But there *is* food at the end of any hike in Cinque Terre! And fantastic swimming as well.. hope you got to enjoy everything 5-Terre has to offer!

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