Embrace the gray

I have short nails because my fingers are always in my mouth. I had a boyfriend who once said, “A friend of mine told me that you should never date a woman whose nails are always manicured. She’s too high maintenance.” Notice he didn’t say it himself; he wasn’t putting any shirt in the game. He just wanted me to hear the point. I’ve got a lot right with me, but my nails aren’t a proud feature. I can live with this. Manicures never last on me more than two days. I tried a gel manicure a few times, and even as I type this, I wince over the thought of its removal. My nails become paper thin, to the point where they’re filing the remaining gel bits basically off my raw skin. It is unthinkable. Still, it never stops me from playing around with color, even if for only the two days. My nails are soft and bendable, like me.

Now that we’re turning a corner into Fall, I’ll soon be posting about my newest Fall purchases, because it’s not Fall without military greens, vampy nails, and school boy roll-neck sweaters. I’m even embracing the floral.



  1. I’ve tried to stop biting my nails so many times, you’d think that was a habit by itself!

    Clearly, you aren’t sweating it. The pedicure is more important anyway. :)

  2. Have you tried the next gen nails? Those are better for you than regular gel.

    Do you still live in Austin? I moved here from Dallas a year ago. Secretly hoping I run into you at a store or something lol.

  3. try the powder plus tips – i used to always peel/pick at the polish and never do now

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