Christmas Tree Themes

Tartan Ribbon coordinates with Gift Wrap

Is that a PICKLE on your tree, or are you just happy to see me?

Tartan Plaid Christmas Tree

I still plan to add cranberry picks throughout. It was unusual, this year, going for the blue gift wrap, but it was calling me, so I decided to use a blue plaid throughout the tree. I’ve also added feathers and antlers this year. Mostly the tree is a birds and woods winter theme. Abigail keeps moving ornaments around.

Now, what’s up with the pickle? I always feel weird saying this. When the kids go to sleep on Christmas Eve, Phil and I play “Hide the Pickle.” That is, I hide the pickle ornament somewhere in the tree. Come Christmas morning, the first child to find the pickle opens the first present. It’s a way to prolong the excitement. And I’m a huge lover of traditions. Hence the plaid. Growing up, my mother wrapped a wool tartan blanket around the tree. I will forever now love plaid.

Artificial Tree TWO WAYS

Tiffany Blue Christmas

Coordinated Gift Wrap

I feel like so much of the look of a tree isn’t actually about the tree but the things that surround it. It’s amazing what coordinating gift wrap can do to a room. Above are our trees over the years, each year I change it up a bit. The years with the big fat real trees look best, especially when sprayed with snow.

Red and White Christmas


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