my fair lazy: jenaissance edition

my fair lazyAlright ladies, your summer beach reading is here for the taking, now, in spring—a season of rebirth, or birth at least, and new beginnings. New York Times bestselling author Jen Lancaster’s latest memoir My Fair Lazy is just that. An awakening. A movement. A Jenaissance. And obviously, since it’s penned by Jen, it’s also damn funny.

In her journey to smarten up from her reality TV obsessed life, immersing herself in all things cultural, including cultured cheeses ("If someone wanted to spread the taste of death on a crostini, this is what they’d choose."), she learns, among other things that "whining is not a universal language." While the memoir is full of funny, it’s also busting with heart.

Most notably, in a chapter titled "Either You’re In or You’re Out," Jen is brave enough to confront the readers who feel betrayed by her success. Readers who related to her earlier financial struggles who now bark, "You’ve changed!" Said as an accusation, rather than a recognized reality. Because we all change. We’re supposed to. It’s our only constant.

Addressing readers like that takes moxy, it does, but she goes a step further. At the midpoint of the book, hoping to seek comfort (I don’t want to give too much away), she falls back to her familiar ways, hitting the sofa for more reality TV, and worse (still out for debate), picks up the book of a reality TV "star." Because really, it’s just easier to deal. What’s harder? Realizing you’re doing it at all. Jen acknowledges that she’s gone lax with her commitment to herself to "at least try to expand my mind." And that’s brave too, recognizing our patterns and working to create new ones.

So, nab that shit up. Or, if you’re too lazy to read My Fair Lazy (ahem), order up the unabridged Audio CDs (soon available).