Stop lashing out?

It’s all about the lash. My eyelash-extended friends swear that their lash extensions make their daily lives far prettier and so much easier, never having to deal with applying mascara, removing mascara, finding mascara. These loved ones have endured two-hour eyelash extension sessions, only to return 2-3 weeks later for a fill. Easier life?

I’m here to say, no surprise, that there’s nothing natural about them. Now, now, I know. If you find a skilled eyelash beautician, they’ll apply a feminine whisper, and you’ll leave with a feline flutter. The problem with this, like so many things: it’s never enough. If you opt for a “natural” lash application (~80 lashes per eye), you wonder if you’re getting your money’s worth and second-guess yourself as soon as you leave the salon. Because I’m going to shed some, and holy hell, I’d better stop being a stomach sleeper. So, you ask for more to compensate. Still natural, but more dramatic. ~100 lashes per eye. Then, you receive compliments, and it’s true love. Only when you return 3 weeks later, you’re suddenly the girl who wears red. You know, still natural but this time ‘awake yet sultry.’ But natural. ~120 lashes per eye. So, yeah, good luck not getting stabbed in those natural but dramatic eyes.

One could argue that if you wanted a natural look, you’d go sans makeup, and embrace the Tilda. Or, dare I say, add just a lick of clear or brown mascara. Hell, if you’d wanted natural, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. So, you own it without apology, leaving the salon, completely unaware that in lieu of vagina eyes, you now have giraffe eyes.

Or, you could choose to forgo the Snuffaluffagus look, and embrace the one night stand (the eyelashes you apply yourself) when, and only when, you want to look, well, glam. To do this, I rely on the following products:

Mac Eyelashes 7duo glue eyelash brush

MAC #7 Lashes with the Duo Glue that comes in a wand application.


Other products used to create this look:

MAC Powersurge Eye Kohl

Laura Mercier Silk Cream Foundation (Rose Ivory)

Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder (Real Sand)

Pretty Pink by Bobbi Brown is the BEST blush I own

Or, maybe I’ll just have to book myself an eyelash extension appointment and see how they change my life.
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  1. Thank you so much for the break down of beauty products! I have been trying to put on false lashes for about a month, 45 year old lash virgin here, no luck, I just end up ruining my makeup.
    I know some think it is controversial but I love Latisse, haven’t used it in about a year, thinking about starting again. No weird staining, eye changing color or anything else, after about 8 weeks I have to stop applying as directed because my lashes are so long, then its just maintenance 1x a week.
    One last request? What color is your lip color?

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