black friday on thursday

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Worth Buying

At a recent life-changing meal at Atera, we were served cocktails with these metal straw spoons. Forget for a moment that they’re good for the environment (I always do), the mouth-feel experience heightens the enjoyment of any drink. If you’re irritated by the mealy soft straw effect of cool looking paper straws, as deeply as I, or if you want to just serve a rockstar memorable cocktail, go for these. Perfect gift for the foodie who has everything! I just bought ’em, so no one gift ’em to me.

I’ve tried Burt and his Bees’ Wax, tried Blistex Deep Renewal, Aquaphor, Jack Black Epic Moisture (which I love for my face, particularly peeling eyelids), but nothing has worked to cure cracked peeling lips, particularly around the edges. I hear this stuff is the real deal. I went for it.

Because it’s just about time I have one, so I can make Zucchini Linguine in lieu of actual linguine. This makes zucchini noodles, etc. Perfect for cutting down on the carbs in the new year.

No matter how much time goes by, reliably this is the single eyelash curler that everyone raves about. On and on they go about these. So, I need to try it, see if it really is better than the Laura Mercier curler that I have (which works 100%, intense curl to my lashes). Could have found it cheaper here, I just realized.

Yes, I needed a refill. Had this been edible, I would’ve licked the bowl, that’s how good this stuff is. True love (also really crazy about their C E Ferulic, but I don’t need a refill quite yet – getting there though)!

For removing makeup, particularly waterproof mascara! I’ve tried Make Up For Ever Sens’Eyes, but it stings my eyes like an insensitive bastard. Everyone swears by this Bioderma stuff, so I’m jumping on.

* * * CAPTION THIS * * *

While I may not be an amazonian beauty (freckles anyone?), I am an unapologetic amazon prime girl (thank you free 2-day shipping on every order, and tons of movies to stream – different movies than Netflix). As I clicked my way through my must-have list, loading my cart, I couldn’t help but click on the Black Friday preview box. I near shat myself when I saw this 2-in-1 iPotty Activity Seat:

iPotty, iPoop: Caption this photo!

Ranked #1 for making #2

There have got to be some ripe captions for this iPoop image.

PHIL’S CAPTION: iPlop (with wipe screen)

I guess it’s not the easiest photo to caption, then, huh? I guess I’m the only one who finds this image disturbing. Imagine, as kids if we were given a glimpse into the future, and we saw this as a possibility? Never mind. I’ll go eat worms now.

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  1. I find this deeply disturbing. I just can’t think of a wittier caption than Phil’s!

  2. I think I saw this mentioned somewhere before and I was hoping it wasn’t true! I don’t think things like this should go into a bathroom with you.. Books, magazines, ipads, etc.

    I already see so many babies and young children whining and crying for iphones and ipads.. I’m sure they’d love having it to use in there, but I just find it creepy. Especially since there is a camera on there too! It’s a crazy world we live in.

    I would call it… HelpMePooPad. Haha, I really don’t know!

  3. Bioderma Crealine is amazing. It’s better at removing my non-waterproof mascara than waterproof, but is my favorite makeup remover ever. It doesn’t sting at all, and when I’m really tired at night, I just swipe it over my face with some cotton pads and go to sleep. Totally non-irritating!

  4. I *think* (hope!) I’m misreading your first sentence. You rewarded yourself today for (finally) having (finished) potty training your 6-year-olds? Or you rewarded yourself for having potty-trained those 6-year-olds a few years ago and now they’re grown up and potty trained?

    Sorry I’m confused! But curious too. :-)

    1. Author

      Yes, I was being ironic. Poorly I guess. As in, uh yeah I want to shop. Hey! I know! I’ll reward myself for something I did (they did) several years ago!

  5. I didn’t realize one could still buy the Shu Uemura Eyelash curlers online or anywhere else. I had used them for years and when I found out several years ago that they would not be carried in the states any longer, I bought 6 of them. I have since started using the Lancome one that supposedly is exactly like the Shu Uemura. What is your favorite under eye cream BTW? Happy Thanksgiving from rainy, cold Austin!

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