Hurricane Ass



  1. Are you referring to the post called missed opportunities? If so, i dont remember you ever having “comments” for it – i thought it was posted “comments off” the whole week- you said you didnt receive any “negative comments”………… that because they were off? ha

  2. Apology accepted. I suspect I was not the only one to call you out on your “poor me, so bored” post.
    I will start with helping YOU today:
    1) WTF is with your eyebrows. Please start to get a more natural look going, unless you are planning to join a circus.
    2) Cut your hair.

    1. Im sure you look quite glam 24/7. Pick up Vogue or any other fashion mag- you might be enlightened as to what is actually fashionable. She looks gorgeous, as always!

    2. I didn’t read the post she is referring to, but it must have been pretty self absorbed is she did this apology video.

      I was thinking the same EXACT thing about Stephanie’s opera-like eyebrows, hair that’s way too long for her age and those highlights which are so Jersey Shore. I’m sure she paid a lot for them but they look tacky.

    3. okay I just accidentally “voted up” on this super rude post. sorry SK! immediately “voted down” instead. better get my act together on this voting business before the election tomorrow :)


  3. Personally, I thought the primary purpose of a blog was to write about one’s life and experiences, so when I read your previous post about the hurricane it never occurred to me that you were being self absorbed. As the world of bloggers has become bigger and a money maker for some (not saying that it is or isn’t for you) it seems to me that people have raised their expectations of bloggers and expect them to be some kind of role model or social conscious for their readers. It may just be me, but a blogger should not ever have to apologize for anything they write. If their readers don’t like what they read they don’t have to read the blog.

  4. I could totally relate to the first post, having gone through at least three hurricanes in the mid-atlantic and being without power. Though through Isabelle, I spent the whole time bailing the basement so wished for boredom. Haha. Last year we lost power, but the new battery backups on the sumps worked. So boredom set in. And frustration at not being able to cook. And then we got together with family nearby to weather the power outage and share the hunt for ice. I totally get both posts. When you are cut off from everything, you can’t know how bad it is elsewhere. And then when you find out, the reaction is to realize the first one wasn’t the best and then you go in and see what you can do to help.

    And I’m glad to hear you and the family made it through okay. And totally unrelated, I love the makeup!

  5. I actually had the same thought – I am so bored and so cold, this sucks. And then felt like a total jerk for even thinking it.

  6. So you are supposedly apologizing for sounding selfish about posting that you were bored in comparison to others who have lost so much, but then you go on and on about your awful experience without power or 5 days, seriously??

  7. I just went back to see the post that she was talking about and I can see why she posted this video apology. Typical self absorbed Stephanie. The comments are closed, but I’m sure there were a few good ones calling her out, as opposed to the sheep who nod in agreement.

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