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I’m working from Whole Foods Flagship store today. I’m already here. When I lived in Manhattan and had business cards and a 401k, I strolled into work at 10:30 AM. Now, I’m pulling into the Whole Foods parking lot at 8:30 AM. Who am I? I’m someone who’s no longer workin’ for the man, that’s who. And I love it.

I am so goddamn thankful. I’m lucky, so blessed, with good health, somewhat decent genes, a delicious family, a fantastic home, true friends, and I’m so so grateful that I know what I want to be when I grow up. I know what I’m good at, what I enjoy. And today I just feel like celebrating it all.

Here’s to a productive day of cranking out the brilliance. And to a night of baking with summer stone fruits, an heirloom tomato salad with fresh basil from our garden. Okay, that’s a little lie. Our “garden,” despite our wealth of land, is nothing more than a dirt box on a baker’s rack. Baby steps.

I am grateful for Chai spices. For salad bars and seafood soups. For chicken pot pies (I’m definitely making one this summer!). For travel itineraries and swim lessons. For glass cases filled with cheesecake brownies, bran muffins, and French pastries. I’m appreciative of the bald man, the tattooed woman, and the old couple in matching hats. I love my life and the people who fill it. Here’s to a magical day, for one and all. Only, holy fcuk, eating tuna fish sandwiches (in public) should be outlawed. Who can work with that stink?


  1. The WF flagship was my first stop to stock up when I went to Austin in July. It was just heaven! Totally amazing. I’d love to go shopping there and then have a cooking fest with you. Be sure to report back on tonight’s baking!

  2. I used to live a block away (in clarksville)…and I’d walk over every night to find stuff for dinner. I still miss it! I think the original flagship store used to be in what is now Cheapo cds etc. on Lamar. What a difference…

  3. I’ve been craving chicken pot pie, too. I found a great Martha recipe in her new compilation cookbook Fresh Flavor Fast that uses a pastry sheet rather than thick dough. Sounds yummy.

    Don’t you love the water element at WF?

  4. This is nice to read. Sometimes your posts don’t suggest you realize how lucky you are to be able to live/work as a writer, have two great kids and a husband (although given some of your marriage issues, I’m not so sure about that last item). You ARE lucky (not to take away from your obvious hard work and dedication) and it is good to hear you revel in it a bit.

  5. Re: making chicken pot pies this summer, maybe wait since it’s hotter than heck. Wait til Thanksgiving and use the leftovers to make turkey pies and freeze them. Thanksgiving pie will taste amazing in January after you’ve missed it awhile. So glad you’re doing well.

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