One-day New York Itinerary with Kids

An afternoon in the Bronx. Not the zoo but in the New York Botanical Gardens, followed up with dinner on Arthur Avenue. Weekends come and I sometimes want to be a tourist in my own city. This is one of my favorite, no-hassle, itineraries for a day in New York with kids. Let them run free and explore in the gardens, with hands-on painting and cooking demonstrations. Leave with a canvas of your own art and with recipes, seeds, and fresh basil! Then relax after all that exploration by taking a 5 minute drive to the famed Arthur Avenue, the Little Italy of the Bronx. Search menus on your phone and pick a place to eat. We chose Zero Otto Nove, where a cavernous space is hiding in the back of the restaurant, behind the bar entrance. A brick oven is at the center of it all, and the service is exceptional. An order of clams, a margarita pizza, homemade baked pasta and an order of Chicken Scarpariello: on the bone sautéed with white wine, lemon juice & rosemary. Good to go.

Teach your kids to garden!

Clearing Out For Guam - be unplanned, wunder, wander and play!

Clearing Out For Guam – be unplanned, wonder, wander and play!

Don't ever ask your kids to "say cheese."

Harvesting Basil : Pincher motor skills


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  1. The picture of Abigail on the bench with her legs crossed – gorgeous shot! That needs to be printed and framed…

  2. Wow! I can’t believe how much both of their faces have matured. Such good-looking kids! And I have to ask: where did you find those fabulous oversize shades that Abigail is wearing? I’ve never seen that style in a kid’s size before. I’m asking because I’m extremely tiny and have to wear kids-sized everything despite being 48 years old.

  3. My wife and I just moved out to Virginia from Illinois earlier this year. My kids have been bugging me to take them to New York since we got here because they want to see the Statue of Liberty. We have held off to this point because we’re still setting in. However, it is in the plans. How many days minimum should a person set aside to get a real good experience in the city?

    1. Author

      This is SUCH a hard thing to answer because it depends what you are interested in seeing. I will say this: I like the sightseeing bus tour. Even though I live in NY, I took that bus tour when I wanted to “be a tourist in your own city.” And what I loved about it is that it goes all throughout Manhattan, and you get off whenever you like, and stay in that area, say Chinatown, for as long as you please, then board another bus. They run in a big circle around the city and arrive maybe every 20 min. Loved that.

      Before you come, you need to make a list of all the areas you want to go. Personally, in terms of Lady Liberty, I think it’s best to see her from afar, from a ferry boat ride, where you get great views of the city. Visiting the actual Statue of Liberty is unpleasant, in my opinion. My kids were happier seeing it on a ferry ride to Governor’s Island. There are several different ferry lines. It also depends on the age of your kiddos, interms of what things should be on your hit-list.

      There are so many amazing things to do. I’m happy to make suggestions! Before I can say how many days, I’d say, how old are the kids, and what are you guys most interested in? Me? Anytime I’m in a new city, I’d say my favorite thing to do is see as many neighborhoods as I can. Eat “must-have” foods, like NY Pizza, Gray’s Papaya hot dogs, hit up Zabar’s and Eataly. Soho. Chinatown. Madison Avenue. Washington Square Park. Central Park. There’s so much. But the next question is what time of year?! Excited for you already!

      1. I have a 10 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. However, we probably won’t be able to make it up until next year so add that to the ages.

        I work with a guy from NYC and he said the same thing about the Statue of Liberty. He said it wasn’t really that great to view it up close so I will definately have to keep that in mind. And, I am all on board with the idea of hitting up the local food joints. I’m going to have to save this thread somewhere and reference back to it before we go.

        We most likely will make the trip in the summer unfortunately. I would prefer to go in the fall but our work schedule does not allow for too many trips after school starts. Thank you for the suggestions so far. I’m already planning things in my head.

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