clothing color capsule

Aside from black and a touch of gray, these are pretty much the only colors I wear. I know a scant touch of cream, and seriously milky coffee are also missing from this color capsule. In making one, I realize that I don’t own enough espresso tops, or plummy violet. I look best in saturated colors that pop. When I shop, I lean toward navy over black or gray. When you take an inventory of your closet, as I have, it makes it easier to realize where you might be lacking. I don’t wear orange or yellow or red, though vibrant apple green makes an appearance in my accessories. My “warm” color is camel, used sparingly. I believe I could just be in the market for a red top to mix things up.

clothing color palette

Today I turned my summer closet into fall. I was motivated by Lucas’s homework assignment:

The answer is, “autumn.” Write eight different questions.

  1. Which season smells like cinnamon?
  2. In which season do we cup mugs full of cider?
  3. What time of year do moms eat all the leftover Halloween candy?
  4. The only time of year when the departure of green leaves and flowers arrives too quickly.
  5. In this season, pinky corals trade places with rusts and oranges. People wear orange without apology.
  6. It’s when we hollow out gourds and search for new pumpkin recipes.
  7. The puffer vest shows up on soccer sidelines during this time of year.
  8. In this season, people shop as if they’ve never experienced this season before. This actually goes for all seasons, so here’s one more.
  9. Darker lips, darker nails, darker moods. Oxblood, wine, military greens, socks.

My next step is to create my own personal fall color palette, of the colors I already own, making dressing all the more mindless. The other day, for example, I pulled out a pair of oxbloody/wine skinny cargo pants. Okay, now, how should I color block this? There are plenty of options, of course, but what’s the one I like best? I opted for a thin v-neck swing sweater, pale gray, with a pale gray heel, snakeskin bag and chunky bold necklace. What else works best with wine? Hot pink. But not everyone can pull that off. And hot pink doesn’t quite scream “autumn.” Pale blue works. Sure, a rose gold works with burgundy, paired with a soft pink, blush. But they’re all soft colors up top. I’m feeling more daring this year. Most of the muted tones of fall, fall flat on me. I need saturation to look and feel alive! Sage and mustard are my arch enemies. How do you transition to fall, color wise?

Ralph Lauren 2015 Fall

Notice the way the warms don’t mean drab? THIS is my color profile/style. No, I’d never wear those hideous shoes.



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