sex and the city, part deux

sex and the city movie 2
I think this calls for a trip to New York to see it the way it’s meant to be seen: with my New York pretty pack, the chicklets. We certainly didn’t dress up as a Carrie or a Miranda (though really, does anyone ever want to think of herself as a Miranda?); there were no ostrich egg-sized flower pins, but we did walk arm in arm to see the first Sex & The City movie at Sony Lincoln Square… our movie theater, within walking distance of all our apartments. Wonder if I’ll be able to sneak off, for a May my way, part deux.



  1. I am ridiculously excited to see this – and proud to say it. I feel like my old pals have been out of town too long.

  2. CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

    I didn’t know Aden was back in the picture for this next movie. Scandalous.

    Wish I was in NYC to see the second one. Hubs proposed after we went to see the first one in Times Square.

  3. I am so excited; great trailer; the girls with all their personality and individuality. You should def go to nyc! I will be there in boston on opening night.

  4. I’m sorry, Sony Lincoln Square is actually MY movie theater, but I suppose I can allow you to borrow it, should you be willing to make the trip.

    And I actually always did think of myself as a Miranda, except with a much more flattering wardrobe/haircut. I’m always the cynic of the bunch.

  5. Love the fashion of Sex and the City… but some stuff is just getting silly. There was a TURBAN Carrie was wearing in that trailer. Seriously.. 45 is a little old to be wearing a turban.. unless you’re nuts and Norma Desmond in ‘Sunset Boulevard.’ But.. even then.. it’s horrid. Turbans can’t be rocked… period.

  6. I am totally a Miranda, and proud of it!! I always think of her as Enid from Sweet Valley High grown up with a high paying job, awesome apartment, and great friends. Plus she gets Steve, the best guy on the show.

  7. That’s the way to see it. I’m hoping to come up to New York to see it with my NY girls, since I live in Charlotte, NC now. I saw the first one down here with my friends here and it just wasn’t the same. Especially since I got excited about all the places they went to in the movie and my friends from here had no idea what I was talking about!

  8. I am sooooo excited to see this!! Watching the trailer I thought it looked more fun that SATC 1. Too much angst in that one for me. I was surprised to see Aiden is back!! Hmmm… wonder what will come of that “bump into”?!

    You should most certainly head to NYC to see it!

    I will be going to see it on opening nite!

  9. Miranda is my favorite and being a little like her would do nobody no harm. she is warm hearted and the best friend a girl could wish for. Miranda rocks!

  10. I am so anxious for this movie, I’m biting my nails. Now and then, a girly movie is absolute therapy from my real life (not much girl time anymore).

    And if you can go to NY to see it, do it!!


  11. I took one of those online quizzes once and it said I was a Miranda. Then some of my coworkers took it and they were all Mirandas too. Turns out everyone with a job was a Miranda. BAD QUIZ! FAIL!

  12. You know indexed? (Another blogger with a book deal…)

    Anyway, she did a brilliant SATC index one day.

    Now all the “Mirandas” also have the option of referring to themselves as “pre-Dorothys”.

  13. I adore SJP I really do; but I can’t get excited for another shallow romp through high-class couture and snobbery and women in their 40’s acting like teenagers. The fact that this one is taking place in Dubai just highlights it is nothing more than an exercise in excess, money porn. And that disappoints me.

  14. ugh. The first one suuuuuuuuuuuuucked, and now they’re milking every penny they can by making a second. They should have never turned it into a movie.

  15. I have to say I would rather be Miranda 100 times over Carrie. I’m not really sure what that says about me. What’s so bad about her character?

  16. When I lived in NYC that was my movie theater with my girlfriends too. I saw the first one there too. <3

  17. Well, I would feel lucky to be a “Miranda,” hands down. I think she’s the fabulous one!

    1. Author

      I’m not at all anti-Miranda. I’m anti-Miranda’s clothing style. And I kinda hate how it always seemed to take so much work for her character to actually have fun.

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