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My skin is pallid. To the point where if my children awoke suddenly and noticed me, they might run to their father and swear it was snowing outside. Or in the bathroom… where I’ve been hiding. Frankly, I need a tan. A tan to go with my short-as-all haircut. Because you can’t have a bush of hair and look like molding wax. That would just be unfair to the people who have to look at you. So, it is for them, that I insist on flashing the poor woman who works the tanning airbrush, my cellulite ass.

My hair is so short, in fact, that I’ve refused to wash it. I’m too frightened of how it will look curly. It’s that short. Shorter than it has ever been. And here’s the rub: I really liked the man who cut it. I just don’t like his fcuking scissor happy singers. WTF.

day to nars

Items featured:
Patricia Tank Top, $99
Basic Lace Tank, $85
Bracelet, $78
Tulle Skirt, $69
Blue striped scarf, $95
Nars Eye shadow Duo, $32 (Not featured, but I just bought this in Kalahari, described as "Gold confection & sugared cocoa," and I love it!)

So to help face my short locks, I’m thinking a tan will help. A tan, some non-porn shimmer, a coat or two of happy polish, some gloss, and a big hat to hide in. The only horizontal stripes, though, will be reserved for my feet. I think I deserve those gold coin necklaces. Everyone looks healthier and wealthier with a few coins in her life. You know I’ve always been a total Nars Whorelette, so I thought I’d play at a few fun collages to inspire me not to cry, and to instead, embrace the elliptical machine.

hair cut redhead

I realize that it looks quite long in the photos, but I promise it’s an illusion. It’s not as layered as I was hoping for. I like when hair looks "piecey," and I worry that once I see it curly it will still just hang there, just shorter. I think he ought to have framed my face more instead of keeping it all the same length around the face. I do, however, love the highlights he added.



  1. Yay! I love your “preening” posts! You posted a long time ago about “Kitten” eyeshadow, and you were sooo right. I’ve gotten all my friends addicted. Love this collage. Love.

    1. You wouldn’t believe it – but I am the same!

      First found out about Kitten eyeshadow through here, ordered it, when “OH WOW!” and then told all my friends.


  2. I own that bracelet and get so many compliments. Now, though, you have me drooling over that scarf. Tres beach chic. Makes me want to go carry a bag full of baguette.

  3. I love your hair – mine is the same color and I just love other redheads!
    And I think it looks great. Also, your Nars inspired collages are so very chic!

  4. I have really curly hair too, and since I got it cut and blow-dried in November, I’ve had to blow dry it straight because its waaaaay to short curly. I also wish I had more layers in the front! Why is it so hard to find a good curly hair stylist?

  5. Really? I think your hair looks great! Especially that last photo. When you get the courage, please post a photo of it curly so we can compare.. but straight, I’m telling you – it looks good!

    I’m also loving that cleavage baring shirt.. Where did you get it? I need that kind of shirt when I show up at the car dealership to buy a new car! HA, just kidding.. but would love to know where you got it.

  6. So are these three pictures of you with the new cut? It looks great (and va-va-voom that shirt!!) I know when it curls it will be way shorter… but i’m sure it’s not going to be as bad as you think. Like all us long hair girls.. you’re having hair shock. Good girl dealing with the grief. Back away from the chocolate and toward the exercise equipment!

  7. My question is why you don’t find a stylist who listens to you? I know you go to high end places but wouldn’t it make more sense to find a decent little mid-range salon where a stylist who isn’t working on some inflated reputation and feels they can do whatever they want to YOUR hair? I go in and say, “I want my face framed, I want these sideswept bangs (picture) and I want the long layers to start about here”… I think that if a stylist is offended by the way I tell them I want MY hair, then… maybe they should have been a chef.

  8. Well, only you really know your hair and how it will behave once the curls are a factor.

    Looks fantastic in the pictures. Seriously, it could be an ad for hair products.

  9. I’ve been reading you for quite a while now and adore your cosmetic tips etc. I’m a red head and just this weekend convinced my best girl peep to go with me and try an airbrush tan! OMG I look like a completely different woman! My husband thought he was in bed with a porn star…I was a bit nervous to expose my chunky bits to the tech, but the result is so worth it. For the first time in my 35 years, I’m not afraid of summer in Atlanta.

