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My sister Lea and I like each other, especially when we’re nowhere near one another. When we’re together, we piss each other off most of the time, but our Switzerland is what to watch on TV. It was the same when we were younger; we always agreed, or rather, as the older sister by three and a half years, I always ruled, so I remember our always agreeing. Whereas my twins, they’re supposed to have their own language, but I’m fairly certain that “bickering” is the universal language of all siblings, regardless of age.

Netflix has now created playlists designed to satisfy siblings, whether they’re A Tale of Two Distant Ages—think 5-year-old and 13-year-old—or maybe one is sassy like my Abs Cadabs and one is sweet, like my Kind Sir: enter the Sugar and Spice playlist! Or have the kids check out the Meet In The Middle playlist, with titles that appeal to everyone.

A Tale of Two Distant Ages

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Sugar and Spice

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Meet in the Middle

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My “You will watch it because I liked it as a kid!” Playlist:
girls-just-want-to-have-fun bewitched teen-witch et-netflix batteries-not-included

Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Teen Witch
Batteries Not Included

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