take nothing personally, except for this

A few months ago, I wrote about tequila friends. The words that hadn’t made it past my edits went like this:

If we don’t make time for it today, then it’s really not all that important to us. And “it” includes people, too.

I wrote about a double-booking I made, promising to be in two places at once, and I was surprised to find friendship so quickly. Below is what I had not posted:

There was no ego at the table, no judgment (though I was a wee bit guilty, jumping in with some unsolicited “Don’t turn yo’ boy into no mama’s boy” advice), just a give and take of stories from the heart and hurt of us. Goose bumps, some choked back tears. They were the kinds of stories ABC contestants hold back until the penultimate Bachelor episode, for the big reveal, and what will his reaction be? And I knew it then, that I liked these women because they were at ease sharing their hard.

Confession, like tequila, breads intimacy. Want to make closer friends? Put yourself in situations where you get that close one on one time, in a walk around the lake, after a movie, walking to your cars in a quiet parking lot, or in a restaurant where you can hear each other, but can also laugh your tits off without caring if you’re disturbing other diners. Though, falling tits, in general, are gonna be disturbing.

I include these cuts here because I now realize their gravity–how fitting they are to this newest endship development, whose story goes something like this:

Once upon a time. Maybe I should save this story for my book. Ooh, isn’t that an evil tease? Evil is in good company then because this story here is evil. I’m so appalled by some people, and yet, so delighted by others. There truly are 31 flavors for a reason. Speaking of which, I’m totally hitting up Baskin’ Robbins later.

Also, I am not that evil. I will post the full story once I’ve figured out exactly how to tell it.



  1. Breeds intimacy, not ‘breeds’. Typo i know.

    This sounds interesting and I cannot wait to hear the actual story!! Do not wait too long to post if possible:)

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