    By the way, I’m thinking of highlights as well for the spring/summer. Did you go with a honey hue? I’ve never had any color added to my hair so I’m a wee bit nervous but determined to fully embrace saying goodbye to my comfort zone.

  10. I think it will be ok. And, if it isn’t, you could always….do a semi permanent straightener (although, as a curly-haired person myself, I would never consider that and so wouldn’t blame you if you wouldn’t either!)

    I think it will be ok curly. It will be at least chin length…maybe you will love it! (I love it, from the pics so far). And I chopped mine off a couple years ago (like four inches max length) and it looked ok curly. Not as good as straight, but not like the 80 year old lady I was afraid it would.

    Good luck. I think it’s beautiful. :)

  11. i think your hair looks pretty, but i tend to agree with the fact that they should be “more” going on with it, i too am a fan of piecey layers, but i never seem to get them when i ask, instead i get what you did, essentially one really long layer in the back, and a slight angle in the front.

    i’m interested it see it curly though. the color is awesome.

  12. your hair looks great straight and i love the highlights…but being a fellow curly-haired girl I know exactly what you mean about the haircut not having enough layers and about it being all the same length around the face.

    I think it will just sit there like a triangle when you wet it. Have you had your hair cut by this man before? Because it doesn’t see like he knows how to cut curly hair. I say try wearing it curly….if it doesn’t look good, you should go back and either make him fix it (though really I don’t think he’ll be able to) or go to someone who can fix it (they shouldn’t take any more length off, they should just work in some more layers).

    Good Luck! At least it looks good while it’s straight!

  13. Do your stylists always suggest bangs? You have a big forehead and it seems like 1) bangs would look good and 2) that is something they’d suggest.

    I think (not that you care) that it still too long. shorter and bangs (maybe) would look better.

  14. as a fellow long curly haired woman, i understand the trauma of a cut happy stylist. in october i decided i wanted some long-layers but that apparantly translated as chin length layers in front. while my hair didn’t look bad, it did look short and i did NOT like that….you’re color is fantastic and the cut looks good…but i get it.

  15. @ Above comment- NOOOO BANGS! They kill a cut and can sometimes (not always) make it looks like cheesy suburban hair. I say this b/c I tried it. Sadly I LOVE bangs and despite my nice sized forehead (but definitely not a fivehead) they look not quite right. And usually you don’t find out they don’t work until a week after the cut and then you start growing it out.

    Funny b.c I have long hair, layers and was thinking of getting a few less layers (like he gave you here SK) except I have a LOT of hair. It’s fine but so thick that stylists always tell me as they blow it out and I can see the frustration in their eyes as it takes a long time, ha. Layers are a necessity with m hair. This is nice, different and it looks great straight here. I would never call it short but I know it was super long before. Did you lose 3 inches? More? Def. A good color too. Overall I’d say nice job. If you’re not happy with the length and he didn’t listen to you keep looking. Maybe try a consult before a cut next time- it’s a fool proof way of seeing who will listen to you and who will steamroller you. But this is beautiful!

    Finally I have VERY pale skin (Irish, Scottish..) and well- it’s nice and all but I get a complex when people around me all seem into tanning still. I used to live in Chicago so that was not such a problem there. It is in Austin though. I only tried fake tanning once and it was one of those booths yoiu walk into, they turn on the spray in another room and you wear goggles. What do you know? My goggles f*cking broke and I had to squint my eyes closed after the spray had started and it was a nightmare. Overall it looked pretty good I have to admit- I was paranoid I was ‘orange’ but my husband liked it and i looked good in the wedding photos. Does it cost that much more to have someone apply it for you? Might have more luck with that.

  16. I know you (like me) don’t get your hair cute very often. I have long-ish hair and get it cut ever 3 months, because I go to an expensive stylist and I can’t really afford to go more often than that. (I’d rather go longer between haircuts and actually be able to afford good ones.) It seems like you go twice a year and ALWAYS hate the results. When you go to a hairstylist and tell them that your hair hasn’t been cut in ages, they’re going to chop a lot off. To stylists “1 inch” = 2.5 inches to a normal human. If you went on a more regular basis, they could just trim and maintain a style, rather than having to start from scratch every single time, which results in you never knowing what you’re going to wind up with when you leave.

