get smart: india arie + your journey


Yoo hoo, Texans. Over here. A wee bit closer. Bam. Here it is, an opportunity to hear me speak from the heart about strength, courage, and wisdom. I’ll be my own version of an India Arie song, sharing the raw reality of wrong turns, right turns, doors, windows, destinations, and our life’s journey, about the wisdom, tips + tricks I wish I’d known earlier. About what I’ve done right, and what I downright shouldn’t have done (though, I’m still secretly glad I did). Is “meant to be” an excuse we drum up to make ourselves feel better, or is there something to living like a “leaf in a stream,” waiting to see where the universe takes us? Is destiny a matter of chance or choice?

I’m the closing keynote at the upcoming GET SMART CONFERENCE, on October 21! Not only will I be speaking for 45 minutes, answering all your questions for another 15 minutes (do the math), meeting you and signing books, but now there’s also a special drawing for those who register between now and October 17:

PURE Austin has donated a 3-month membership ($180 value) for a drawing.
To be eligible, register between now and October 17, and use the code PURGS2010 in the comments filed of registration.

Get Smart 2010, AWC Austin’s professional development conference is scheduled for October 21 in Austin, Texas. A diverse group of marketers, journalists, publishers, PR specialists, writers, radio/television/film professionals and others will gather to network with old friends and meet new ones, to advance their career skills and knowledge, and to be inspired by the personal and professional journeys of keynote speakers Matthew Dowd and Stephanie Klein, as well as learn from four fabulous breakout sessions! “Destination Get Smart – Your Journey Begins Here!” Let’s Go!

What people are saying about the last Get Smart Conference:

Girl, what you waitin’ fo? Didn’t anyone tell you that today is the first day of the rest of your week?