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When I’m depressed, I bake. I used to hate people who baked. No, not hate. I just thought very, very little of them. Inventive pastry chefs aside, most bakers follow, they don’t lead. Bakers, I was sure, lacked passion, were too neat and exacting, leveling powder in a measured cup. Yawn. Since discovering the Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale, I’ve changed my mind. And my life.  I now bake because there’s no leveling or measuring. Now, there’s dumping. It couldn’t be easier, or more precise than to bake by weight.

Some people don’t like to bake in summer, putting on the oven in 102 degree heat. I’m not one of those people. With crunchy cold cherries and the season’s white powdery blueberries at the ready, some bakin’ is goin’ on in here! Only aside from my Blueberry Nectarine Buckle, I’m not sure what to bake. I’m on the hunt for something I’ll love as much as that buckle, breaking out my cookbooks, wondering what they say about me now. Any ideas or favorites for summer bake lovin’, please share.

Blueberry buckle


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      I just made some ooey gooey blueberry recipe I found there, and I’m sad, so sad, to report that it is basically inedible. Way too sweet, to the point where I wouldn’t serve this… to anyone. It tastes like that momofuku crack pie, only with lemon zest and blueberries, neither of which cut the sweetness. But, I won’t give up. I actually found some fantastic cookbooks at Kitchen Arts & Letters (a bookstore made up of cookbooks!) I’m featuring these finds on the sidebar of this site under “MY WISH LIST” Really unusual flavor combinations!

  1. Deb of Smitten Kitchen fame has some fantastic fruit laden desserts. I just made the Cherry Brown Butter Bars — utterly fantastic.

  2. I looooove baking. I really got into it this winter when I wanted to warm up the house. Plus, I just how the smell of something baking permeated the entire house.

    My two favorite sites are:

    I especially recommend Smitten’s rhubarb muffin recipe! I love waking up and having something freshly based with my tea.

  3. I bake when I’m happy! I am a fan of Smitten Kitchen, too, and made this Blueberry Boy Bait last week– it was quite good.

    I have to tell you, I was one of many inspired by your Weight Watchers weight loss and I have lost just over 30 pounds this past year with WW… yet still make room for some baked goods.

  4. I second Smitten Kitchen – the summer strawberry cake is amazing. I just made it last week, it was so easy but truly irresistible.

  5. In the summer I can’t get enough of lemony pound or bundt cakes with whipped topping or decadent icings. Topped with fruit, this is a top summer dessert.

    Good luck!

  6. I can’t remember where I found it. Saveur, maybe? I’m sure a google search will turn it up. Cheesecake with balsamic macerated strawberries. Have to break out the good vinegar, but it’s just so so worth it. Even on ice cream.

  7. oh man, love crack pie. I see why they sell it by little bars though. I bought the whole pie once and it was just way too much sweetness.

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