spring fling with j.clown

jcrew spring2011
jcrew spring 2011

No, seriously. You can’t have meant to have any of us trotting about town looking like a Ukrainian Easter egg. These pink flood pants coupled with a net-cast lavender number, all draped with a paper bag of a coat. Those yellow shoes, socks with strappy sandals. What, my God, is the fashion world coming to?

Truth: I actually like the yellow shorts. It’s just my hips and abs, see, that want to suffocate the ruffle-happy, big bird designer dead. Clown suspenders, sequin tanks and cropped pants the color of poop with carrot shavings – not winning any hearts.

But let’s look up. Numero Uno, cableknit cardi, yes. Scarf, love. My first choice. Numero dos, the linen-like button-down, half done, half tucked, a seaside sweeping leg, cuffed and neat: I like it. No one could actually wear this in public without a nipple slip, but nice try. Number 3 is as far as I’d go, though I haven’t been able to fully embrace the whole short boot look. With an ankle showing, yes, but that mid-calf look isn’t doing anyone any favors. Flip-flops give it a thumbs up.

How can I properly diet if I have nothing for which to look forward? I mean seriously. J.Clown, you need to get your opening act together.



  1. I think J.Crew is making a mistake by keeping going more “international” fashion-y, straying from their preppy roots. The best stuff I liked from them was all a couple years ago, and the only things I find myself buying there anymore are “classics” — cords, t-shirts, cable-knits; which get harder and harder to find.
    In general in fashion now that sort of chic 70s looks, lots of camel tones, just look at Celine and Chloe collections — it’s not necessarily flattering for anyone. It’s even sort of jolie-laide on the models themselves. I get that it keeps it interesting and new, but the substance isn’t really there right now for most people.
    Do you watch Mad Men? I keep finding myself buying wide-skirted 50s kinds of dresses these days.

  2. I’m with you Kat. I’m constantly buying the wide skirts and dresses whenever I can. So classy!

  3. Hideous clothes. Looks like J Crew went the ‘New Coke’ route. They’ll learn.

    And you closed your comments (again, inexplicably.:P) in the latest post but the “I (have not) myself..” sentence should be changed. Myself does not follow ‘I’ just take it out. You’re an author and such and I figured you would want to edit.

  4. I love the 2nd look with the full, flowing trousers & neutral shirt. Just gorgeous, effortless, I can feel the pants swishing against my legs. I’m drawn to that eased leg, it makes you look long & lean. Too bad I’m only 5’4″ and not quite thin enough or tall enough for it to have this effect.

  5. Granted, J. Crew’s new stuff is not making want to spend my money there but J. Jill? Seriously?

  6. Amen on short boots! I wish there were adult garanimals, where instead of color-coding for matching outfits, clothes were coded for what flatters whom.

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