Wild Kitty A mama cat was on our back deck this morning, with five kittens orbiting her like an atom. I called Abigail, so she could join me in the kitchen to watch. She wants to be a singing veterinarian when she grows up. We pressed ourselves to the sliding glass doors, as the mama cat turned to stone, a menacing gargoyle. Abigail called for Lucas, and the two threaded the deck stairs, hoping to be surrogate parents. Predictably, the cat darted across the lawn into a bush, with only one of her kittens hopping after her. The other four kitties clawed their way under our deck, like lost meatballs who’d rolled off the table and onto the floor. Despite the bowl of milk they offered in peace, my beans were still abductors. Freshly laundered children, damp from sleep, a tangle of hair, new freckles, curious eyes and clumsy hands were would-be kitnappers.

Found Kittens “Why won’t they come back?”
“Because you’re the enemy,” I said. “A beautiful and inquisitive enemy.”
“But, Mama, I really want them to come back.”

I told my kitten to appreciate this early morning gift, just as it was. To be thankful for the experience and to relish the memory by writing it down. She took a moment to consider this before responding, “You just want me to do work.”

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  1. So cute! If they stick around, maybe you can contact someone who does trap neuter return in the area so they can be fixed and some of the kittens adopted.

    1. Author

      Okay, I will look into this. I’ve tried calling a few no-kill shelters, and they have enormous wait lists for kittens! When I searched for TNR, I only find videos on how to do it. I need someone who does it for us, I think. No way am I capturing that mama. We don’t even like the Musical Cats, never mind an actual one. But Abigail is a lover of all animals. Phil is wildly allergic, so it’s not an option to keep ’em.

      1. Did you try to google TNR and the name of your city? Or Alley Cat Allies? That might bring up some groups that will come and set/take the traps. Or maybe check with the local humane society, and see if they have an idea. Good luck!

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