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Week 3 on Weight Watchers new Points Plus plan, and I’m down 12.4 lbs. Yes, their scales are baking recipe accurate—2 cups plus 1 teaspoon? Really?—down to two tenths of a pound. I still have 13 more lbs. to go, and would love to say toodle-oo to said poundage by Mother’s Day, May 8, 2011. When I achieve this goal, that Tiffany’s charm bracelet I’ve been wanting for many years will be mine (though I wouldn’t wear it—or a bra—to weigh-ins).

I was off the deep end for a while there. I’d dart off to Barnes & Noble to work in their cafe, and would you look at that? A Godiva display. Yes, please.

I ate an entire box of truffles (That would be sixteen balls in two sittings). In my car. Equal parts animal and daytime television for women. Worse, the next day I hit up the Halloween candy and hid the wrappers, pushing them under a carton of eggs in our garbage. Move over Skinny Bitch; make room for Sneaky Psycho. I had to do something.

Something was Weight Watchers, as soon as I learned from my sister Lea that I could eat all the fruit I wanted (until sated), including mangoes, pineapple, and bananas, and that none of it needed to be measured or counted. I always found it ironic that Weight Watchers has the same initials as World Wrestling. Or did before the World Wilderness Federation sued those shit-slinging apes. Right, my point: I never believed WW was a weight-loss plan. Come on, an average loss of 2 lbs. a week? That sounds like a plan for the obese. No way would this slow-and-steady plan work for someone with less to lose, someone who’s been avoiding carbs and South Beaching her way through lean proteins. Because who could lose weight when going from egg whites to meringue? That’s exactly how I saw it. South Beach Diet = egg whites. Weight Watchers = meringue. My body would never give up excess weight on (planned for, accounted for) cupcakes and cheesecake.

Basically, I’ve always thought of Weight Watchers as a maintenance plan—a great way to live after you whip-stitch your way through a shame blanket of lard. But, I was wrong.

In the past three weeks, I’ve had cheesecake, goblets of wine, blackberries, raspberries, New York Strip and Ribeye from Ruth Chris (disappointing), creme brulee, coconut sticky rice with mangoes, margaritas (normal ones, not skinny). Blinis, creme fraiche and caviar. And while I’d intended to exercise, I haven’t yet. I don’t want to mislead. It’s not like I binged non-stop, but I had what I wanted to have, making room for all the want in my life, which is a whole shitpile of happy points.

Most importantly, there’s no more Phil saying things like, “Oh, right. You can’t have that because you’re dieting.” Because, listen up, pal. I can have anything I damn well please. So long as I account for it in my wee little journal*. So, it’s basically like an online game, where you get thin by playing.

*The following is totally free for anyone to use: SparkPeople, LoseIt, and the WW Points Plus calculator, also free for all (Many people have a daily allowance of 29 points, with 49 additional points to be used anytime during a week).If you’re not a lazy ball sack, you can earn extra points through exercise (activity points).

Godiva Truffles


  1. I couldn’t agree more!!! I reached my goal weight with weight watchers about 5 years ago…did I keep it off? No.
    Is that my own fault? Yes.
    Did I deliver twins in the meantime? Yes.
    Do I now have 16 month old twins? Yes.
    Can we still call my plumpyness baby weight? Probably not!


    Has your post inspired me to do so? Yes.


  2. Thanks for sharing this, Steph. I have been struggling for YEARS now and I know what you’re talking about… So, yeah, thanks! And you make it sound like it’s not something terrible I’d do to myself (like, say, running!), so I might give it a try :-)

    PS My English improved dramatically since I started reading your blog 5 years ago, I’ll never thank you enough for that! I should have told you ages ago but never got around to it, so I do it today even though it’s totally out of topic :-)

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  4. I just bought the new weight watchers cookbook and it really looks easy and amazing! Glad you are kicking ass and taking names.

    More book info, please. Girls scouts meets Texas housewife???? If you can’t tell us deets, at least tell up approximate release date (spring 2012?) Tour? Book cover (thin mints, pearls, big hair, and Lela Rose all just came to mind…)

  5. How!??!??! I’ve been on since 1.1.11 – and I’m down 4.8lbs (and I didn’t even weigh in this week).

    1. Don’t worry, I’ve been on WW two weeks before you and I’ve only lost 6.5!! But I have enjoyed not exercising, eating whatever I want and still losing weight!!

  6. Thanks for this post. I had fallen off the WW wagon these last couple of weeks. I will be returning to weigh-in on Monday. Congrats on the weight loss so far!

  7. Yay, so glad you’re having success with Weight Watchers! I’m a lifetime member and what I find so amazing about the program is that it taught me how to eat, portions, etc, so now that I’m just maintaining that weight loss, I don’t have to count everything. But if I fall off the wagon, I can just follow the program and get that weight right off again. (Just did that about a month ago after vacation. Gained a couple of pounds on vacation, but went back on strict program and lost it in a week.)

    I also don’t exercise. And feel guilty about it. Especially when my leader asks me if I do in front of the entire meeting because as a lifetime member, I’m kind of an example. Oops;)

  8. I just started on Friday! I did it a couple years back and lost 20 pounds before my wedding and over the last year put 15 back on. I LOVE that I can eat bananas and tangerines all day if I want!

  9. I love it! I giggle all the way through your blog, does that count as an ab work out? You diet and excercise routine sound oh so familiar, only each day as my trip to Aruba draws closer, I find my self huggin my middle and feelin guilty! Cheers!

  10. I was on the old plan and have switched to the new plan. As soon as I got on the new plan I hit a total brick wall. I discussed it with my sister who has had a lot of success with the new plan.

    Her advice was as follows:

    Watch your starchy fruit intake – like bananas
    Don’t eat the extra 48 points
    Don’t eat the activity points

    I work out a lot more than her, but she has always been thinner than me even though we share the same frame. I made the changes this week and broke through “the wall.” Making these minor changes — amounted to a weight loss of 5lbs!

    5lbs in one week or solid weight loss is a personal best. I really anticipate 3 or 4 lbs this week – 5 is a stretch.

    I thought I’d share the minor modifications that I made because of my success. I wasn’t planning on sticking with the plan more than into June. Now maybe I’ll have all of my weight off (20lbs) by then!

    Good luck with getting your last 15lbs off!

    Good luck on the plan.

    1. 5lbs in one week *of* solid weight loss is a personal best. I really anticipate 3 or 4 lbs this week – 5 is a stretch.

  11. 29 points a day? Lucky! The most WW ever offered me was 21 points a day. Miserable on some days. Weight watchers IS an awesome plan though. I lost almost 20 pounds, on weight watchers a couple years ago (which I have kept off) without having to be the weird diet girl who can’t eat anything at restaurants or brings her own food everywhere and sneaks off to the corner to eat a cold 3oz piece of chicken with no sauce. I loved it. Good luck.

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