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Barney’s department store says Give Good Gift. I’ve been told I give good… list. Ahem, what were you thinking? I’ve added the new category to this site, so you can access all my lists with the touch of a drop-down menu (on the left side of this website). Past lists include:

My favorite Movies >>
Yeah, a few chick flicks might have gotten mixed in.

My favorite Date Ideas >>
Sometimes there’s more to life than museums and zoos.

My favorite Things >>
From grilled cheese sandwiches to pom pom socks.

I want >>
So sue me; I can be a glutton. Materialistic and high maintenance… whatevs.

My ideal man >>
Would be more like a woman, but have enormous arms.

If only >>
If anything is possible, what would I want?

Rules >>
I try to play by them, but sometimes I run around with scissors.

All about me >>
Did you have this book when you were growing up? It was yellow and had some cartoon illustration of a half-breed monkey. Like Goofy. Well, it’s everything but the kitchen sink about Stephanie T. Klein. (except what the T stands for)

Lists you can look forward to reading:
Things I learned in fat camp
Things I learned from my father
Things I learned from my mother
Things I left behind
My favorite restaurants
My favorite things to cook
What I do for fun
Reasons to break up
Things I will never do
Things I will always do
Things I overheard
If I were a boy
If I had superhero powers
If I could go back in time

Please, if you’ve got other list ideas, PLEASE comment and let me hear. And no, I won’t do a list of favorite seexual positions. I like it from behind. I like dirty talk. I like getting spanked. I have to be able to point my toes. See. It’s too short a list.



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