    That said, I can appreciate how going from really really long hair to still really kind of long hair feels like a drastic change (I swore my first actual shoulder length cut felt like a bob), but it doesn’t look bad, at all. The layers around your face might actually frame it once they’re curly. Also, if you normally wear your hair curly, you should pass up the blow out and make them style it curly, so you (and the stylist) an actually tell what it looks like.

    … and apparently I had a whole lot to say about your hair. Didn’t see that coming.

    1. Author

      This is a very good observation. And you’re right. I did say, “haven’t had it cut in forever” (code: feel free to chop it all off). And I didn’t go in with photos. Didn’t really direct him because I was just so relieved to be getting a hair cut at all. Next time I’m going in with a game plan! We’ll see how it curls. Even as I type that I am cringing.

  17. I think next time you need a cut you need to come to the San Francisco area. I have a guy who can cut like no other. It is like he sees differently. He examines how the hair behaves before he cuts it -runs his hand through it and tossels it around your head to see what it wants to do. He looks at the bone structure of your head so it will lay right. And he is a perfectionist.

    1. Who is this guy? I’m in TN but my cousin lives in San Francisco and I’ll be visiting this summer!

  18. NO BANGS, whoever suggested that, ignore them. Bangs are evil for curly-haired vixens. Your hair looks great straight. I don’t think it will look BAD when you do it curly, but I think it will need more layers all over and some shorter pieces in the front to look how you like it best. But try it curly, and take some photos so we can compare!

    1. Author

      Oh, you needn’t tell me twice. Bangs are a disaster and a half for anyone with curly hair. I had them once. Even posted pictures of myself with them (I think they’re under a post beneath this post… where it lists related posts, titled, “Hair bangin’ 80’s.”

  19. I have the same hair as yours and why the hell can no one cut curly hair without butchering it or cutting barely an inch? I am in NYC and have not found a one. I once went to Fekkai and was told my long hair only works if I am Amish and got a shoulder skimming cut which I left straight for weeks for fear of the lion mane that lay in the curls.

    Where’s your shirt from in that picture? LOVE.

  20. My daughter has curly hair (red, too!) and I know what you mean about it getting shorter. When we wash her hair in the tub, it’s down to her mid-back, almost elbow length. When it dries, it’s shoulder length. That said, I think her curls are a little tighter than yours. Beautiful ringlets that everyone loves, but of course she hates. :)

  21. If you don’t have your hair cut that often, why not wait until you’re in New York & have it done where you went before? That being said, I think the latest “do” looks really good. Of course, that’s before the curls take over. One nice thing about hair….it grows.

  22. When my stylist cuts my hair they ask my opinion and believe me, I ALWAYS have one. More pieces here, shorter there etc. Did your stylist ask you what you thought? If not, why didn’t you speak up? I think your hair looks fantastic straight, but I too have curly hair and understand that curly is an entirely different story.

  23. Saw you on Rachael Ray, but I feel compelled to de-lurk to tell you I just saw a co-worker looking at your site, and I smiled, as if I knew some kind of random secret. I know this doesn’t make much sense, but somehow it does. I’m in the middle of reading Moose right now, and I love the way you write about the smallest “internal” thoughts and details without trying to be funny. Anyway, thanks. It’s very cool to get to skip to the end of your books by reading/seeing you on the blog NOW.

  24. Your hair looks great. At first I thought you were crazy about the whole curly thing, but then, as the mom to a ringlet-haired boy, I remembered how much hair shrinks up. In the shower it’s down his back, almost touching his waist; once dry, it’s at his shoulders. Hopefully, it’ll look good when wet. Good luck.

  25. The color is beautiful! Definitely not the Ronald McDonald red from that last haircut!

    Hope when you see it curly, it’s what you were hoping for.

    Take care,


  26. If the curly look doesn’t work, can you do a Brazilian straightening until it grows out again?

    My hair has some wave to it and my stylist thinks I’d love the Brazilian, but your hair is much curlier and I don’t know how the results would be. I

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