school of rock

It’s the first day of September, and it might as well be New Year’s Eve, with less black. I have a stack of resolutions I’m determined to keep, now that my beans are back at school. Re-starting some forgotten habits, getting into good routines. Fresh start. A bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils!

Posting the everyday, even when nothing happens. Even if it’s a photo. Something! Make a record of my life, worth remembering. I realized today that if I’d done this over the summer, I’d be able to scroll and see exactly where the summer went. So, I’m doing it.

Dinner. Oh, dear. I need to be better about doing most of my shopping on a Saturday, cleaning and prepping all the veggies and fruits, cooking at least one soup entree meal on a Sunday, to be enjoyed on a Wednesday. Taco Tuesdays. No more manic Monday? I have friends trying Blue Apron. It’s just so much to always be thinking about dinner, because we eat dinner at the table together about 4x per week. If anyone knows a solution, buying in bulk at the beginning of the week with 3 nights pre-planned? Help.

Gymnasium. I need to go say Hi without the kids.

Doctor appointments. FOR ME! I’m always going with everyone else. But my recent urine lab results came back ABNORMAL. Time to go repeat the test and book it to a new dermatologist who accepts our insurance. Mole check time. Joy. Dentist visit might be advisable, now that my teeth resemble the color of grass-fed butter.

Homework habits. We’re actually really good about doing homework after snack. They work independently in separate rooms, or else there’s too much yelling… from me!

grade 3, for my favorite 2 Quite possibly the most rushed 1st day photo to date. Look and run!

Today was the first day of third grade at a brand new school, on a brand new bus, and with a lot of new smiling faces! Abigail doesn’t know a single person in her class, and Lucas is pretty much in the same boat. But, we really aren’t worried. They’ll make new friends a lot faster than I will. It takes a long time for grown ups! But, I’ll make the effort.

And, we have our first Girl Scout meeting this Thursday! Only, I hadn’t planned on meeting until next week, so I now need to whip up some hands on activities and ice breakers, parent sign up sheets, and pick my way through the calendar hoping to finalize a meeting schedule. I nearly forgot just how much work goes into being a leader. Nearly.