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Cheese Buffet
Cheese Buffet
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  1. Looking gorgeous as always… and as a fellow lover of cookbooks, your collection has me green with envy!

    1. Author

      Thanks. I weighed in today, down another 1.4 this week. Making that down 17.8 lbs. total… and that’s after eating fried pickles and wine last night at Alamo Drafthouse. Love my fried pickles–and yes, I ate the entire tub of ranch dressing with em.

  2. You are a testament to Weight Watchers. When I pop out this 2nd baby in June I think I’m going to join. You do look younger and very happy.

  3. How in the world did you count points for fried pickles and still lose weight?

    1. Author

      Because if you count points, you can eat anything. I didn’t count points today, but I should have.
      Today: 6oz fage yogurt, high-protein granola, 2 rice krispies treats (recipe says makes 24, but it made 20), 1/3 Kashi pizza, steamed broccoli. That’s my day so far.

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