makeup favorites for making out: a video

Okay, not for making out. But I feel very sexy when I’m able to apply makeup, when my makeup is organized and duplicated between cars, so I’m never all, “Shit, it’s in the other car!” These are my some of my favorites. I filmed myself for close to twenty minutes, mind you. But, no, this video is NOT 20 minutes. Also, Phil gets an extras credit.



  1. So this video we don’t get to see your tits. Instead you have your engagement ring on feature.

    Duh.. we are not stupid Stephanie, you are obviously feeling very low and desperate these days.

    Move on and out if you must. Just feel better.

  2. Where are you going with your ‘brand’? I know the blog is anything goes, tips and products reminds me of those
    You Tube ‘haul’ channels. Are you writing another book? What happened to your screenwriting/tv possibilities? I ask only b.c these things can take time (esp. tv stuff) to happen. Honestly your makeup is ‘nice’ in that it looks like it took time to apply, but it’s like that adage with accessories. Look in the mirror before you leave home and the first thing that jumps out at you- remove it. The makeup is too much. Heavy eye makeup is more for a twenties crowd, mid thirties you wear less because it can look too ‘hard’. You are mid thirties but still use ‘suck ass’ and ‘psyche’ and silly slang (in this video but also in your writing) which detracts overall. If you are reworking your brand this is something to consider.

    1. I don’t think being in your 30’s means you have to drop the slang you grew up with. People in their 60’s say “cool” and “that’s a drag” and “far out” so why can’t those of us in our 30’s say “psyche?” I’m an English professor and I use those phrases all the time (and, God forbid, I curse in class because there are rhetorical situations in which cursing is effective). My students don’t think less of me for it, rather they find me more relatable and human. Why put on airs?

  3. love this makeup advice! but if you mention the colors (that big bank of eye shadows you have) don’t forget to tell the brand of all of them. keep it comin’!

  4. You should do one where you actually show yourself putting on the eye makeup. I am clueless about application…

  5. All of you people who say you are clueless about makeup has tons of amazing tutorials. Google smoky eye, whatever you want and it’s there. A lot of people do this and it’s easy when you see it done. Or makeup counters if you can deal with pressure to buy.

  6. I for one loved this post, and the hair post. I watch lots of makeup vids on youtube so this was right up my alley. When Stephanie posted her “Cranberry Smut” pics I actually wrote and requested info on how to apply so I imagine others must have requested the same. Thank you Stephanie.

  7. Do you always do your makeup in the car? I’m impressed if you do, because the application is so perfect! I would wind up looking like a clown if I tried to apply mine in the car!

  8. I agree with the comments about Stephanie seeming desparate. The slang has always been part of her trying to be edgy – only lately she just seems pathetic. And the ‘screenwriting/tv deals’ – ha, never gonna happen.

    I am just surprised that Dooce seems to be headed for divorce before Stephanie.

    Lastly – PLEASE coach your daughter not to have that awful JAPy, NY accent. She is developing one, but please nip that in the bud.

  9. I rarely comment, but I have to say this: WOW, you people are mean! Why do you even read someone who youare only hoping to tear down? It’s a fairly new year, let’s star spreading the love and tolerance. If you don’t like what you see/read, then don’t visit the site. It’s what i would do instead of leaving nasty comments. especially comments about the kids – uncalled for.

    1. I was not being mean to her daughter, but I do think she is developing an accent that one might not want and it is up to her mother to correct. Has no bearing on Abigail – she is a child.

  10. Lighten up, Francis!

    I feel like I have to leave a comment & give a little support to Stephanie. I like this post, I like the video, it’s fun. I don’t want to wade through a ton of U-tube makeup videos hoping to find a decent one, she shared the products she’s liking & using these days. She’s got a pretty look and nice makeup; so here’s a quick trip through her makeup bag. I second the request that the next vid show application!

    Go hate somewhere else or stay in the shadows.

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