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Summer is lemonade, awnings, and pedicures. It’s sand where there shouldn’t be sand. It’s freckles. A path beaten between bushes toward the beach. A tan that blooms after a shower. A sheet for a blanket, white pants, and pie. Every type of pie. I love pie.

Last night we went to our friends’ house and brought a dark cherry pie with a hint of almond and a fresh peach praline pie (If you have “The Fresh Market” near you, you MUST pick one up!). I chose not to eat either of them, but I smelled them as if I were blind and all my other senses were heightened. So much of taste is smell anyway. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

From an easy summer updo to rainbow cake to introducing the beans to Coney Island (where Lucas insisted we ride each amusement in the order in which it was built), the summer has just begun, and there’s lots to love.

Peel, carve quickie rose, spear onto a stick, eat that mango! #whole30 #paleo

Peel, carve quickie rose, spear onto a stick, eat that mango! Food on a stick in Coney Island #whole30 #paleo

The Language of Fraternal Twin Love

These are the days to remember – Fraternal Twin Love #siblings #marriagetraining

Coney Island

Coney Island Today #daytrip #nyc #nyhistory

Rainbow Cloud Cake #bridging #girlscouts

Rainbow Cloud Cake #bridging #girlscouts

Crispy chicken with creamy mushroom tarragon sauce #onepot #keto (can sub coconut milk/cream for heavy cream to make it #whole30 #paleo )

Crispy chicken with creamy mushroom tarragon sauce #onepot #keto (can sub coconut milk/cream for heavy cream to make it #whole30 #paleo )

curly hair updo with braids

When your hair is a total mess (day 3), make a braid on each side of your head. Take the rest of your hair and make a low bun. Weave the braids around or across the bun. Pin in place. Done. #naturallycurly #Updo

Green Stone Necklace



  1. You look great! Are you still sticking with the no sugar thing on a day to day basis or have you been able to incorporate a little more into your daily intake? Thinking about it myself…

    1. Author

      Thanks Meg! Yes, since January, I’ve been doing the minimal sugar (from berries) thing. I’m down 30 lbs. Now, to be honest, I have not been working out AT ALL. No gym, no exercise. A ton of walking in Japan, but otherwise, sedentary. Not good. So I still feel all flabby and hope it’s fat that I’ve been losing and not muscle again. I fear I’ve lost muscle because I haven’t been active at all. However, in terms of the diet itself, I’m in heaven. It’s awesome. I need that boundary of being able NOT to eat things. Because if I allow myself a little bit… it’s never a little bit.

      Though I do allow “cheat days,” maybe once every two weeks. This past July 4th, for example, I was at my father’s country club and indulged in: key lime pie, cheesecake, berries, and my own bowl (no, kids, get your own!) of vanilla bean ice cream. 3 desserts in one sitting. And you know what? I was all… that’s right. I’m eating 3 desserts. I’ve earned it. BACK OFF. And then, guess what? The next day and all the days to follow, not a drop of sugar. Just back to our regularly scheduled heavy cream, avocado, fat bomb life. Smoked salmon wrapped around herbed cream cheese, eggs, etc. I love it because it’s easy and because I have mostly stopped feeling deprived of sugar. I feel empowered!

      And if I crave sweets at night, I eat half a Lily’s bar with a cup of creamy caffeine-free tea. I am so much happier being able to fit into my clothes!

      You know how LONG it takes to get dressed when you feel “fat?” It’s not like you can just slip on jeans and tee and go. No. It’s a whole back fat through the bra band investigation in a makeshift double mirror, and just how dark is the shirt that’s meant to conceal the sagging cesarian section POUCH, and do these jeans zip? Yes, awesome, only that’s one large camel toe, dearest. Then you’ve gotta switch shirts again… the point is, it takes forever to “throw something on and go” when you aren’t at “your fighting weight.” I’m through with fighting with my wardrobe.

  2. Holy crap. I just sat up in bed reading your last paragraph. You triggered the pain point I’m experiencing–how long it takes to get dressed. Or how you limit yourself to just a few things. I’m right there, right now. Oof.

    First, congratulations, big time. You look amazing and sound so motivated and genuinely happy. That’s the best source of motivation! Second, I’m off to search your blog to find out more about your way of eating and if there are books/easy recipes, as I’m sure there are. Third, did you notice your heart pounding quite a bit after eating the 3 desserts? Wondering how your body reacted to the new sugar. Maybe it didn’t, though.

    Thanks for the spark of motivation you’ve given me, and thank you for taking the time to write such a fun response. It was a delight to read. xo

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