stone rose, bond st., suba

3 am is sometimes delicious. I began my evening seeing “Mean Girls” with Jen. We smuggled a bottle of Sancerre into the theatre and completed it with a vengeance, sitting Indian style in our jeans, no makeup. Girls night. We were gunna wrap and figure out peace in the middle east… uh, or talk about shoes. Same dif. We stumbled to Stone Rose (where I ran into a friend from Columbia University for the second random night in a row) in our heels for just another nightcap. Indeed. Then I spanglished out, as only I can, while Jen did the fluent, I’m way cool and lived in Chile stunt. Well done for a blonde. Well done, actually, for anyone. Then we unexpectedly headed to Bond Street for sudden sushi. Gotta love sudden sushi. Then to Suba for dancing and drinking… in part because I vetoed Pangea and Marquee. And, FYI, I’ll always veto clubs. But I knew the dude running Suba after bonding with him, okay after threatening him not to seat me beside “god you’re good looking, can I smell you?” dude from Suba in the Dark night. And our friends, apparently, “know the owner.” Then home to snuggle Linus and make out… with Linus. See, some things never change. God I love that kid… absurdly.



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