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This room used to be a media room (earlier photos on Flickr), complete with wall-to-wall floor to ceiling velvet black-out curtains and electric reclining seats. Basically a man cave with surround sound and room for wii fit-throwing. But with a full bathroom en suite and an enormous walk-in closet, we decided for staging purposes to convert the room to another bedroom, with an agent left to speak to the possibilities of the room’s functions. We’d rather buyers see the diversity and also see the house as a true four bedroom (which it is), than see it as a three bedroom home with an office, living room, dining room, game room, and media room. We will, however, be taking the enormous television with us to Florida, clearing out the focal point of the room. In place of the TV, I’m adding an armoir, but I still don’t think it’s much of a focal point. What, if anything, would you do?

media room converted
Media room converted into fourth bedroom

Those orange wires hanging from the wall… what would you do there? They are surround sound wires that connect to the outdoor living room, allowing the outdoor living space to flood with quality sound, controlled via remote from outdoors. We can of course remove the wires, but then the new owners will lose out on the outdoor sound system. We had these wires covered with floor to ceiling curtains.

And please don’t say, “add window treatments,” because we purposefully removed them to give the room cleaner lines and tons of bright light. Again, the TV, its stand, and the floor speakers will not be in the room once the house is on the market.

media room converted2
media convert3
Above: View from Bathroom (also outfitted in same blue and white color scheme)


  1. Hi there. Two suggestions. First, move the sofa away from the foot of the bed and put it against the wall where the TV is or else out of the room. The white table should be moved as well since your goal is to make the room look as big and uncluttered as possible. Perhaps you can move the sofa to where the TV is and put the coffee table in front of it to make a seating area over there.

  2. love the windows without treatments, bed looks lovely. i find the sofa placement odd, especially when the TV is removed, who would want to sit down and stare at an armoir? have you thought of placing the sofa on the wall rather than at the foot of the bed?

    also, in terms of a TV replacement, a large mirror would reflect the light from the windows nicely, opening the space up A LOT. something ornate (a star-burst mirror maybe?)

    as for the wires, purchase paintable molding from a home improvement store, it’s meant to cover wires, and paint it the same color as the walls, it becomes nearly unnoticeable (we were forced to do this with our TV wires because our house is quite old and it was the only way to make the wall mount work).

    hope that helps!

  3. I think a striking piece of art would be lovely in that room. Something to make it look less sterile (could be the lighting, but there’s not a lot of color or warmth to the room). A mirror would work,too, but you don’t need to make the room seem larger, so I would go with a large kick ass photograph of Austin or some sort of colorful city scene (maybe something from NYC). Or, if you don’t want to do one large piece, try several medium pieces.

  4. Agree with Nicole–definitely move the couch from the foot of the bed; it’s not the right height and it makes the bed look sloppy. Not sure if you should put it where the TV is right now or not–see how it looks.

    I’d suggest buying one of those wall-sized screen prints from IKEA to (help) mask the orange wires. Here’s an example ( It also gives the feeling of an extra window. Then put a small bookshelf (white) underneath the print, mostly empty with a few accessories.

    Then, on the wall where you have the keyboard and chair, I’d suggest full-length mirror propped up against the wall. Here’s another example (

    I swear I’m not a shill for IKEA, they just make cheap stuff good for staging.

  5. Is it possible to put a connector of some sort in the wires (sort of like a coupler or female/male wiring setup)? At the top of the wall (near ceiling), there would be a stub (wire end) with a connector. The new owner could connect a speaker wire to the stub w/connector. I suspect there would be a little sound degredation from not having one continuous wire from amp to speaker, but I suspect only the most discerning ears would have an issue. (I’m not much of an electronics person, but this idea might have possibilities.)

    Personally, I like the bench and table at the end of bed. I was viewing the room as a guest room and I like the idea of a little oasis in a guest room. Could just as easily put the bench against the wall where you were planning to put an armoire. Thus leaving even more open space in the room.

  6. I am with the commenters who don’t like the little settee at the foot of the bed. It looks odd. I also think the little keyboard and chair look messy. How about creating a sitting area where the TV is, with that settee on the wall, the low table in front of it and a standing lamp by the stettee to make it clear it’s a reading area. Add a throw and an open hardcover book face down to hold the page, maybe your pitcher of iced tea or lemonade or water with lemon slices in it and a drinking glass on the table – just for open house of course. I’d skip the dark metal holder you have it in now – it’s visually cluttery. The throw on the settee should be a color to tie in with the bed linens, as the brown really doesn’t. Maybe a framed photo on the wall above the settee.

    I’d skip the armoire because they have a tendency to make rooms look small. If you must find a place for the armoire, the corner between the keyboard and the tv would be best, and the settee next to it.

  7. I’d move the bench and then fit some kind of loose slipcover over white. Good move to make this space into a bedroom. I’d remove the throw rug, too..perhaps it fits in the bathroom?

  8. Definitely separate the room into two areas – one the bed with tables – move the sofa and table to where the TV was. Lose any additional items. Remove the piano on the stand and anything that says “previously a media room” like the item on the coffee table. Do you need that black cap-like like on the wall?

  9. feung shiu all the way…flip the tv and the bed. when you walk into a room, the bed would be a better first site. That should also give you more room on the wall (where bed is now) to put together a little catty corner sette. obviously did not use spell check! hugs.

    1. Author

      Is it not weird, though, to enter the home, and then, when you look left, there’s a bedroom, and if the bedroom door is open, you will see the side of the bed? I think that’s very weird. Your first view of the room is the side of a bed. I’d rather it be the side of a sofa.

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