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Michelle Coursey—an extraordinary celebrity, editorial, and fashion makeup artist, who once upon a magazine article, did my makeup—is a facebook friend of mine. I’m always eager to read her posts for product recommendations, and lately I’ve enjoyed her coverage of the looks she’s been creating backstage at Mercedes-Benz Spring/Summer 2014 Collections Fashion Week. Thought I’d share her shares:


There were two looks at the Tocca SS 2014 Collection show: the first, silver creme shadow followed by silver glitter and one crystal on the inner corner of the eye, with a bare face. The second look was a soft pink creme shadow around the eye topped with glitter, paired with pink cheeks and lips.


Yigal Azourel, keyed by the awesomely talented Lucia Pica using Kevyn Aucoin cosmetics. Clean, dewy skin, strong brushed up brows, flushed cheeks and gloss on the lids.

Awesome healthy glow: That’s right, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (fragrance free, $15)


Suno, keyed by the adorable Alice Lane and sponsored by Maybelline. The simplest makeup yet; super beautiful clean skin, highlighted and perfected with shine on the lids, brows and lips. A flush to the cheeks completes the look.


Tess Giberson, keyed by the legendary Dick Page. Clean skin, dark blue liner close to the top and bottom lash lines, a glossy lid and lip gloss used as blush, applied in a chevron shape to the cheeks. Natural lipstick pressed into the lips.


Also lead by Dick Page [Artistic Director for Shiseido Makeup]. First matte face of the season! Sunburned cheeks, reverse raccoon effect done on eyes with Yuba creme shadow and natural gloss.

Total aside, but I also wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks to Leigha Smith, one of my most favorite people in the world, my stylist and friend, without whom I’d likely never leave the house. Shocking that she lives in LA, and yet still, it is her genius that sees me through the door, across the country, even years after an initial purchase. And yes, she endures a lot of my dressing room video footage via cell phone, so she deserves the accolades.

Last night at Ricardo Seco’s SS 2014 Collection show with my gorgeous friend Darlene (what I wouldn’t give for those arms! Well, I wouldn’t give up carbs or sugar, so I don’t deserve them).



  1. Stephanie, long time reader and first time commenter….why are you posting this? i’ve been a huge fan because i could always relate or understand your writing to a deeper level and now you seem to be just turning into another fluff writer. the way you shared your life and feelings in the past always struck a chord with me and i think, has kept your readers coming back. i look forward to reading more of those posts from you. if i wanted backstage interviews from fashion week, i would go somewhere else. you were always the go-to for a thoughtful read and the feeling of “she gets it”.

    hope this isn’t taken the wrong way, just a huge fan looking forward to better content.

    1. Author

      I hear you, lady. My hormones are ghastly. I’m trying to keep positive. I have a lot of fear going on regarding my worthiness and relevancy… about which you’ve inspired me to write. I have a lot of deeper things about which to write, some of that writing is still in its infancy, notes scribbled. I’m anxious about my daughter’s new teacher. Maybe I’ll just say fcuk it, and post it, and hope there’s no backlash. Thanks for chiming in and sticking with me through the unsticky content. xo

  2. I’m here for you too, friend. Waiting with worms on my breath (baited breath). You’ve inspired lots of interesting conversations, debates, writings, introspective thoughts, and I miss them. Looking forward to the latest. (Sorry about the hormones.)

  3. Long time reader, first time commenter as well. I am just wondering – is this your job now? I thought you were writing a book and developing a TV series? No pressure to answer – this just seems like a strange departure/confused about the career your readers have been eagerly cheering from the sidelines. Whatever it is, hope you are happy.

  4. Long time reader here too – and I love this stuff. It’s part of you – sharing your passion for fashion and beauty. Love to you and hope that you continue to share the good and bad.

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