the emmy’s are killing me

All decked out in my pajamas and pearls, yet I nearly skipped the Emmy awards this year because I’m obsessed with watching the Netflix Original Series The Killing. Sometimes I get into a TV-rut, and I’m hungry for some new meat. Phil said The Killing was killing him with how boring it was in the first 2 episodes, whereas I was all paws on. Finally, a show where I don’t immediately know exactly who did it. And with 4 seasons to binge, I’m good to go to the gym and binge on myPod.

project mc2

Abigail is deeply impressed with the fact that there are “Dolls, mom, actual dolls, already! Their people are good!” She’s speaking about the Netflix series Project MC2 (MC squared). She’s watched the 3 episodes currently available (a second season is coming), and yet her Project MC2 doll has taken in a bit more territory. The dolls and show have inspired Abigail to do science experiments (see below). We even used her earned “Good Behavior Points” to visit Liberty Science Center, where she brought her doll along for the ride. I just love that there’s finally a show that promotes the idea that smart girls are cool and rule in math and science.

Amazingly, as a child I never once made a volcano eruption. I dissected an owl pellet, recreating the skeleton of a field mouse, but the volcano, I’ve never done. Unsure of what would happen when my beans, and their friends, wanted to do a science experiment, I emphasized “safety eyes, so you don’t end up with crazy eyes.” This explains the swim goggles at night.


safety eyes


safety eyes


  1. Every couple of weeks, I pour some baking soda in both sides of the kitchen sink. Add some vinegar and you have a volcano that cleans and deodorizes. I let it bubble up and sit for awhile before rinsing. She’ll be wanting to clean up for you all the time after that! :)

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