Sneaky Sneaky Style: Where Do You Do It?

I rocked my sneaky sneaky style as recently as today. I can’t be caught watching Netflix when I’m supposed to be home writing, but you’d better believe that I keep that app on my phone, earbuds at the ready. Because I can’t be caught with the TV on, when I’ve banned TV in our house for the kids during the week. Do as I do, not as I say. Uh.

I’ve done it in the gym, who hasn’t? In the bathroom, obviously. Though no one suspects that I’m watching The Girl in the Book in the waiting room of the orthodontist. As my kids get braces for the very fist time, am I there to capture the moment with a camera and hold a hand? No. I’m in the waiting room with one earbud in, should someone call my name.

Sneakiest of all: watching when you’re at a family gathering. Some people use alcohol to cope with the holidays. I use Netflix and a smartphone with some headphones. Anti-social? Absolutely. But sometimes you just have to get through the moment without being provoked by a family member who wants to judge your parenting style.

Also, I fall asleep to Netflix, on my headphones whenever Phil is watching sports on TV. I want no part of that world, so I escape into my own.

What's the craziest place you've sneaked a peak?


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