Kyoto, Japan

This is an unstaged photo - Just everyday life in Kyoto, Japan

This is an unstaged photo – City life in Kyoto, Japan, near the Yasaka Shrine

Starbucks in Japan

What do people wear to YOUR Starbucks? Above, a customer at the Gion Starbucks on Shijo Dori (street)

Candy Show Time, Japan

Candy Showtime Kyoto Gion shop on Shijo Dori

Uniformed love for candy!

Students enjoy candy samples after viewing the “show.” At Candy Show Time, candy is made as customers watch the process.

Idumoya Restaurant, Gion, Japan

Above, Idumoya Restaurant, Gion, specializing in Unagi (freshwater eel)

Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto, JP

Yasaka Shrine, facing Shijo Dori

Yasaka Shrine, Japan

Yasaka Shrine

The patterns and textures of Japan…

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Botanical discoveries in Japan…

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Demachi Futaba is a Kyoto Wagashi store (Japanese sweets),  famed for its Mamemochi (a soft and chewy glutinous rice puck filled with a sweetened red bean paste and studded with actual small beans). Preservative-free, they’re best eaten the day of purchase, so they remain heavy and soft. All I know is, when I see a line, I get on it. These people know what they’re doing. I don’t. So, I’m gonna just go with it and order whatever they’re ordering. Or else I’d always wonder, “What did I just miss?” Ha. Look at Phil at the end of the line.

If you see a line, get on it.

The confections are made in this small back room, then passed to the workers who take orders from the never-ending line of customers. I know no Japanese, but my pointer finger is a fantastic translator.

Demachi Futaba, Japanese Sweets, Kyoto, JP

Demachi Futaba 236 Seiryucho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-0822, Kyoto Prefecture


Japanese Beauty Products…

Japanese eyelashes

Must-buy Beauty Items in Japan (and how to get them in the USA), post to come on my haul. Here’s just a sampling of the lash love seen at a pharmacy.

Japanese Stationery

Japanese Stationery stores, selling both watercolor and calligraphy brushes. My own personal joy. This display from the Kyukyodo store. 520 Shita Honnojimae-cho, Teramachi-dori Aneyakokoji-agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

Kibune, JP

Hirobun Restaurant, Kibune, Kyoto


Grind the toasted sesame seeds in a mortar - the first ingredient to the sauce for Tonkatsu (panko-fried pork cutlet)

Grind the toasted sesame seeds in a mortar – the first ingredient to the sauce for Tonkatsu (panko-fried pork cutlet)


More photos here: (click the photo) KYOTO

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  2. So nice to see you are taking photographs again. Really lovely pictures.

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