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A couple of months ago, Phil and I bought Abigail and Sir Beckett their big kid beds. It’s just one of the many transitions they’ll go through. Soon, it will be time to introduce them to separate rooms. I’m guessing they’ll let us know when that time is. In truth, whenever I see a new catalog in the mail, I flip through it and try to imagine what their individual rooms will look like. I’m a total theme whore who loves the idea of taking what they love and running with it, full stop. But, I also get that a more neutral room with “favorite interests” being easier to swap in and out as their tastes change is the way to go. It’s why we chose the beds that we did (the photos can all be changed very easily).

lucasroom circle

From top, going clockwise:

Crate&Kids Locker Baskets

Hanging flags

London Bridge Children personalized painting
Pottery Barn hanging clipper airplanes
Land of Nod racing stick ons
Land of Nod nautical throw pillows
Jeeto! silk screened image


From left, going clockwise:
Land of Nod Best in Show bedding
Pottery Barn hanging birdcage
Land of Nod flower chandelier
Pottery barn pinboard
Jeeto! silk screened image
Land of Nod train cases
Land of Nod branching tree stick on



  1. Ahh, you are lucky. My twins still want to share a room and at the ‘mature’ age of 12 want to redecorate their room ON THEIR OWN. (I do the painting / shopping of course..) Would be so much more fun to decorate each of their separate rooms according to their color preferences and style..

    Enjoy it while you can Stephanie!

  2. I love the fact that you run with your children’s passions…as a child of parents who almost never did that, I hope to kind of balance that in a way that doesn’t make my children spoiled…how do you counter that, btw?

  3. I only saw a quick picture of their beds on the video. Would love to see a still shot! I’m currently looking to change things around in my child’s room.

    And my kids are going in the opposite direction, currently they have separate bedrooms but I think they are going to want to room together (they’re both boys).

    Thanks for the links on the decor.

  4. I have the Land of Nod branching tree stick-ons in my daughter’s room– we painted the tree and leaves white and the birds, butterflies, and flowers different shades of pink (hot pink to a flat matte ballet pink). Her walls are a pretty apple green and which matches her green/white damask bedding (Serena and Lilly– have you seen their fabrics?)….and her Gigi and I found a cool antique chandelier we painted white and updated with new crystals we found in the attic…I could go on…kids rooms are SO fun!

  5. All of this stuff is cute, but what about the bedroom stuff in the video? I’d love to see a post on that as that is what I had soo many questions about! Also, in the playroom – that desk with the bins holding books, etc. underneath.. Do you have a link to that? I’d love one to give to my best friend’s son..

    Pretty please?

    1. Author

      The bins in playroom area are from IKEA! You can choose the bin colors. Shown are TWO of the wooden units pushed together to make a “table” with storage underneath. I was thinking outside the “bed” when I decided to get the taters beds from Pottery Barn Teen! I absolutely love them!

  6. Hi Stephanie – I’m sure you’ve been to these sites – I thought you’d enjoy:

    IKEA products in a new way!

    Home, Design, Children:

    Dwell Studio:

    We are planning a move to a new house this Spring and I cannot wait to decorate! My two girls – 10 and 5 – want to share a room. I’m kind of surprised, because of the age difference, but I think it’s going to be fun. We’ll probably turn a bonus room into a huge space for them. Can’t wait.

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